Not all of you are political junkies (well, ex-junkie) like me. But there are different kinds of words the politicos use to denote importance. A “hearing” is an official meeting of one of the various committees or subcommittees. When some pol speaks of a “briefing,” with many of the same trappings as a hearing, they are intentionally trying to fool you into thinking their endeavor is more important than it is. Well, I’m here to let you know that today’s “Zoe Goes to Washington” news is nothing more than an elaborate scam. 

Some of the vidya journalists probably have no idea what the difference is between a hearing a and a briefing, so they can be excused for this one mistake (I’m being charitable today). There are intelligence briefings that members of Congress skip just because they’re lazy or want to get out of town. You really think they’re going to sit up there and listen to a known philanderer with no discernible talent ramble on for an hour about her ex-boyfriend? No. They aren’t.  And as you can see by the pictures, the whole thing was a fucking farce:

I don’t even know that those are politicians and not gender activists. I follow politics closely (or used to), and none of these faces seem familiar. Of course there are 435 members of the House of Representatives, so maaaaaybe there’s one in there. But to me, it looks just like Rep. Katherine Clark and some of her rad fem cronies. And if you look at the requirements to have a briefing, you will see that Zoe and Cuckmaster Jr. paid out of their own pockets:

Not only that, look at how Alex Bitchshitz complained about Polygon not completely throwing GamerGate under the bus (like they usually do):

The whole thing is completely laughable. I can’t find a good stream of her briefing, but the seven minutes I saw of it was shit. I might fire up the video capture and see if I can grab a copy. Rest assured, it was vomit-inducing. I’ll be back later with at least three stories. I took yesterday off a little bit, due to unforeseen circumstances. I’ll have more on that later as well. As always, I love you readers, and thanks for helping keep me afloat doing what I love to do.