I have a couple things to talk about this evening, starting with our old friend Zoe Quinn. I don’t know where Breitbart got this one from, but I’m very happy they did…

The Wikimedia Diversity conference is set to take today, and was originally planning to host Quinn as the keynote speaker. However, shortly following the publication of an article on Quinn’s history of controversy, including claims by the head of an anti-cyberbullying initiative that she not only protect online trolls but uses them to stage false flag attacks on herself in order to gain attention and sympathy, Quinn has withdrawn from the event.

Replacing Quinn as the keynote speaker is Rose Stephens-Goodknight who will be giving a speech entitled “Make Things Happen!” It’s probably a more positive message Quinn’s tutorial on how to become a professional victim. Breitbart reached out to Wikimedia to ask why it is that Quinn has been removed from the event and was told by Wikimedia officials that Quinn backed out of the event due to “personal reasons,” but provided no further insight into Quinn’s sudden withdrawal from the event.

I’m not sure, but maybe Candace Owens and her allegations did have an impact? Either way, it gives me a chance to shill the interviews I did with Candace once again…



No matter what the reason, it’s good for Wikimedia that they got away from the taint of this woman. Everyone who comes into contact with her ends up smelling like shit, with no exceptions that I can think of. Ask Alex Lifschitz how it goes when you get tangled up with this con artist and notoriously shady “game dev.” It’s much better to get out early when it comes to Five Guys Zoe and her morally dubious character.