I’ve talked to you from the start about how the SJWs ultimate goal is to drive all of their ideological opposition out of the gaming sphere. Ernest W. Adams, the founder of IGDA, alluded to it before, Randi Harper has discussed it…the list goes on and on. But yesterday, Zoe Quinn’s boyfriend (cause that’s all he is, although he has had low-level jobs in the industry), Alex Lifschitz, said it explicitly: if you’re not SJW, you’re not welcome in gaming.




Well, that’s the environment they want. Thankfully, people like Chris Mancil at Electronic Arts don’t give a fuck. They speak their mind regardless. But even then, you have Ben Kuchera, a supposed journalist, who try to shut him down. How can you be a journo and be against free expression at the same time? Is this fucking China? The man wrote a post about how retweeting Milo about fucking CHESS cost him 2,500 followers. How insane can you be to unfollow or block over that?


I am very happy that these scum are just outright admitting that they want ideological purity, and nothing else. It makes our jobs that much easier. We’ve said it for months, and now they’ve admitted it. They don’t value diversity in any way, shape, or form…unless you agree with them. If I’m Mr. Mancil, I’m laughing at Ben Kuchera right now. He’s crying over Twitter while you’re actually working in the industry…not just running your mouth about it to your SJW friends.

  1. If they are going to brand us as Gators, I will wear that brand prudly. These fuckers will not get any shame from me.

    1. One might even say, that Alex…

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■

      …can’t lift shit.

  2. Glad the gameplan is getting laid out for all to see. It solidifies and strengthens the ideas that drive GamerGate: Resist corruption, fight collusion and BTFO censorship

  3. This kid always talks like he’s got some sort of standing army, and that’s why we fight him to make sure he NEVER does. People like him came to rule many of the great nations of Europe in the first half of the previous century. As the children of western civilization we should have enough cultural memory to understand why shitheels like him should never be appeased let alone granted any kind of power or respect.

  4. I *want* associating with GG at this point to be a scarlet letter. I want it branded into your skin and never forgotten.

    Like a prisoner number tattoo?


    1. Please don’t insult dogs. They’re very loyal and adorable animals who at least know better than to bite the hand that feeds.

        1. Cats really look like they’d backstab you as soon as shit hit the fan though. I don’t trust them…

    2. Hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs…but I guess this works seeing as how they misrepresent us as A: Entirely White Men and B: Sexist Rapists. So, tossing up a hyena pic upon being compared to a dog kind of works.

  5. “Thankfully, people like Chris Mancil at Electronic Arts don’t give a fuck. ”

    Except Mancil both apologized for linking to BK’s article AND now his blog is Private. So… SOMEONE there at EA gives a fuck about BK. Unless that’s changed in the past few hours?

      1. And I really, really, really hope that his being upset actually means something to people at Polygon who can do something to BK. But as far as I know, Mancil both apologized AND made his blog Private, so someone there does give a fuck. Which sucks – I love hating EA for being a shitty company with shitty policies, I don’t want to hate EA for being a pussy company so desperate to improve their image that they’ll bow down to BK and Polygon in a misguided attempt to do that.

        1. They may have won this time but think of it as winning the fight but losing the war. Yes they silenced the article but I think it’s just to avoid a shit storm for the time being. However as we have seen they will make a note of this. We’ve already seen other people take notice like Kern and now Dent. Who knows how many others saw this and are just not commenting on this. But they will remember and will find it easier to just not deal with Polygon. There are more sites out there that they can go to for business that isn’t a giant pain in the ass. Expect this to hurt Polygon in the long run.

    1. It’s possible that Mancil just gave out a half hearted “apology” and made his blog private just to keep the SJW from sending him harassing tweets and anon hatemail. I wouldn’t blame him.

      1. Frankly I find this far more likely. In a single breath this man was accusing them of red scare level group think and Animal Farm authoritarianism. I bet he’s been paying more attention to this than he let on, and wants to play it safe for the moment.

    2. EA owns BK so he isnt a problem (or they just by him,his opinions are cheap at the moment)

      They dont want this to get bigger than it already is and this is the smart way to handle these things

  6. Hmm… there was another group in history that supported “branding” an “undesirable” demographic…

  7. Thats great and all Ralph but the guys blog is now private so either EA silenced him because of kuchera or he silenced himself because of kuchera. Either way kuchera walks away with a check in the win column on this one and thats absolutely bullshit.

    Gamers should be furious.

  8. Go ahead, stamp it on my fucking forehead. I’ll wear the fact that I stand for inclusivity and freedom of expression until the day I fucking die.

