Nathan Grayson, Zoe Quinn, TotalBiscuit, Kotaku…what is this, October 2014? Sometimes, it feels as if I’ve fallen into a time-warp. Either that, or these SJW goons just keep repeating the same old script because they can’t get by on talent…since they have none. Still, I’m happy people like Zoe keep whining about their plight, because it gives me an easy post before I head out for the afternoon.

Here’s what Kotaku’s Grayson, a notoriously unethical hack, had to say about the new initiatives by Valve/Steam…

Recently, Valve had two popular YouTubers, John “TotalBiscuit” Bain and Jim “Jim Sterling” Sterling, visit their offices. Over the course of a day-long series of meetings, the company laid out a roadmap for the future of Steam.

Both Bane and Sterling posted lengthy videos about their descent into GabeN’s mystery dungeon…

For those who don’t have the time to watch a cumulative hour and 24 minutes of video, here’s a blow-by-blow (bear in mind that this information is secondhand from people who, while generally trustworthy, are not Valve):

  • Valve is about to overhaul Steam in order to ensure that good games are visible and lazily developed games created for the purpose of making a quick buck—which Valve apparently calls “fake games”—sink beneath a sea of algorithms. They’ve already laid the groundwork, which is why they recently announced Steam Direct.
  • The problem with this system, of course, is that it risks burying a handful of good games, as well. To combat this issue, Valve is going to introduce a program called Steam Explorers. Explorers will play through queues of games that haven’t been selling super well. If they dig a game, they can flag it. The more games get flagged, the more the algorithmic gods will smile upon them.
  • Anybody will be able to be an Explorer, much like Steam Curators. They’ll also get their own forum, so they can do things like arrange multiplayer matches in games that nobody else is playing.
  • Speaking of Curators, that system is getting overhauled too. Valve will be adding functionality like embedded videos, top ten lists, and different types of sorting. Developers will also be able to give game keys directly to curators within Steam, as opposed to doing so via email or other means outside Steam (which has led to confusion, attempted fraud, and other issues).
  • Curators will also be given more info about how their curations affect games’ sales.
  • Valve admitted that so-called “fake games” make the bulk of their money off Steam trading cards, something that’s been long theorized but never confirmed. As a result, Valve will be changing the trading card system so that doing so is no longer an option.
  • Regular Steam users will soon have access to a lot more data on games. They’ll be told why a particular game is being shown to them, how many impressions that page gets, where those impressions come from, and more. Valve apparently wants to show people that crappy games are not, as many have speculated, clogging up the service.
  • Valve believes that once Steam Direct launches, fewer (though probably not drastically fewer) games will be admitted onto the service, and quality will generally be higher.

I don’t know about you guys, but that all sounds pretty good to me. As a side note, I know it had to wound the soul of Grayson to admit that TotalBiscuit is “generally trustworthy.” Anyway, you guys are probably wondering where Zoe Quinn comes in. Well, like a bad case of the clap, she’s hard to get rid of and always finds a way to rear her health hazardous head into any situation. Apparently, this push against “fake games” is going to negatively impact her ability to make a living off, well, fake games.

Actually, this is one case where she’s absolutely correct! Taking fake games out of circulation would definitely do her in…which would be a great thing, needless to say.


After Zoe realized how whiny, pathetic, and entitled this whole rant sounded, she memory holed the entire thing (thanks to an enterprising TRR reader, we still have it). Oh, wait. I’m not supposed to call her a “she” now. My bad. Back to the subject at hand…if Zoe is against the push to kill fake games, then you know it’s a good thing. The sooner she disappears from gaming, the better, and if this helps that outcome, then I support it 100%.

  1. Okay, what I’m getting from this, is that she’s crying because gaming is a meritocracy, and if you make shit games, no one cares. Am I getting that right? Also, I had trouble remembering what games she even made. Then I remembered that they weren’t really games. 😉

    1. as far as i know she made 1 ‘game’ (well closer to a digital choose-your-own-adventure novel) called depression quest it was made with a program that well its like comparing it to rpg maker is like comparing mspaint (the 1995 version) to the current version of photoshop

      1. It wasn’t even that good. I had several CYOA novels when I was a kid.

        The problem with messages — and this covers the whole spectrum, good and bad — is that it doesn’t matter how important your message is if the media you use to portray it sucks. Delivery matters.

      2. “digital adventure novel” is too good a description for what she made. It’s not even fun to read. It’s just a bunch of feminist whining lol.

    2. This is why the left hate capitalism. Capitalism allows those who are talented to rise to top, and keeps those without talent, like Zoe, stuck at the bottom. She and her ilk will do all they can to inspire an end to this system so they can make themselves equal to the people with talent or that strive etc but without putting forth the effort. It’s the same with the whole marxist ideology these harlots come from.

