I have a couple things to talk about this evening, starting with our old friend Zoe Quinn. I don’t know where Breitbart got this one from, but I’m very happy they did…

The Wikimedia Diversity conference is set to take today, and was originally planning to host Quinn as the keynote speaker. However, shortly following the publication of an article on Quinn’s history of controversy, including claims by the head of an anti-cyberbullying initiative that she not only protect online trolls but uses them to stage false flag attacks on herself in order to gain attention and sympathy, Quinn has withdrawn from the event.

Replacing Quinn as the keynote speaker is Rose Stephens-Goodknight who will be giving a speech entitled “Make Things Happen!” It’s probably a more positive message Quinn’s tutorial on how to become a professional victim. Breitbart reached out to Wikimedia to ask why it is that Quinn has been removed from the event and was told by Wikimedia officials that Quinn backed out of the event due to “personal reasons,” but provided no further insight into Quinn’s sudden withdrawal from the event.

I’m not sure, but maybe Candace Owens and her allegations did have an impact? Either way, it gives me a chance to shill the interviews I did with Candace once again…



No matter what the reason, it’s good for Wikimedia that they got away from the taint of this woman. Everyone who comes into contact with her ends up smelling like shit, with no exceptions that I can think of. Ask Alex Lifschitz how it goes when you get tangled up with this con artist and notoriously shady “game dev.” It’s much better to get out early when it comes to Five Guys Zoe and her morally dubious character.

  1. Meh…I hope this is the beginning of the end of the fraud. The sooner she gets found out and then continues to pull out of speeches, the better!

  2. their downfall is that it’s obvious that the next US gov leadership will not back them.
    so they’re losing their own backing.
    SJWs are only as powerful as the media & the higher ups are that enable them.

    Trump destroys both.

    1. Obama’s legacy is that he allowed for the SJW lifestyle to become a legitimate way to do things. I think Trump will destroy that easy lifestyle of feeding off of unknowing backers and politicians looking for a cosy lifestyle.

    2. That’s why I think Bernie is scarier than Hillary.

      Bernie is all in with the SJWs. Just look at the policy statements on his website. It’s a laundry list of every Leftist cause you can think of.

      1. Of course he is. The far left may go by different labels (progressive, SocJus, Autonomist, etc), but at the core they’re all Marxists with a common goal. They only differ in terms of how to reach said goal.

  3. I’m not advocating for violence, but I noticed after the French Revolution, fraudstresses convicted of crimes like she’s alleged to have done, admitted to doing were given mock trials and sent to the guillotine. But the crowds were upset the executions happened too quick, so they brought back the gallows so the people could watch their corpses wiggle. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of Zoe.

  4. “personal reasons” = “I wanted more money to appear and they said no”.

    Not surprised she’s going to act like her life was in any fucking danger. I mean, just look at this list of people hurt and killed by Gamergate:

    Scary, right?

    1. Holy shit, this is nearly 2x more victims than the 1990’s gamer violence! Dem Christians were right all along, games do cause all sorts of evil!

    2. It’s pathetic because we sent in our best commandos and they didn’t kill SHIT! Got distracted by several key game releases and were never heard from again…

      1. I know, right? We had 2 dozen Marine snipers posted outside the homes of Suey Park and Brianna Wu ready to 360 noscope them, and both of them are still alive! Even after all the Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew we paid the snipers!

        1. You think that’s disappointing? I heard all through the 80’s about how roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons would lead me down the road to devil worship and witchcraft! Instead, all I learned was that twenty-sided dice REALLY hate me!

          (No, really, my luck with d20s is legendary in my gaming group. I do fine with d10s, d6s, percentiles, but d20s just love to fuck me over)

  5. I think she was trying to pull a Sarkeesian and cancel the talk to get victim points. Unfortunately for her she is not as prolific as Saint Anita.

    1. You make it sound like she’s beneath her

      Your comment made me wonder if other SJW’s might be jealous of Saint Anita

      1. Jealousy is one of the primary motivating among SJWs. These are people who didn’t “make the cut” in one way or another and they are resentful and jealous of those who did. In short, they are “sore losers” who harbor a intense resentment towards the winners.

    1. Haven’t heard from you in awhile, has that cuck’s attorney been sending you more goofy emails?

          1. I urge anyone here who doesn’t know who Mykeru is to look up his backlog. You have to view it via archives and mirrors now because his channel got hit pretty hard recently but it should be easy to find. He was fighting this war for many years before most of us even knew it was going on.

  6. what could it be what could it be, will we ever know?

    she wanted more money?
    realized her material was a joke and didn’t want to openly expose herself that way?
    maybe she’s got something even juicier and got scared it’d be leaked?

    the great thing about quinn is how corrupt she is, and what a terrible person she is
    so it’s not hard for people to find out all kinds of nasty things about her to easily expose her and anyone that praises her

    which makes it even more sad to see promising organizations like wikimedia putting her on a pedestal in the first place, I lost all respect, past and future, for that organization’s objectivity already and it’s a real shame

  7. First her and Anitards report gets dropped by the UN then she’s forced to drop that law suit against her ex and now this

    Anyone starting to wonder if things might be going down hill for her

    Whats next… Depression Quest gets pulled from Steam?

  8. Haha! The victim bux ride is starting to end is it for that unscrupulous bitch at long last? Wonderful!

  9. It’s just a downward slide from here, many who know the narrative false with still be loath to publicly shatter it but that doesn’t mean they’ll want to cuddle up to this fattening narcissist. While Zoe Quinn the myth may be politically useful to certain people Zoe Quinn the reality is really nothing but a liability.

    1. The antiGG fascists will still cling to her like some guiding beacon… as she leads them right over the cliff.

      1. Her rabid twitter swarm maybe. At this point I think most of the people with real platforms who enabled her would rather just put her in a drawer and not bring the matter up anymore. The narrative is already pretty crumbled and they can’t risk handling it too much or it’ll fall apart completely like a shattered vase they’ve pieced together poorly with seeping glue and bits of ragged scotch tape.

        That’s how the media rolls when it’s told crazy lies either purposefully or by accident, they just yammer about something else and generally avoid ever talking about the specific event they lied about again. In other words they can’t afford to give her anymore platforms lest even more outsiders get curious and look up what really happened.

  10. Might have a bit more respect if she didn’t leave the feelz only Depression Quest hanging like that. Needed a followup showing more difficult but actual choices that are avoided by those with depression.

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