I know I said I was done with this topic for the foreseeable future, but I also said that I would be back if there was some breaking news to report. Well, there is, so here I am. Last night, someone uncovered an uncomfortable truth about Zoe Quinn’s role in the Social Autopsy kerfuffle. One of the main talking points from her crew, led by Hamburger Harper, is that Candace Owens (the Social Autopsy lead) was out of line for sharing information about the private correspondence she had with Zoe. Too bad for them, because it looks like new information has blown that talking point completely out of the water.

Here’s the photographic evidence, courtesy of Captain Privilege over on Twitter

CgZgxuMWIAAbsa5 CgZgwfPXIAA1WWf CgZgys0WsAAUT_E CgZgxG5WEAA38_v

Now, making herself look even more guilty, Zoe has went and deleted the private account where she shared this email.


SJWs Always Lie, as the Vox Day saying goes. This is just another example. How many more things have Zoe and Randi lied about concerning Social Autopsy? Also, this provides a direct link between Zoe and Candace’s email address being revealed. Now we have hard evidence that the personal attacks and racist replies could have come from Quinn and her thugs. You would think these goons would have learned to stop underestimating the autism of their opponents by now, but I guess not.


UPDATE: Candace says she’s looking into legal action. Not sure if that angle has legs or not, but I’m still glad to see it.



UPDATE II: Someone has allegedly found the account, which may mean she just changed the handle. Either way, she’s trying to hide…



UPDATE III: The fraud was in from the start…

(Archive of Harper tweet)

I wonder why Big Randi deleted this??
I wonder why Big Randi deleted this??
    1. I think it might lead to that, we’ll wait and see. More SJWS get curious about what rumors circulate their idols by the day.

      1. The media cuckbeards are still orbiting Zoe et al. They won’t even think about telling the truth until the lies become so toxic it impacts their livelihoods.

        1. I’d argue that the journo’s are kind of stuck defending ZQ. After all, they all touted her narrative verbatim for 2 years straight. Even to entertain the possibility that she might be a manipulative liar would also mean having to reconsider their own role as useful idiots or wilfully manipulative liars defending a sociopath.

          1. Idk. The media loves a victim, Candice is a female who is a survivor of cyber bullying, tried to fight cyber bullying but was cyber bullied for her efforts and even had her project shut down because of the bullies. That’s one angle media can’t resist for a short piece. Oh but she’s female, that’ll sweeten the pot to show what an epidemic women face with harassment. Ooh and she’s black so she also dealt with racism that’s one more bit of harassment the others didn’t face. Racism, sexism, and cyber bullying it’s a media goldmine with so many buzzwords they’d be foolish to pass it up.

            The problem keeping this from going viral is the project itself. But if they can overlook product to focus on harassment for the usual went not this time?

          2. If the media were consistent in their outrage then they would get behind Candace. But they’re not. The media that got behind Quinn were the usual media outlets that have an agenda to push. Identity-politics. If there’s a way to tell the world that women are victims, and white people are racist, they’ll grab it with both hands, and to hell with the facts. The narrative is what’s important, not the truth. The outlets that got behind Quinn, Wu, and Sarkeesian won’t get behind Candace because it would hurt the narrative they’ve already built.
            Also Candace is not an SJW. She thinks people should see beyond race and gender. She would never be accepted by them. Her Social Autopsy project may be unworkable, and may be unethical? But she’s listening to feedback, answering questions and discussing the criticism like a normal person. She’s not blocking people. She’s not calling anyone that disagrees with her, a misogynist, or a racist. She appears to be completely open and honest. She would never fit in with them.

          3. I’ve noticed that about her. But for certain media outlets it’s not about people during that narrative it’s painting them to. Though I’m surprised they wouldn’t want the clicks from announcing that a woman who spoke at the UN about women being cyber bullied has been accused of the very thing. I mean an activist was caught making racist that’s to her own group at a rally to make her case stronger.

          4. I agree that Candace is the “perfect victim” for a progressive threat narrative. So why aren’t the SJWs worshiping her? I’d argue that pretty much everyone who travels in online SocJus circles has already pledged their allegiance to ZQ at one point or another.
            Backing Candace now would require them to re-evaluate their relationship with the extant forces of “anti-harassment and abuse prevention”. At the heart of much of this is an unwillingess to self-reflect among SJWs: they blindly support the first person to cry foul and then refuse to alter their position once more information comes in.
            Because finding out you were wrong is uncomfortable and embarrassing, whereas morally justified outrage is fun!

