Time and time again we see male feminists turn out to be huge creeps. Not just your garden-variety style of creep, either. Most of the time they end up having multiple cases of sexual harassment and/or assault under their belts. It’s become such a common theme that some rad fems have even written about it themselves. Turns out most of these guys are just telling women what they think they want to hear. I know, what a shocker!

What’s not very shocking is how much of a fraud Zoe Quinn is. Her shitty book was supposed to come out this month, but I don’t see anything about it on her Twitter after a quick search. I also don’t see it listed on Amazon. I will not be at all surprised if the motherfucker never comes out, since it takes actual work to write a book. Zoe’s not too good at that. Maybe her publisher can hire some SJW crackhead to bang it out. Well, a crackhead with a better work ethic than Ms. Quinn, let’s put it that way.

Speaking of Zoe, she ties into this story. It looks like she’s been helping to shelter one of the most notorious online harassers to come down the pike in quite some time. Again, we always give the benefit of the doubt to the accused around here, but it’s not looking good. According to noted scumbag Izzy Galvez, the man in question even admitted his transgressions. Galvez is a piece of shit, though, so take his assertion for what it’s worth.

Here’s a bit more on this topic from Mombot, a prolific GamerGate supporter on Twitter

[Quinn] created Crash Override Network(CON), an online support group for victims of wide-scale internet abuse. The CON website describes itself as “a crisis helpline, advocacy group and resource center for people who are experiencing online abuse”. However, recent events cast a pall over everything which Zoe Quinn and Crash Override Network have achieved in the wake of #GamerGate.

Many video game journalists, indie game developers and anonymous internet posters provided moral and financial support for Zoe Quinn during her ensuing legal battle with Eron Gjoni. Invariably, many of these people were vocally against #GamerGate, which they saw as an organized harassment campaign which Gjoni had baited into attacking Quinn. Using private chatrooms to communicate, they formed a community which eventually came to be called “anti-#GamerGate”. It was from this community that Quinn recruited staff for her Crash Override Network.

One of the people who Quinn recruited as volunteer staff for her new harassment support network was Robert Marmolejo, a member of the YouTuber atheist community who regularly hosted his own podcast. Formerly known on twitter as @UnseenPerfidy, Marmolejo was extremely performative in his attacks against #GamerGate. He regularly characterized anyone that participated in the twitter hashtag as a serial abuser.

Although it was not publicly disclosed, Marmolejo was eventually enlisted by Zoe Quinn and entrusted with jointly operating the Crash Override Network’s various social media accounts. This was revealed to the author through a leaked chatlog from one of CON’s Skype meetings, which can be viewed in full at the end of this article.

As a member of Crash Override Network’s staff, Marmolejo was tasked with communicating and counseling victims of online abuse. However, Marmolejo may have abused the trust and private information of his clients to approach them and attempt to solicit sex. Israel ‘Izzy’ Galvez (@iglvzx), another staff member of Crash Override Network, has written that ‘over 20 women have come forward to reveal that Marmolejo sexually harassed them’…

If these accusations prove to be true, they will regrettably not be the first instance of a man adopting the rhetoric of progressive politics and women’s representation in order to further their own sexual agenda. Jian Ghomeshi, Hugo Schwyzer, Charles Clymer, Devin Faraci, and Matt Hickey have been similarly indicted.

The tweet logs are fucking top-notch, I must say…




The best part is how the SJW community is tearing themselves apart over this alleged harasser…


Then we have David Gallant, possibly the creepiest motherfucker to ever live. He thought this would be a good time to go out and do his “poor me” act. Actually, every single second of every single day seems like a good time for that if you’re Mr. Gallant…



That might be coming from an SJW, but it’s also 100% accurate. If you feel like you need to say that, you’re probably doing some shady shit to women already.


(Gallant liked the above tweet. I guess he doesn’t want any of his sick behaviors to see the light of day.)

Basically, this is one of the better things I’ve seen happen this summer. The SJWs are being exposed, as usual. Their male “allies” are being shown to be phonies only interested in getting their dick wet. And we all get to sit back and enjoy the show. The Olympic Games doesn’t have shit on this.

  1. All the male feminist white knight cuckwhores are getting turned on. This is glorious. I don’t identify with GG anymore since those allegedly sans sin tried to cleanse the group of those they deemed unworthy (and they had a lovely fall from grace, didn’t they?) but seeing aGG/game journos repeatedly get exposed to be riddled with pedophiles, pederasts & predators will never not make me believe karma exists & she truly 100% is a cold hearted bitch.

    1. “This is glorious. I don’t identify with GG anymore since those allegedly
      sans sin tried to cleanse the group of those they deemed unworthy”

      Depends on what you mean by “cleanse the group”.

      If you mean genuine GGer’s cleansing the group of Moderates and SJW-lites (these types completely go against the original principles of GG in the first place) then it was the right thing to do.

      If you mean GG+ / SJW-lites cleansing the group of original GGers then it just goes to show how the movement has slowly dug it’s own grave.

  2. Ppl need to realize that SJW are nothing but rapist playing the nice guy role to get into bed with woman. I kinda take a lot of offence how they use real conditions of ppl that actually need help as a shield to further their progress.

  3. Any male feminists / white knights / manginas getting fucked over is always a good thing.

    They are one of the main proponents of the misandrist and anti-men rhetoric and narrative we see in the media and society today.

    Nuke every one of them.

