I’m feeling bad that I used Zoe Quinn’s name in three straight headlines now. She wasn’t even featured in the first one very heavily, but I threw her in anyway. That ole tabloid spirit, I guess. Then again, I wasn’t expecting her to directly respond to my court dox column. I guess I should have, though, since she’s trashed me before. She really seems to hate me, which I have to admit, makes me smile. FDR summed up my feelings on the matter with this quote: “They are unanimous in their hate for me–and I welcome their hatred.”

One other reason I don’t feel bad about headlining it, is because Zoe Quinn isn’t actually her name. I respect whatever someone wants to be called, but as you saw from the court dox (and probably already knew), her real name is Chelsea van Valkenburg. Changing your name in and of itself isn’t a crime (Hi, Milo!), but when you combine it with all the other lies? It at appears a little shady. I’m not sure how much they charge to change your name in Massachusetts, but I’m sure Alex’s rich daddy could pay it off while you two jet around Europe.

On to what the Queen of Lies actually wrote in her egomaniacal response piece:

“I keep saying the phrase “August Never Ends”. I’m still being threatened over a review that never existed, still being hunted by the crusaders for “ethics” who will spin on a dime to defend child pornography but attempt to burn you in effigy for a poor taste joke made over 10 years ago. That’s nothing new. But there’s a fun new way to be ground down by all this thrown in the mix that I haven’t said much about.

The legal system.”

First off, I know you disingenuous bastards always love to throw out the “no-review” talking point, but it’s total nonsense. There was a rumor for a couple hours that there had been a review, and some people ran with it. Anyone in GamerGate who followed closely at all, knows there was no actual review. But another thing we know is, Nathan Grayson was hot for you for years. He also promo’d your game on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, highlighting it out of FIFTY other new Steam releases. Your game sucks ass, so this is piques the interest of anyone with half a brain. You remember young Nathan, right? He’s the one who lied about working on Depression Quest, among other things. But Kotaku sees fit to keep him on staff, regardless (That’s another story for another day).


So, what’s Ms. Quinn’s excuse for lying about Milo on the police report? I’m sure she’ll come right out, and own up to her mistake:

I see. The lies are now the fault of the police officer. I’m sure the fine public servants at the Boston PD will enjoy having their competence called into question. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that discussion. I’m just guessing here, but I don’t think they’re going to take that one too well (EDIT: As noted to me on Twitter, she makes almost the exact same claim in court: that Eron Gjoni’s appearance on a livestream somehow motivated people to send her rape and death threats).

She spends much of the column crying to people to “please talk” about her “abuse.” I must be missing something, because the skank has been been featured in countless articles, features, interviews, panels, hugboxes, videos, supportive tweets…you name it, she’s been on it or in it. I guess that’s her life’s motto, now that I think of it. But, I digress.

Zoe also saw the opportunity to lie about her current predicament by repeating the fiction that she’s “on the run” in Europe. As it turns out, she had this trip planned before GamerGate even started.

“Keep in mind that I’m also writing this about 3,000 miles from the home it’s no longer safe to be at while we try and figure out how to move on from this meteor hitting us and be people again. I miss sleeping in my own bed, having my own space. I miss my cat.”



So, we have a person who lies about everything, all the time, whining for 3,000 words about how mistreated she’s been, while simultaneously sipping champagne in Europe, and raking in $4,000 a month for doing nothing. Excuse me if I don’t shed too many tears, Zoe Quinn, Chelsea, or whatever the fuck your name is. I’m gonna keep calling you out. I couldn’t even begin to describe how proud I feel to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with people like Milo Yiannopoulos. We’re just getting started. You will be fully exposed for the fraudulent phony that you are, by the time all this is over. Count on it.


I’m also considering take a flight up to Boston soon. I’ll do it if I have to, in order to get the rest of the story. I wish it was later in the year, though, so I could go see the Red Sox. As a Lakers fan, I wouldn’t been to keen on taking in a Celtics game lol.