    1. but from zoe’s view both of those have glaring a flaw they require effort, its easier to have a crappy game and beg for patrion dosh

      1. No, you’re nott getting the depths of her psychosis. She should be able to be a developer because she really wants to be, ability and talent are sexist tools of the patriarchy. She has typical millennial I can do anything and my every effort should be applauded derangement syndrome caused by the self esteem peddling faggots in the educational system who were gaining prominence just as I was graduating.

    2. She’d have to learn to develop any games first. Whoring out your smelly rancid twat to thirsty losers who know Python does not equal game dev.

  2. Got a bit to say so here’s a list:
    1. Of course she’d be scared of this, she made the ultimate fake game, Depression Quest.
    2. If this takes off and DQ is removed from Steam, I’m gonna need a big bag of popcorn to enjoy Zoe Queef’s misery.
    3. Ooh ripping on white men? Come up with something original.
    4. How are you supposed to do your job with this this thing up? Try actually making something good.
    5. At this point, just look at one of my past comments for DQ.
    6. You’re just now realizing you have no sustainable future in the gaming industry?
    7. If you don’t like being called she then, she she she she she she she she she.

    1. considering DQ is old and free (and buried thanks to its terrible rating) I don’t think she would notice if it was unlisted, well until one of her drones tell her, then its beg patrion bux time (as if she doesn’t do that on a regular basis)

        1. And don’t forget the crack pot claims that it was a coordinated attack by GamerGate and I’m sure he’ll blame GamerGate for not getting elected that’s if he’s still running

    2. I hear she is developing a sequel. Suicide Quest. Its a game so shit it literally drives you to kill yourself from boredom.

  3. Ok just to verify TotalBiscuit is a member of Gamer Gate and Jim Sterling is an SJW or did one of them change sides or become a nutural party because I find it odd that a Gamer Gate supporter and an SJW would be in the same place together

      1. TB was neutral leaning towards GG he tried hard to remain neutral but you know how the soc just cultists are. they attack neutrals as if going at them hard enough will get the neutral person on their side (and not you know alienate them and drive them and other neutrals towards your opposition)

    1. TB is a staunch consumer advocate and despises bullshit, and he helped kick GG off by talking about some of the initial catalyst (MundaneMatt’s video being falsely DMCA’d). He tried very hard to stay neutral on the culture war aspect of GG, so you might call him the first “ethics cuck”.

      Sterling is most certainly an SJW, and how TB still manages to call that fat, greasy fuck a friend is beyond me.

    2. TB is a covert anti. Much like Jim Shilling he pretends he goes along with pro consumer stuff but in reality he shares most of the same views. In particular, being anti Steam review (because anyone can evaluate a game, and people with > 2 hours do it better than him), being pro Zoey at at least one point, and knowingly promoting corrupt companies on multiple occasions. One look at his subreddit shows all he cares about are clicks.

      1. This article should confirm it:

        TB is a covert anti

        It’s funny how some people proclaim his innocence just because he is a covert anti.

        Being a covert is pratically useless in this situation.

        It’s like a covert Christian pretending to be an Atheist. The covert Christian makes speeches promoting Atheism to the public. All the normies see is him promoting and advocating for Atheism. No-one knows he’s really a Christian.

        It’s the same situation with Total Biscuit. With his popularity and fanbase, he should be taking a stance and making it known that he is anti-SJW (supposedly) in order to get the message though and cause some real damage to the Social Justice fucktards.

        But he doesn’t, instead he chooses to go along with the SJW/feminist crap. That makes him just as bad as any SJW, regardless of him being an anti-SJW.

        1. That depends on how subtle he is about it. Him and Jimmity are controlled opposition. They act like they’re pro consumer by going after really obvious shit games in the shovelware section of Steam but that’s basically just virtue signalling. Only difference is we caught Jim, most people still fall for TB.

  4. Oh god. What a whiny little cunt. Make a good game and your life wont be destroyed. She could always get a tenure at UCLA teaching white man hate guilt 101.

    1. dude she cant create. shes an sjw. creativity is not part of them. That is why they hate true talent and try to have it censored to death.

    1. Brianna Wu has been out of the business for years now, too. But by crying about oppression they make money damseling. They want the identity of oppressed girl gamers as a selling point.

      Note: About 1 out of 5 bachelors degrees in programming go to women. About 1 out of 5 games programmers are women. Assassin’s Creed is headed by a woman. The MSM covered this up. Those are meritocratic women. They don’t need to damsel.

      1. Also, see Roberta Williams. These fuckers conveniently ignore that one of the founders of electronic gaming and creator of the one time biggest game company in the world was a very talented woman.

        1. These shitheels aren’t worthy to clean her boots. The old school Sierra games were fucking awesome.

  5. The thing is that Sterling is an SJW twat, so I don’t trust that ball of lard to advise Valve properly.

    Other than that this will be a useful feature given how much garbage is on Steam.

