Right before I fell asleep last night (actually 6AM, but whatever), someone sent me a link to an unhinged blog post on Medium. I kinda skimmed through half of it without looking at the author. I came upon a passage which I thought was hilarious. The person who wrote it, was REALLY concerned that I might make it to E3 somehow. I’m not sure why this worried them. I would like to go, but you have to actually write about the games themselves. I’d also like to do that, but at this point, I haven’t. What is this unhinged individual talking about, I thought to myself. Then, I sent out a sarcastic tweet about it, and went to sleep. I thought that was the end of the story.

However,  it was just the beginning. When I woke up, and turned on my Twitter delivery device, I noticed that people were talking about me and Zoe Quinn. They had our handles mentioned in the same re-tweet, or something. I did a little digging, and of course, come to find out, the Queen of Lies herself, was the one who said spewed all this garbage. It reads like the crazed rantings of a paranoiac.

But wait, there’s more! Not only did she slam me in that section, she also did something far more sinister in the next. I’m just going to post the entire paragraph here, even though it’s from a deluded skank like her:

“Lax requirements for press passes can put the same people who have discussed if they should bring a knife or a gun to the talk of a developer they hate in the same restricted access areas that developer may stick to for safety during game events. Now we have people looking to make careers off becoming the Perez Hilton of video games, and without being more proactive against gossip and harassment masquerading as True Ethics, we risk letting them seem as legitimate as the enthusiast press sites that will be the stomping grounds of some of our next best writers. And personally, I think that one scumbag Perez being a shining example of a shitty journalist is more than enough.”

I have never said anything about guns, knives, or personally attending dev talks, here on the site, or on Twitter. She uses a dishonest propaganda technique to link me to this act, even though I had never even heard of this threat, much less had a hand in it. So in the middle of a two paragraph section about me, this dishonest “developer” just throws that in, with no intention of tying it to me? I don’t fucking think so. I’ve been around the block once or twice, just like Ms. Quinn. Well, she’s been around it more than once or twice, but that’s a different story.

Censorship is a recurring theme for this woman. She recently started trying to silence me. But she’s trying to silence GamerGate from the beginning. The hyperbolic spin she put on events in a Facebook post to industry insiders at the outset of the events with Eron Gjoni, is about as insane as it gets. We have shown a lot of evidence of her corruption. Today, she tries to run a male developer out of the industry. But she still gets big platforms to spout lies. How can this be? The only answer, is that the professional media is truly dead. I’m just gonna post her long ass Facebook post here, and let you judge for yourselves. It’s another case of unhinged rantings, If you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of lies in there too:


So, we have a proven liar, violent sociopath, and all around dubious ethical character, who wants to write columns challenging me on my ethics? She’s never done anything of note in the industry. Without GamerGate, she would still be an unknown nobody. Now at least she is a known nobody. There’s still no talent there, though, which is why she wakes up every fucking day and thanks her lucky stars that we came along. I have no doubt in my mind. She just started this shit up with me, because she knew I would write about her. She was right.

There’s one more reason, though, I suspect. People like her actually fear people like me. The reason, is because I don’t give a fuck. I don’t listen to people like Zoe Quinn when they tell me what to do. I do what I want. So, she launches a preemptive attack against me (and TechRaptor). She’s trying to strangle this site in it’s crib:


That brings me to my last point, which is pretty simple. I have to respond when a scammer, liar, and con-artist like Zoe, tries to ruin me and my site. The media isn’t gonna challenge her, but there needs to be an alternative record here on file. That’s why my site exists. We are the keepers of the alternative record. Not everyone likes it, but I don’t care. I will always respond to attacks.

Also, I’m going to start looking into attending E3. Thanks for the idea, Five Guys Ms. Quinn. I might have to buy my way in like Tyler Malka the first go round, but we meet the requirements now. I just have too keep going, and add in some gaming content. I guess that’s unless Zoe and her crew get their way, and the rules are changed to keep dissenting voices out. It’s the SJW way, but we don’t have to bow down to their bullshit any longer. Fight corruption and censorship, and never waver.