          5. They can’t admit a foul inn their part. Look at Nintendo and Rapp. Very few retracted or updated info when a reason for her dismissal was presented.
            Owens doesn’t toe the same line she doesn’t bow to their rules. But a bigger signal boost is needed. Inline others they are focused on her project not the harassment.

          6. Exactly. This isn’t about getting at the truth of matters, this is ultimately all about feelings.
            They’ve tied their sense of self-worth to the status of “online social justice” and now all they can do is ignore its defeats and exaggerate it’s victories.

            Orwell wrote a great essay called “Notes on Nationalism” that applies extremely well to the SJW mindset as well.

          7. Funny you should mention that I was just thinking how Mini Truth some of them are. Mistakes are deleted or things are twisted and edited to keep then inn the right or moral high ground. Often employing great feats of double think to demonize one person’s action while justifying out with someone whom they are on good terms with.
            Sjws ate not the only ones guilty of it but I see a lot more anti willing to admit to error and correct mistakes without trying to appear that they were always right.

          8. It’s certainly not limited to Social Justice, you see the same patterns of behaviour in other cliques, movements, ideologies and cults as well.
            But the ideological framework of SocJus *does* lend itself extremely well to enabling tribalistic “logic”.

        2. Jesse “Virtue” Singal is already on the case, spinning a narrative to defend m’ladies Harper and Quinn. Gotta get back in the good graces of the SocJus cult!

      2. Don’t think so.
        SJW are godly at mental gymnastics and burying their heads.
        The media is gleefully willing to ignore facts.

        But this is good stuff, for those that do care about what’s really going on and are willing to check it.

    2. It’s really up to the SJWs, sadly.
      The evidence is all there, but unless they are willing to honestly confront it they will keep worshipping Queen Zoe until the end of time.

      At this point, no amount of reality will break the SocJus echo chamber. IMO, the change needs to come from within.

      1. The only ones who will care are the “true believers”. They are the minority. They’re the attack dogs. The vast majority are selfish to the core and have no problem putting aside ideology if it benefits them. Many are just like Zoe but not quite smart enough to effective rip people off. SocJus is Zoe’s hustle.

        1. If you’re talking about the SocJus media figureheads, I’m inclined to agree with your assessment, but I think most of the SJW grunts(I.E. the people whiteknighting Zoe and Anita in comments sections, the patreon donors) are actually true believers and/or goony-bearded useful idiots.

      2. This is it. It’s the regressive leftist mainstream media that continues to bend over and suck away at her clitoris at every single opportunity.

        Once we get to the point where they stop defending her, she’s finished.

        1. That’s the thing though: you have to be the right kind of victim. After all, Candace is a victim too, but she’s on the wrong side now, so the media wont serve her like it would queen Zoe.

          Even more important than *being* a victim is declaring sides. Much like labelling yourself a feminist is more important to these freaks than actually advocating for gender equality.

      3. SocJus is a game of musical chairs, sooner or later everyone who keeps playing it finds themselves standing alone and ends up under the guillotine. Many of the key figures the thralls and attack dogs rallied around during Atheism+ have been unpersoned for years now.

        1. If anything, Gamergate got me to bone up on my French and Communist revolution history. Things sure rhyme these days.

        2. The similarities to Stalinism are really something else. They don’t even need fake trials with forced confessions because the SJW grunts will just believe any lie they tell about their enemies or former allies.

      4. In Toronto at least many of the SJWs are co-conspirators. Now that the tides have shifted, expect to see some of the extreme ones facing jail. That ‘6 year old’ tranny is two degrees from LW1.

        1. Wasn’t the govt. of Toronto involved with the prosecution/persecution of Gregory Allen Elliott?

          Oh Canada….

      5. Competence is rare, (especially at its highest levels, oddly enough). I doubt Zoe ever attained the philosophical comfort with the idea that training people to replace you (thus obsoleting yourself) builds an organization that can survive your departure. If a jury believes she’s hurting women, minorities, and children, then this particular group of progressives will be likely to face some delays at a time when timing counts quite a bit.

    3. if one of their leaders fall they will go to another one… so if zoe and her commanders fall they will go with Sarkeesian or Wu I suposse

      1. They’re already on the side of those pair of cunts.

        You know the brain-dead seals that slap their fins together continuously every time Sarkeesian and Wu open their mouths.