  1. ,,,frustration in translating th internet to real life? translate these nuts ZQ,,,wait, no what iam saying! Eeeww!… But last I checked, words mean th same shits in both places, or did I miss a fucking meeting?…that girl is nuttier than a squirrell turd,,,

  2. On the run in Europa? What the fuck is she, a war refugee!? She is not on the run in Europa. She is on a vacation.

  3. Before signing *any* statement the officer requires (by law iirc) it be reviewed as written before it’s committed to record; your doing so signifies the veracity of the record (but not necessarily its objective ‘truth’) – if ANY of it is inaccurate (deliberately or not) that’s ENTIRELY on the person filing the report. These people are so full of shit it’s gone way past being tiresome. They rely on people being ignorant on just about everything they refer to.

    1. Not to mention – ZQ is sooo upset about “having” to explain things to a court to shut up her ex boyfriend, who is relatively meaningless to gamergate at this point. I mean seriously, he’s not done anything lately at all.

      So essentially she’s just whining about how hard it is to use the court system to get revenge on her ex boyfriend for pointing out she cheated on him multiple times. Not really relevant to gamergate at all, as per usual.

      It’s almost as if she resents not being able to use gamergate as her personal props in her poor attempts at getting revenge, and that is the real issue: “Well it got me media coverage, why won’t the courts accept my nonsense as gospel as well?”

      Gee I dunno, but it might just be the court likes to use facts (reals) and not emotions (feels).

      1. He can’t do anything due to the gag order which many of us want repealed because there are certain things that would be very interesting to hear about not the least being GAME_JAM. The mega indie show that ZQ and friends managed to blow up in less then a day.

      2. ” he’s not done anything lately”

        You realize he’s been in legal hell for the last FOUR out of the five months gamergate has existed, right?

        guess whose fault his inaction is

        1. My point was, there was nothing that he could have possibly done (unless he wanted to end up in jail) that could be so bad that she should be able to file gag orders with a judge. She has no evidence of any wrongdoing from him whatsoever.

    2. If they’re so concerned about what’s being said not being true, isn’t there this thing called libel that they can use and take a person to court because of. Considering this has yet to happen, that must mean everything said about her is true.

      1. Libel cases are notoriously difficult to win and can be hugely expensive. So to be fair in this regard, it’s not that the things said are true, it’s that’s it’s too costly to prove them false.

        1. From what I gather, if someone puts forth a defamation lawsuit, although it might end up costing a bit, the lawyer for the plaintif works on a contingency and ends up paying for most everything up front, whereas the defendent ends up having to pay the laywer on a per hour basis. Therefor if the plaintif wins the lawsuit, the costs become negligible since the winnings pay for the costs. (http://www.alllaw.com/articles/nolo/personal-injury/lawyer-defamation-lawsuit.html). And even without that, let’s consider who her bf is, how easy it would be for her to setup a legal fund for such a thing and obtain donations from her followers, etc.. So I think the costs wouldn’t be as much as they usually are, she has many priviledges that your normal everyday random person does not.

          Now setting that aside, based on her accusations of how people are misrepresenting her, if what is being said is false, while I agree some of those may be hard to prove as being false due to their vague nature, I think some of those things she says are blatantly false should be a little more black and white. But I think she doesn’t care about the courts and establishing something as being libel legally, she only cares about what the media thinks of her. In the court of the internet, outside of gamergate supporters, she’s pretty much innocent, even if she were to place a defamation lawsuit and lose it. So she has no reason to bring up such a suit, because she’s already won where it matters… innocent even if proven guilty for ZQ, guilty no matter what for gg supporters.

          1. That’s the subjective world-view for you. It centres firmly on *Self*, the “meh feels” as everyone alludes to in jest. It’s an immunity that further emboldens them to continue doing what they do – spurious, unfounded claims that can’t be disproved (even if people like this were found guilty of some heinous crime and slung in jail they’d still win).

            [edit for clarity]

    3. Honestly, the annoying thing here is that anyone that’s filed a police report after being a victim will empathise with being stressed.
      When I was mugged my brain did not function correctly.
      I lost nothing of value (£30~) was not injured, but talking to some very nice officers left me shaking and feeling like a criminal myself.
      If she’d told THAT story, I’d be far more open to it.
      Instead, she goes right to shifting blame and giving a seemingly very calculated account.
      In my experience victims feel guilt, shame and despair.
      The first person a victim blame is themselves.
      I swear she is simply incapable of a human response to things. She acts out what she thinks will gain her the most.