  6. Market forces were always going to be the undoing of the social justice movement. Both McIntosh and Quinn produce sporadic content that is consumed dutifully by a dwindling pool of the converted, and garners little in the way of significant income. Both strike me as strangely empty individuals. Quinn is no Dorothy Parker and her book is likely to be a large print whine, where the only entertainment will be derived from speculating on any lawsuits that may ensue. Slacktivists are not big spenders. They don’t pay hand over fist for expensive hard-back books. It’s hard to see where she goes from here.

  7. I’m skeptical, but unlike most big revamps of online services lately it actually sounds like Valve has their heart in the right place and have thought their ideas halfway through.

    At the end of the day though I don’t see how the explorer system will be any less easy to manipulate than the existing system. All someone like Miss Rottoncrotch Burgerz ‘n Fries would need to do is fill some subreddit with a bunch of White Knights to go organized vote-up her piece of shit non-game. Hell it’ll take ten minutes flat before the first Chinese “exploration” farm gets set up and starts selling upvotes at a penny a piece.

    To make the thing work Valve will pretty much need to exclude anyone with less than two years onboard and less than a hundred dollars sunk in their library, otherwise the system will become dominated by an army of rank1 shills like the ones Wacky Wu organized to get her own piece of shit greenlighted.

      1. That’s the one thing these entitled upper-middle-class indie posers can never buy- they can buy the degrees, the connections, the marketing, the publicity and hookups. But they can’t buy the genuine enjoyment of people appreciating a well-made product.

        The only way to attain that is to earn it- with talent and work. Lots and lots of work.

  8. As funny as Zoe sperging for Patreon bucks is, consider the facts. This is basically Youtube Heroes but for Steam. They got two fairly prominent narrative headers, Jim Shilling and Total Shill Shit on board as consultants. Do you really think it’s gonna bury anything on their side? Does anyone actually believe that? No, the indie clique and their shill squad are gonna be promoting garbage like Depression Quest and Derpest Dungeon and whatthefuck ever while actual games, particularly those who go against the narrative get buried.

    Remember, games don’t sell well if people don’t know they exist no matter how good they are, and sufficient shilling can substitute for any amount of actual quality (see: Derpest Dungeon again).

    I give Zoey One out of Five Guys for the reverse psych misdirect, but they’re so predictable they’re not fooling me!

      1. Long story short, it red pilled me about GamerGate and the corruption in the games industry and by extension politics as a whole. I’d rather just be playing video games but they’re the ones who made me aware of the hipster plague and convinced me I should eradicate it.




            There’s a lot more than that (“Darkest Dungeon Celerity” has auto completed for a year and a half) but that’s a decent compendium. What I thought was just one corrupt company was actually a slightly more subtle wing of the indie clique. And when they got caught, well… look at their Twitter. They quit bothering hiding their SJW clone puppet politics months ago, mostly because Trump gets in their head rent free the same way I do.

  9. Only someone like Zoe Quinby could complain about meritocracy and customer feedback. Her virtue signalling is flat-lining, usually it helps spike her patreon, but it’s at a new low, only ~$2500/month.

    1. “Only” 2.5K USD for having no marketable skills other than being a lolcow and servicing the Patriarchy like a good little feminist.

      1. It used to be >$4000 per month. Her role as a game developer is at a huge premium due to the high output and adherence to quality games. Even the Nintendo Seal is worthless in comparison.

  10. I didn’t read the twitter summary by hoe quintard. I do have an observation about her though: She seems to only understand one side of commerce, that being the creation side. She seems to have problems grasping the part where your work has to be something people want to pay for. Just spending a lot of time doing something doesn’t mean you deserve to be highly paid for it, else I’d be the foremost expert in masturbatory engineering and pulling in loads (he he) of money.

  11. It is good steam is correcting whatever mistake they made that causes me to ignore every piece of shit they suggest and stick to AAA titles because I know the type of garbage I’m getting there. They have burned me so many times on shit suggestions, they might as well turn off the storefront now.

  12. Seems like Valve is being fair here, still allowing these lazily-developed games to float to the top if people think they’re good; they want to make money of course, and if Zoe’s against this, then she either doesn’t understand the new rules or is admitting her games are crap.

  13. Each and every time, when something happens that hurts in some way a SJW they take it out on “the randos”. Or in other words, it’s the common man’s fault that “the elites” like her don’t get what they deserve.
    Pure authoritarianism.

  14. Her game “Suicide” Quest is the perfect example of how games would be under sjw control. Suicide inducing bore-fests that do nothing at all but pander to her own ego and “look at me, I’m sooo important” complex. The game she produced is a joke. Absolutely nobody aside from a couple of guys she banged, reviewed it. And even they couldn’t make it saleable. I used to hate text adventures back on the Commodore 64 but even the most mundane of those looked fast paced compared to the depression simulator she dared to call a game.If you didn’t have depression before you played it (which nobody did) you certainly would be suicidally depressed after slogging through it. This woman is no game developer, just a moaning harlot who whined her way into the industry. If we are lucky, suicide quest will be her first and only game. Than God. Like Anita, she has already been forgotten about and as zero influence over anything except her own stupidity.

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