    4. No. Playboy once pronounced that on Gloria Steinem for her endorsement of a book which she claimed would show how the police question johns and let them go if they turn in their prostitute who then takes the fall alone. The book had nothing to do with that.

      60 Minutes which is certainly part of the cathedral media exposed that she endorsed a woman’s story of Satanic rape by her parents — a “memory” recovered under hypnosis. The woman later had it proven to her that her account was completely impossible and she agreed the memories were false and induced by the therapist.

      Steinem’s reputation had a slight bobble.

      1. Steinem is CIA, big guy. Zoe is an obvious graduate of the Monarch Kitten program. The current war is between the spooks and the soldiers. If the soldiers win, Zoe goes away. If the spooks win, she goes on the 20.

    5. Unfortunately Vox Day’s second rule of SJWs is just as true as his first. They always double-down.

      If they are ready to mobilise to defend one of their own who was comprehensively revealed to be a paedophile scumbag they’ll certainly circle the wagons for Blowey Zoe.

      We can only hope Candice Owens makes a big enough noise about this, since the evidence is all in blazing neon.

    6. The market can no longer afford parasites. Imagine how many Intel jobs were lost due to Anita’s victimbux scam. Unemployed feminists are not happy.

  1. By “could have” you mean “likely” in that the evidence is Quinn distributed the email and after that the harassment of Owens began.

  2. This is a ferrets in a sack situation. A turf war for primacy of nasty ideas and shitty tech start-ups. Best place to be is on the outside looking in.

  3. I was reading the New York Magazine article on Owens vs Harper and Quinn the non facts and misdirection that article promoted was unbelievable. lol

  4. Not sure why, but this reminds me of a quote: “This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives and we die, his truth becomes written – and ours is lost. Shepherd will a hero, ’cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He’s about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth. But only if he lives, and we die.” -Captain John Price.

  5. It aint autism my old chum…its pure 100% hubris.

    They think that they are untouchables…. rainbow haired curtain rail faced twobit wannabe uber leeties who hack and troll with impunity while they snigger into their skinny late’s

    Let us show them the folly of that belief.

  6. Zoe Quinn, you are a fucking moron and a cunt, as proven here. Nobody knew differently, it’s just that we can say it now without you crying about muh harassment.

  7. This is great. First the UN fiasco, then the blood donor lies and now this. She’s shoveling harder each time.

  8. I knew she was milking it, never helping herself but the hugbox in me assumed that deep down maybe she truly did struggle to face her personal issues. She may actually be the full-blown crook after all!

  9. I don’t care who does it, but somebody please take Zoe Quinn down for all the shit she has willfully done to others. Let this shitshow finally come to an end.

  10. As Zoe will explain, that as a women harassment on the internet never ends. And the only way to spread awareness of the HATEFUL SEXISM THAT YOU ALL BRING, is to make sure everyone feels its effects. Sharing private info of people you disagree with, so that they know how you feel, is the only way we can demand for laws against this sort of thing… so long as those laws explicitly are written to exclude women or right-minded people from being prosecuted under the same standards.
    Double standards on harassment will continue to exist, because the people generally getting harassed at this level, are the people that want have the exclusive rights to harass people, free reign to be the only voices while everyone else must accept their word as truth.

    1. Matt Taylor’s shirtgate being an example. Still angers me today that those parasites got away with it, especially that utter cunt who pointed out his shirt and started the harassment campaign against him.

      1. Yeah, shirtgate still makes me feel that we have to be advocates for some level of bullying through satire, always. I tried doing a few photoshops of

        Amanda Marcotte in front of art and shit, denouncing that it stops women from wanting to pursue art because they would be forced to objectify, and from modeling because artists will continue to force impossible standards. Funny enough but it didn’t start a ball rolling to make her the joke that she is. Zoe will get a free pass for life from all of her bullshit, from advocating to lie about past partners to donate blood, to shit like this, because she claims that we hate her for gamergate, and maybe that is where we need to start focusing, because so long as she has that free pass, this crap will continue. You can be a pedophile, and so long as you claim harassment, you get a free pass on their side. Because theirs is an ecosystem of infinite government, business, and sjw donations already. If nobody is harassing them, then make it up. If you want to harass someone, do it then tell everyone that they where harassers, or traitors to the cause.

