Well, I think we may have finally found the reason that Alex Lifschitz hates the AAA industry, along with the gamers who power it. According to disgraced indie developer Zoe Quinn, he was fired from his job because of low Metacritic scores. This explains an awful lot. Now the unhinged rage he showed in that presentation makes sense. He thinks that we ruined his dream. He blames us, and the AAA power structure who listen to the consumer.

Keep in mind, Quinn is responding specifically to a someone talking about USER reviews, not reviews from press outlets. The person said that studios don’t pay attention to those, but was corrected by Ms. Quinn. Here’s the full quote below: ZOE1

I love how these people keep doing my job for me. It really is pretty nice. Anyway, as you can see, she’s talking about us. She’s angry as well. Even though this rich brat already has access to more money than most of us ever will, she still wants more. Just like Tim Schafer, Alex Lifschitz and Zoe Quinn want to live the good life on your dime, even when they don’t have to. They could live honestly, but choose not to. Some people have to lie, cheat, and steal to get by. These people do it because they want to. It amuses them.

The more you dig into anti-GamerGate, the more you start to see that most of our enemies oppose reform for financial reasons. Some want to change the industry so the games from their shitty circle can cash out. Maybe they want to rig some indie award shows so they can pad their profits further? Perhaps the message board payola will stop? Or, in the case of Alex Lifschitz, you just got flat out fired from your job. All these are actually fine reasons to oppose us. Crooks don’t usually cheer on the police. And anyone can understand losing their job. However, carrying on a years long jihad against gaming because of it, is a little harder to comprehend.

Snap out of it, Lifschitz. I’m sure Daddy will pay for all the therapy you need.

  1. Definitely check out the link to the presentation, guys. It really showcases how crazy these people are. Lifschitz yammers on about how Depression Quest was some kind of landmark for the industry. A fucking PowerPoint with sad music? A PowerPoint that wasn’t even finished?

    He doesn’t deserve a job in the industry because he’s a whiny little turncoat. I hope every developer in the industry takes note of his hostile nature, toxic attitude and incredible condescension. The clique he is part of is a joke.

    1. I played it out of curiosity, and it’s basically a multiple choice quiz test about depression written by someone who clearly has no idea what depression is like (I have bipolar disorder and spent time in a mental institution to treat it).

      She didn’t even need programming skills to make it. It’s based on TWINE, which is basically “type in a sentence and the software will do all the work”.

      1. I checked out steam charts a couple of days ago to see how it was doing. I laughed for about 20 minutes solid considering all of the bullshit effort she and the SJW press put into it to get it green-lit.

        That little “interactive” text-based piece of trash has averaged 9.3 users per day for 30 days. Peak players in last 30 days was 24. What a waste of effort.


        1. I checked out the reviews, and it’s like 30 bad reviews for every 1 good review. That’s both funny and sad, like a clown car pileup.

  2. There does seem to be a rage from these peeps against the AAA marketplace. Metacritic is problematic (ie bonuses being withheld for not reaching certain score on metacritic), but not for the reasons ZQ et al think so.

    Depression Quest is an interesting concept, but hardly anything of note. Even leigh alexander referred to it as basically a flow chart. If you want to make games that offer different experiences there’s room in the market for it (especially if they are good) but don’t spit the dummy when people don’t think your shitty indie game is as brilliant as you do.

    1. I get what ZQ was going for with depression quest. It wasn’t a real great or memorable execution, but I think I understand what she was trying for with it. Like you said, interesting concept. there is enough room in the gaming market for something like that, and such a title could stand to do some good for people.. It’s just her attempt at the concept was awful. If she really cared about making good games she’d withdraw from all the online drama and cozy up with a book on C# or Lua.

    2. the starving artists complaining about how nobody “gets it”.

      So does this mean that the writers are gaming the metacritic scores on behalf of their friends?

      If so why are the publishers silent about this? They’re being robbed. I kinda feel bad about how we’ve treated EA if they’ve had to put up with these arseholes for years.

      Is it time the 80/100 metacritic bonus was changed to something else? How about a higher % of sales after the first month goes to the dev?

    3. The best part is that she used Twine. I could develop something similar with HTML in a number of hours, and I’m willing to bet using Twine I could do it in a half hour.

  3. “…Alex Lifschitz and Zoe Quinn want to live the good life on your dime…” Not exactly. They want to live on that sweet, sweet patreon dinero. Hence why they need to constantly portray themselves as the victims.

  4. the indie scene , the scene that i thought was the last bastion of true gaming, has turned into nothing but a toxic cesspool filled with whiny brats who can’t take the fact that the games they make arnt very good. Sorry just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it, fact of life.

    1. Don’t be like them and paint everyone in a group with that same brush. You just need to be more diligent in researching indie games before buying them.

      1. While I fully agree with you, unfortunately all this has made me really wary of spending my $$$ on indie games. It’s gotten to a point where you can’t really be sure there’s isn’t some connection, at some point, to what Gamergate has exposed.

  5. So Lift Shits got fired because despite kissing enough journo ass or sending incentives there way to get a decent professional metacritic score, he didn’t create enough dummy accounts to game the user review score? He should discuss his previous job in more detail and his relationship with journalists.

  6. Spoiler alert, being a programmer in the video game industry is the dumbest thing you can do with an in demand skill set like being a programmer.

  7. I think he got fired from his indie company too a few weeks ago because of GamerGate. He vaguley tweeted something along those lines.

  8. Now this IS enlightening!
    Poor babby couldn’t use daddy’s leverage to get what he wants! Must’ve come as a shock.

  9. Wow, what a great turn of events!

    Am I going to expect ZQ’s ‘boyfriend’ doing “a la Gjoni” blog post before this year ends?

  10. LOL. I started reading, but they I saw Quinn’s “name” on twitter was “Khaleesi of SJWs” and I am ROFL so much I will have to wait a few minutes to read the rest.

    Seriously? Quinn thinks she’s the Mother of Dragons? Side question: Doesn’t GOT encourage misogyny according to these people?

  11. “her dude”… but she’s totally “queer” and gets to suck up all that gay oppression. As a actual gay person, and a gamer, this pretentious bitch can eat the biggest bag of dicks. And it is fucking HILARIOUS that her talentless hack of a trust fund baby bf got bitch slapped by metacritic! This is the same kind of internalized and then projected hatred that fuels people to go out and join islamic terror organizations. Except instead of killing and oppressing women, they’re attacking a group of people that “can’t be discriminated against because they’re not a protected class” because these fucking pathetic pseudo-intellectuals don’t comprehend that discrimination has NOTHING to with someone belonging to a “protected class”. Ugh.

  12. These ppl are so corrupt. It’s great that public opinion is seeing through their thinly veiled bullshit. Ezra Klein you’re fucking next buddy. I wondered why the Dems messaging was shit since ’09!!!

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