    4. You would be surprised at how many people in court go “b-but I didn’t say that!” only to be confronted by the judge and asked “isn’t this your signature?”. In my country, the follow up to that is usually “t-they tortured me! they made me sign it!”.

  4. I’m also considering take a flight up to Boston soon. I’ll do it if I have to, in order to get the rest of the story.

    Too bad you can’t show up this Saturday. LWu and MovieBob are scheduled as panelists at Arisia 2015. I’m sure they’d welcome you w/open arms. 🙂


    The Internet Hate Train: Moving Past Gamergate — Gaming, Panel — 1hr 15min — Faneuil (3W)The topic of internet harassment in gaming spaces is always sadly
    relevant. This past summer, the scandal known as Gamergate gained
    national media attention. It involved a lady game developer, a spurned
    lover, and terrible public bullying. How can the gaming community
    outgrow this terrible behavior?Adri, Bob Chipman, Maddy Myers (m), Caelyn Sandel, Alan Wexelblat, Brianna Wu

        1. It’s almost as if XOXO was a bunch of privileged white kids who are keen on telling everyone else how they need to live their lives…. Who am I kidding? It’s EXACTLY that.

      1. No, it’s actually a convention filled with so many people committed to diversity and inclusiveness. They care so much about those things that they surrounded themselves with people who also strongly believe in that, and it’s really just a coincidence that most of them are white. /s

    1. Internet hate train? Maybe it IS hatred, but it’s well deserved. Problem is that these thick fucks are too far up their own deluded assholes to recognize it. They’re the kind of douchers who were absolute assholes to everyone back in high school, but blamed everyone but themselves whenever it’d get their asses kicked after the day’s final bell rang. I hesitate to call them sociopaths, seeing as I’m ill qualified to diagnose social disorders, but the shoe seems to fit…

    1. Dude, it would be like looking at the cursed portrait of Dorian Gray – If they could actually see it.

  5. This is the reason I say the kind of shit I do about Zoe. She’s a liar, she’s vile, she’s manipulative. TL;DR – She’s evil. Let justice come.

  6. I just couldn’t stand in her new manifesto how every single thing was turned into further proof of her victim status. People reading your police report carefully, sentence by sentence, is supposedly “robbing her of her humanity.” The judge is somehow oppressing her since they don’t understand the internet – yet the court ends up deciding exactly how she hoped. Her ex-boyfriend is oppressing her, even though he was just talking about himself and how he was victimized and manipulated. Touring Europe for months is called “living in an elevator shaft.” Even Milo daring to be upset at being falsely accused in an official police report, is somehow oppressing her because people shouldn’t read what she writes carefully.

    I just don’t buy any of that.

    1. Well, by SJW logic, anything that isn’t obeying a woman absolutely is “dehumanizing”. Basically they’ve arranged the ‘logic’ of their ‘culture’ to be that you can’t identify as ANYTHING or label anyone as ANYTHING without being a monster. Especially if you’re white (then you’re totally fucked by default).

      1. They’ve also arranged the rhetoric (logic it is not) of their culture to state that logic and reason themselves are discriminatory. Which while this is technically true, as these things are used to separate fact and fiction, they most certainly don’t care about your gender or race or other special status.

        So I guess SJWs are actually discriminated against by logic and reason, who knew? Funny how none of them realize that using actual facts would cause logic and reason to discriminate FOR them.

        1. lol this is why they are evil and why I wished them cancer in the first place. Logic and Reason are “discriminatory” indeed, only if, of course, the objective measure of reality is “discriminatory”. ::facepalm:: They’re discriminated against by reality, because reality is the enemy of bullshit. lol

          1. Wow…. So essentially they are accepting feminist values a priori, and logic and reason are out the window if they disagree. SMH – I was being snarky, based on talking with feminists online, but OMFG these people want to undermine scientific inquiry in favor of gender ideology.