    1. Not to mention one of the defenses of those who themselves have been playing dirty is to jump up and accuse others of it to try to deflect attention.

  4. lol Peter Coffin? Why the hell is he involved with Crash Overide? He’s a cuck-ass retard.

  5. Been saying their bs accusations of misogyny and harassment were projection all along.
    The whole male ally fad is just a dating strategy, a pathetic one at it

    1. Why do male feminists bother? They’re just tools to be thrown in the trash when they’re no longer needed.

    2. it’s almost as if the people joining a BS movement that makes no sense
      and is all pretentions of rightenousness, all fake image, are fake

      almost as if the people who spend so much effort
      trying hard to appear like they care about women, are the ones that
      would actually care about them the least

      almost as if the people willing to patronize and pander to women are the ones who actually respect them the least

      big surprise, the most shameless and immoral people were full of BS all along

  6. What i’d really love to see is evidence of the “harassment” that boiled down to stupid shit like “your dress is nice”, or “hello ma’am.”

  7. Would GamerGate obsessed nut job Brianna Wu have got involved if she could use it to promote her game?

    While on the subject of Five Guys Zoes book… Is it true that the chances of it being made into a movie were based on how successful Fembusters would be at the box office?

  8. I like how he just outright called himself ‘Unseen Perfidy’. I had to look up the definition of ‘perfidy’ and it apparently means ‘untrustworthy’. I can think of no other explanation than this sick fuck got off on the deception. It would be like adopting ‘Sick Fuck’ or ‘Secret Rapist’ as a twitter handle. I like how so many of them are claiming that others have no right to be outraged by this because they didn’t personally know the victims. These people are completely out of touch with reality.

  9. Zoe’s book isn’t coming out until next year now, she said something about wanting to include her experiences running Crash Override Network (I wonder if this be in it!!). She also changed publisher from the well know Simon and Schuster to some unheard of “feminist” publisher.
    That is from memory, I don’t have any links. She announced it on her twitter a few weeks ago.

  10. So… so far we’ve revealed that on the SJW side, there’s pedophiles, online harassers, sexual harassers, drug addicts, rapists, rape apologists, nazis, professional escorts, sluts, liars, thieves, dog fuckers, and who knows how much more.

    Honestly, with all the creepy, shady, illegal shit we’ve seen revealed… I’d be surprised if we found just one normal non-batshit crazy, law bidding SJW.

    Also, anyone else find it fucking hilarious that the name for Quinn’s online support group for “victims” of online “harassment” is called CON?

  11. These kinds of accusations aimed at male feminists can be very difficult to navigate. On the one hand the tumblrinas eventually accuse every man in the vicinity of being a rapist and then dogpile him with a sudden outpouring of “me too!” stories many of which can often be easily debunked.

    On the other hand male feminists tend to actually be complete creeps who hover around these histrionic and demented harpies in order to prey on them sexually and emotionally. They do this while expressing very real feelings of guilt and self hatred as they go about preaching the SocJus ideology. As others have pointed out before a big subset of them turn out to be the left’s equivalent of the firebrand evangelical preacher/politician who gets caught spending all his off hours at a gay bathhouse.

    1. Basically, anyone who puts themselves on a moral pedestal above others is bound to be hiding some shady shit. Be it blue pill manginas or fire and brimstone religious nuts.

      1. This may sound cynical….but people and the culture at large really needs to abandon most of the pretense and the false hope and embrace a more cynical outlook. That idealism, that baseless optimism, that yearning to believe etc is how the bullshit artists get their foot in the door every single time. Show me a heroic moral crusader and I’ll show you a vile hypocrite 99.9% of the time.

        It’s time to stop believing. It’s time to be more realistic. It’s time to stop trusting people.

    1. It’s appalling to think that her organization purported to help abuse victims effectively exposed victims to even more abuse, from people she hired and endorsed.

  12. “I present the real rape culture enablers, Gamergate”

    Uh, what the fuck are you talking about, you stupid bitch?

    No one was raped (so far, the accusations are limited to stalking and harassment), and Gamergate had fuck-all to do with Zoe’s friend creeping on women. Based on the tweets from you guys, the only “rape culture enabling” was all on you fucksticks, since some of you claimed to have known that Rob was “doing this for years” and still let him work for CON and said NOTHING about it until enough people made a stink about it.

    Now the chickens are coming home to roost, leading all of you wankers to virtue signal, self-flagellate, and/or point fingers at each other, while the rest of you seem to only care about how “Gamergate will use this to make us look bad” rather than doing something, ANYTHING to help his alleged victims.

    So who are the REAL rape culture enablers here, HMMM?

    1. What the fuck are you on about? read that tweet again, Squidcoyote is clearly saying that
      anti-gamergate are the rape culture enablers in that tweet. Squids not
      on the anti-gamergate side dummy.

      1. No, it’s not clear.

        “I present the real rape culture enablers #Gamergate” sounds like he (or she) is saying that WE are the rape culture enablers. It also sounds like they are saying “I present the real rape culture enablers, Gamergate”, but since that’s not how it was typed out, it could be pared either way.

        Also, I don’t have a Twitter account of go on Twitter, so I have no idea if Squid is pro or anti-GG.

  13. I was gonna post this the other night on twitter but it wasn’t funny enough to me. I spent all of 30 seconds thinking on it at 3am 😡 But just for the sake of not having wasted my time….

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