  11. Damn, why is this whole thing reminding me of Game of Thrones? She did this, attempting to assassinate this person’s character, and then another faction comes swooping in to “raid the stronghold” and attempt to burn it to the ground, meanwhile white knights everywhere are tripping all over themselves defending “m’lady’s honor” etc, etc, etc.

    I just expect someone to eventually shout out “You know nothing Ralph Snow” to make this story juuuust that more epic in the keks department.

  12. OMG. If Candace actually sues Quinn and wins, we should build a statute of Candace with a plaque that says, “Queen of the Shitlords”.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen. Please prepare your tissues for the most heartwarming and inspiring worss you have ever read.
    This man is A Legend!

  14. Ever since the Goons started accusing GamerGate of being only a couple hundred people with multiple sockpuppets I pretty much assumed they were talking about themselves. In addition to SJWs always lying, they also always project.

    This could possibly be the start of uncovering which Goon controls which sockpuppets.

  15. Randi Harper admits they did it lol.

    “You blamed your Kickstarter getting shut down on trolls. You’re wrong. That was us. As long as you’re willfully harming other people by creating shitty uninformed products while kicking the shit out of anyone that tries to help you, we’re going to keep getting you shut down. You have created more work for me in the past 3 days, but I’d rather invest this time now, because if this bullshit doesn’t get nipped in the bud early, it’s just another fucking platform that I’m going to have to try to help protect people from in the future.”


  16. The narrative is starting to crumble under the sheer weight of Zoey Blowey and the shit stains we call “professional offendatrons”.

  17. In a nutshell: “All these rich white females holding the hard working black female down”. If only Hulk Hogan could drop his leg on Zoe Blowey.

  18. Crash Overide: 2 girls laying around in their pajamas and flip flops, hair in ponytails, browsing social nets for ppl to harass-after which they’ll accuse their victims of harassment.

  19. Looks like no gaming journalists will be covering this lol. Well I hope breitbart does anyway. KKK Quinn is busted yet again.

    Hmm @primeape maybe we should dig into that account more if we can on archive. Bet there’s loads of shady shit on there.

  20. Although the account is deleted, twitter of course archives everything. Zoe Quinn must be sweating on a subpoena. Owens strikes me as the worst kind of bitch – the bitch who can afford lawyers.

    1. I’m even worse: I’m an Erin Brockovitch who only gets lawyers to rubber stamp because they have insurance. MUCH cheaper.

  21. you guys do know that once private individual A sends an email to private individual B there’s no organ of the law that binds private individual B to not share that email with anyone, right??

  22. Ralph, please consider dropping the unnecessary superlatives when mentioning people like Harper, all it does is damage the credibility of your otherwise solid work.

  23. So they played “Fat cop/Hoe cop”, those tears from Zoe made of pure lies and narcissism. The manipulative bitch can’t even lie straight but the cuckold army will STILL defend her to the death.

    There’s not a lot of things worse than being incapable of admitting when you’re wrong, it’s one of the hallmarks of sociopathy.

  24. Zoe the keyboard warrior…..I hope she gets convicted for some of the crap she’s pulled and does time with some real bad asses.

  25. That confirms the narrative they played. Chelsea showing concern and playing nice then Harper comes in for the kill. Her supporters know she’s a complete fraud but she is patient zero so they will defend her to the death.

  26. and yet, after so many exposed situations that both of them got burned in; to the public they are very very poor women that have been literally raped and sold into slavery and broke free with their vaginas and have to be held up as a shiny beacon of light, its ridiculous

  27. This is nonsense. Notice that the screen cap of the email Candace provided shows names, not email addresses. I could screen cap an email without it containing the email address of the person I was talking to on multiple email platforms. Without knowing either party’s email providers, you can’t just assume that a shared email would contain the actual email address. You also can’t assume that the email address wasn’t easily guessed or googleable. It could just be [email protected] for all we know, and some trolly douche guessed. This woman is obviously not very competent with the internet, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    1. I also find it hilarious that you’re so anti-doxxing but totally cool with continuously trying to find the private account of a woman who clearly does not want you to find it so that she can enjoy her own little slice of the private internet and are posting it on a public forum linked to “evidence” that would never hold up in the court of law. The same kind of “evidence” that you rage against when used to dox people whose harassment you agree with.

      1. And I was just pretty easily able to find a forum of internet trolls who dox people doxxing her and posting her email through sites like intellus on april 13 ffs.

        BUT IT WAS ZOE!

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