          2. “want to”? They already have.

            Read about “Critical Race Theory” http://spacrs.wordpress.com/what-is-critical-race-theory/

            It’s literally saying advocating LYING to improve the situation of minorities/women… of replacing narratives with ones that put them in a better light, whether they are true or not.

            You think this spate of false rape stories and other fake hate crimes (fakehatecrimes.org) is organic?

            No, it is the same as taqiyya in that they are justified in being dishonest to bring about social change. It is highly dishonest and unethical, but that’s what you get when you let Marxists have any traction on society.

          3. “They already have.”

            Perhaps, but I think in the minds of most people, logic, reason, and science are still considered to the means to obtaining objective fact. The only reason people accept any parts of radical feminism is because they wrap it in a pseudo-scientific packaging. Were the general public to understand that feminist theory hinges upon science denialism, then they would be thrown out in short order.

            “You think this spate of false rape stories and other fake hate crimes is organic?”

            TBH, yes, I do. Indirectly feminism is responsible, but not because people accept their denial of logic and reason, but rather that they provide excuses for people (specifically women, although some men like FullMcIntosh and GameJournos too) to be complete assholes, even to the point of criminal behavior. If not feminism, these people would find some other ideology to use as a banhammer on everyone else – previously this was done by using religion, and today it still is – but this is a neo-religious ideology that has the appearance of being scientific until scrutinized.

            “It is highly dishonest and unethical, but that’s what you get when you let Marxists have any traction on society.”

            Yep Marxists are all about the end justifying the means, always have been – Just ask Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc. To be fair, their ideology properly considers this mindset to be necessary, because without it, their ideology is a total fail as far as ethics and reason.

  7. Heh, I don’t like reddit, and this is pretty much unrelated to the subject material, but here is a video by a woman from over 3 years ago detailing all the problems with SJWs.

    Ironically, even though she was not a part of the whole gamergate controversy, she was harassed to the point of having to shut down her youtube channel.


    Signal boosting perhaps? Maybe with some clips of gamergate supporters saying the same things?

    Note: Sorry this is way off-topic Ralph, but I don’t do reddit or twitter.

      1. Agreed. I hope the Sarkeesian Effect goes so viral the news has to mention it.

        Whatever ideological differences I have with JordanOwen and Davis Aurini, I know they will at least employ a healthy dose of logic and reason, and that’s a good thing in a debate where one side tends to ignore logic and reason.

      1. lol, it is truer than you know – I found your site looking for a non-gamejourno news source on gamergate – was kinda tuned in to gamergate.me for a bit, but very few updates, and BasedGamer isn’t quite live yet.

        Although – Reaxxion isn’t too bad – although it is clear the motive of the creator isn’t JUST to support gamergate, but also promote his other sites.

    1. IF? I don’t have a single thin doubt in my mind that this is exactly what’s going on, and that when he stops being of use to her she’ll dump him just like she has the 30 or 40 other guys she’s slept with in the last two years.

  8. I hope you and Milo pile on her, here is the thing, we don’t actually need an arrest to take place in order to blow this thing open. A simple warrant issued for her arrest will be good enough to completely discredit every accusation she has made. If you know someone in the PD of where the police report was made, you can get them to run her name and provide documentation that there IS a warrant out for her arrest.

    Then you can prep and start spreading that document around to slam her credibility. No media is going to run interference with an outstanding warrant out for her ass. There is no way you can ever defend, nor justify lying on a police report, period the end.

    1. But didn’t you hear? The court system hates women just like gamergate does. ZQ told us so. Apparently holding someone accountable for their actions and/or statements is deeply misogynistic?

    2. “There is no way you can ever defend, nor justify lying on a police report, period the end.”

      Are you not familiar with the Duke Lacrosse case? Or how it played out? The 88 Academics that signed a pledge condoning the protestors demanding castration were never challenged by the media, nor was the false acusser. nobody but the MALE DA was ever held to acount. Similar thing with The Vladdick Filler case, except the FEMALE DA literally got a 30 day suspension, suspended (meaning no consequences) for her misconduct. Lying on a police report means nothing when you have a vagina.

