I’ve been missing in action the last couple days, but I have a very good reason. My wife and better half, Nora, is here to visit me before I go off on my state-sponsored sabbatical. Still, I have to work some, and there’s a story this evening morning that certainly activated the old juices. Yes, our good friend Zoe Quinn is back in the news, and per usual, she’s crying about a game developer who is much more talented than herself (that’s a rather large category, to be fair). Oh, and it all circles back around to GamerGate, because of course it does.

I know there are much more important topics I could be discussing in this space, but c’mon. It’s always fun to recount the many ways in which Zoe Quinn is a failure, both as a person and as a game dev.

The game in question is The Last Night, and it’s been garnering praise recently after it’s showing at the E3 conference. Apprentyl, it’s going to be a launch title for the new Xbox coming down the pike later this year. As you can see, all this attention has Zoe’s panties in a bunch. Why? Oh, because the dev sent out some positive tweets about GamerGate 3 years ago, and said something salty about Bill Nye earlier this year.


Rad fems already tried to smear Tim Soret, the developer in question, years ago when this shit happened. He responded at length to the attacks, but this is probably my favorite part:

Personally, I’m interested in the actual work of artists, not their personal opinions.

Otherwise, I would miss so many classic movies, books, and music, just because I disagree with the artist. 

I couldn’t have said it better myself. If the game is good, I’m there. Hell, if Zoe Quinn was capable of making a good game (she isn’t), I would most likely play it. The quality of the title matters more than anything else, politics and social theory included. I think this is the case for most real fans of the medium. Zoe and her demented crew are more interested in activism than gaming, however. This has been apparent since Day 1.

Notch, billionaire developer of Minecraft, crystallized the proper response to these sorts of tactics.

He was responding to the Quinn tweet I linked in the opening. There were several in a chain, as she is never content to make a statement and move on. It always has to turn into a crusade to sink someone’s livelihood. The Notch tweet sent her even further into rage. Apparently, Notch used to give this useless meatbag actual money.


Mr. Soret has issued a mealy-mouthed clarification/apology on Twitter, but I’m not going to embed that, because frankly, it’s pathetic. I will cut him some slack, though. He has a lot of concerns right now and who knows if Microsoft put him up to it or not. Regardless, expect a deluge of attacks from the usual suspects like Kotaku and Polygon, although the game looks pretty cool, so I doubt it will matter. That’s the thing. These haters have no real influence. The only time we ever see any of this internet bullshit carry over into actual sales figures is when it comes from the anti-feminist, anti-progressive side. It’s because we’re real gamers in-tune with other real gamers, and their social justice warriors who are trying to inject their bullshit into our hobby.

They will continue to fail, bigly.

  1. Notch woulda been more bad ass if he said “Cunt”, and when asked to explain himself just said “Did I fuckin’ stutter?”

          1. Why would I waste my time scrolling through his history to confirm something I’ve already seen many times? If you want to see it (you clearly don’t, or you’d search for it yourself), you look it up. You just want to be an ass because you’re mad mad your idol is a hypocrite.

          2. That’s not how this works. You’ve made the assertion, you back it up with evidence.

            Or you can go fuck yourself. I don’t mind.

          3. Wanting social programs to help close the widening gap between the mega rich and the desperately poor is not a bad thing. There are many degrees of socialism. You seem to be trying to paint him as a (hypocritical) Communist. Not very honest.

          4. He has nearly 50k tweets, so that’s not happening. I have a better chance of finding needle in a haystack than something even remotely resembling socialism among that amount of tweets. Besides, who the fuck knows what you even mean by socialism.

  2. Glad to see it’s also coming out on PC! I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this game! Also, why wasn’t I following this guy on twitter three years ago? o_O

    1. I admit I was less enthused, but mostly because I’m a little burned out on pixelated ‘retro’ graphics. Still, I do love me some cyberpunk. Gotta find a fix while I’m waiting for CDProjectRed to finish CP2077.

  3. Ralph I was meaning to ask, are you able to take books in with you? There is a great series of the four books by Robert Greene that I think would make for some great reading in jail. If you give me an address to send them to, I will send them.

    1. It depends on where I’m sent. If it’s the county jail I was in before, as I suspect it might be, then I will not be able to receive books, only written correspondence. If I am sent to a state prison, I will likely be able to receive books (with some content restrictions) shipped directly from Amazon or another highly reputable outlet. I will have Nora post this information, along with commissary stuff, on the site somewhere once things are nailed down a bit more. Thank you for your interest in helping the time go by faster. It is much appreciated.

  4. Defining gamergate as a response to corrupt journalism (or basically as anything other than how brave and long-suffering Quinn is) after all this time was his mistake. She’s afraid of anything outside of her narrative.

    1. Hell yes.
      A handful of trolls sending threats completely turns this group of tends of thousands of people into a hate group.

      Recently Laci Green got death threats from “liberal folk” for using word “tranni” years ago.
      I guess that turns mentioned “liberals” into a hate group too.

      Does it not?

    1. Your comment made me wonder if other indie devs might not like her very much and might even see her as an embarrassment to the indie gaming scene

      1. Of course they don’t like her, most indie devs gotta live paycheck to paycheck from their parent’s basement without having the privilege of playing the victim while plugging a published book.

  5. Quin is lying as usual. The guy didn’t participate in GG, he was just sympathetic to the movement, but in her head this must be the same. Not a fan of him apologising – it never works and you are just losing your dignity.

    Also Notch calling it as it is was funny as hell.

  6. I’m not a gamer, but a lot of this is like the title X, women don’t make as much money, diversity in sports BS. The WNBA is contracting to the point the season could be over a weekend, and would disappear if not subsidized by the NBA. The LPGA had to go asian to survive. Women’s soccer, which has been called the next big thing for 20 years, is only viewed once every 4 years. Even beach volleyball , with BRAZILLIAN girls, is a weekend fill in show. These people want the diversity, but are not participants themselves. If the market was there, it would already reflect their vision. But it is not.

    1. That’s pretty much the entire ‘duhversity’ movement in a nutshell. People complaining about things they don’t watch, play, or even have interest in. They raise a big stink about comic book ‘duhversity’, but they don’t actually buy the comics. They whine about ‘duhversity’ in video games, but they don’t buy them or play them.

      Companies need to just start telling them ‘This is not economically viable for us. You don’t generate the revenue we’d need to offset what we’d lose.’

  7. Zoe Quinn didn’t make a game, she made a steaming pile of wet diarrhea that only the most retarded of retards could ever like. Her pile of shit is so horrible I literally hate anyone that likes it.

  8. Speaking of your absence Ralph will someone be taking over the site and your various contact accounts while you’re gone? Don’t get me wrong I’m not volunteering for the job because I simply do not have the time or energy but I’m definitely willing to continue making submissions while you’re unavailable assuming there’s someone on the other end to edit/post them.

  9. “Participated in GamerGate”. In other words, having a fucking opinion that did not agree with the SJW hivemind. The guy had his own person views and supported integrity in games journalism because he, like the vast majority of us sane (or at least semi-sane) people saw that there was a problem in the Games Journalism community. It was becoming infested with ideologues who were pushing their ideological purity tests on ratings and reviews and providing preferential treatment and coverage to their friends and people they had a financial relationship with.

  10. “They are social justice warriors who are trying to inject their bullshit into our hobby.

    They will continue to fail, Marvelously so.”

    Fixed it. 😉

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