  9. lolololol From her response:

    “Sometimes you sit in the magistrate’s office listening to the defense attorney get basic facts wrong, while talking to a judge who also gets basic facts wrong, and you feel a crushing sense of despair at watching people with no stake or perspective on your world decide your fate. ”

    My Response:

    Yeah, I know just how that feels ZQ. I’ve been trying to explain to gaming journos, SJWs and rabid feminists since august that the anonymous chat logs that you said “proved” gamergate was at fault for your harassment actually prove nothing at all, but you know – some people just don’t understand technology……..

    Hell, I could write a book right here about all the times the journos and SJW friends of yours RELIED on this ignorance by media and court officials to get away with baseless accusations and falsehoods, but it too would be ignored.

  10. “Threatened”? Who the fuck is threatening her? Getting called out for lies, sure…

    Oh, never mind. I forget that SJWs have a skewed view of reality that makes them think that replying to them is “harassment” and disagreeing with them is “oppression”.

    Secondly, the “review” thing came about due to some people jumping the gun before all the facts came in. She didn’t get any reviews, but she sure as hell got lots of positive press, especially under the pen of her boy toy Nathan Grayson.

  11. Oh, poor thing. I could never even begin to think what vile harassment made her take 3-month vacation to fucking Europe. Jesus… these people have no shame.

  12. I just realized on that photo… is there a reason we are being treated to a show of that much cleavage? I’m pretty sure that’s a trip to the HR department for a conversation about “more than 1 inch of cleavage is not appropriate in the work place”. No, it doesn’t make you a strong female; it makes you someone who is advertising their bust line, and as a gay man it makes me extremely creeped out.

    1. I think what we should really be saying here is, “I don’t care if your an oppressed victim (although your full of shit) your cleavage is sexist and ostracizing. Wear a turtle neck NOW!”

      ^As quoted by that sack of shit Chris Plante, although I changed a couple words here and there to fit the narrative better, when he attacked Matt Taylor for wearing his AWESOME shirt on TV after successfully landing a probe on a comet.

  13. Around the office we are sharing our Christmas Nerd puzzles. You know, rhe ones like Rubik’s Cube that most people can’t do.
    I would love and pay for a zen quest that was subtle, interesting, and challenging.
    Zoe Quinn managed to create “Depression Quest”. Halfway there. The former half. We don’t need more mediocre games (ok, In being nice I’m biting my tongue to the point of blood loss). Perhaps she can’t do better, but she should find another line of work. Perhaps service at Five Guys. Or she should write something actually challenging.

  14. She earns more than thrice or four times my average monthly wage. I work my ass off, having to deal with an abusive superior who treat me with much less respect than a dog, asshole customers, while having to use some of my money to pay hospital bills for my disabled father who is stuck in the hospital since spring 2013. Her? She does nothing but crying about the Big Bad Anonymous and gets pity money from it. Fuck her, fuck Zoe Quinn, Fuck everyone who gave her money, fuck everyone who stood behind her and never thought something was wrong with her getting money and having released NOT A SINGLE GAME. She is a fucking parasite, an opportunist, a hypocrite. I can’t believe I am losing a long time internet friend over her.

    1. That one is always a fun debate: “Depression Quest is absolutely a video game”

      The only way I’ve found to shut them up, and discredit their argument entirely is downloading Twine, and building a parody game about SJWs in around 1/2 hour and then posting links.

      These people have no idea how much work it takes to make a real video game – kinda like kids with a camcorder who think they are movie producers. Someone should tell them: It’s only ‘cute’ when you are 5.

  15. I wish I could flee to Europe for 3 months while banking 4000 a month to do nothing but drama post on twitter about how oppressed I am.

  16. Don’t you think the issue could better be solved by just not reporting on her at all? I agree with a lot of what you’re saying but it also seems like you’re helping this continue because you’re just perfectly fitting the narrative that the other side is spinning.
    This trio of professional victims seem to have absolutely no talent at all. Let them fade into obscurity.

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