    Lifschitz fails to understand that they cannon evict us from OUR hobby, that we supported and fucking forged. They’re the invaders. They’re free to make their own games, but they will not control this industry and they will not kick us out.

    If he thinks for even a moment that this is a fight he will win, he’s sadly mistaken.

    1. But they -can’t- make games that are worth spending money on anyhow, they’ve tried.

      What’s really sad is that the current state suits some of them more then if GG was not a factor. They get to tap patreon much deeper when “in danger”

      1. Exactly. No one buys their games because their games are shit and aren’t fun in any way. So since they can’t get their games to sell, they want to completely rebuild the industry around their shit products and kick out anyone who complains. That’s why this talent-less hack wants associating with GG to be a Scarlet Letter. Because he wants his group to control the industry and keep anyone out who actually cares. The only thing these people would do to the industry if they were in control would be bringing it to ruin because nothing they make is worth playing.

        The Pateron thing used to bug me, but not so much anymore. As much as I hate seeing people’s hard earned money going to waste, most of the people supporting them on Patreon are their buddies and numerous random SJWs. The well will run dry eventually, then those of them who are trustfund kiddies will run back to their parents.

  9. Yeah, too bad Mancil went down faster than a cheap date…

    Again, the only way to combat these jerk-offs is to play on their deepest, darkest insecurity; the fact that they ain’t shit, and their whole clique ain’t shit. As the CONSUMERS, everyone needs to understand that we don’t tolerate bullshit, and this is ALL bullshit.

  10. If you ever needed motivation to stay the course, just look at these assholes. Wow. I guess they still haven’t learned that if they want to declare war, they’re going to lose.

    I think maybe in a few years, they might look back and realize that this was the moment they started directly threatening and trying intimidate game developers. That’s a losing hand if I ever saw one. They already lost consumers, and blog readers. Now they’re unambiguously threatening professional people in the game creation industry.

  11. Lets not forget, Mr. Scarlet letter is the CFO of Randi Harper’s OAPI and a founder of CON, this is what “Preventing abuse” looks like to these fucks.

    1. CON has yet to do anything other than upload a shitty frontpage that looks horrible and takes money for nothing.

      OAPI will do the same. Claim to be anti-harassment, but only if you’ve paid your dues. If not, you’re on your own. Both are false “business” fronts meant to do one thing. Fleece the money off scared, hyper-sensitive people afraid to face honest criticism.

      EDIT: Holy fuck. I just realized this fits into points #3 and #4 of the “cult/cult-like warning signs” I did for an article not too long ago.

      #3 – No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement.
      #4 – Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.

      If you don’t mind me posting the link here Ralph:


      1. What ever happened to that “Game Jam” Zoe set up and took money with paypal?

        You know, the one she started the day (or 2?) after she (along with butts) got The Fine Young Capitalists hacked?

  12. It’s like they don’t even realize the opposite could be possible, that branding yourself as a hater of games and gamers might possibly have a negative impact on your being able to find a job making games for gamers. Especially considering the first thing all gaming companies look for in an employee is a passion for games. It’s comical; these assholes have branded themselves with a scarlet letter and don’t even realize it.

  13. Way to keep that dictator thinking alive there Millhouse. Hope to god Daddy cuts you out of the will and tells you to get a job or a professional skill and see how the other half live, ya silver spoon up the ass fuck.

  14. Okay so @ChrisMancil has now 14,105 followers, ergo he had about 16,605 before this. Respectfully Chris, don’t think of it as loosing followers. Think of it as suddenly seeing them for what “They” are…

    PS. ayyy

    1. “The feeling is definitely there. It’s a new morning in America… fresh,
      vital. The old cynicism is gone. We have faith in our leaders. We’re
      optimistic as to what becomes of it all. It really boils down to our
      ability to accept. We don’t need pessimism. There are no limits.”

  15. Well glad to see the feeling’s mutual because we don’t want you in gaming either. Last I checked it seems that not only do we out number you 1,000 to 1 but we are also buying the products not you. Let’s see which side ends up winning. Also congrats on pissing on a member of EA, no way is that going to bite you in the ass.

  16. Leftism wants to drive all opposition out of everywhere because they know their ideas cannot survive in a free space. The less moderated a discussion space, the more it anti-left it becomes. They need protection through censorship because the average person knows that “being nice” is not the most important thing in the world.

    Normal, everyday people have been overly tolerant of equalists for too long. The mistake was not ostracizing people who propagate social justice to begin with. It’s time to fix that.

    1. Eh not Leftism per se more of it’s extreme varient, which Right wing also has. Both extremes can’t survive in a fair fight, And this coming from a guy who used to consider himself pretty damn far left. I believe your average joe does believe that being nice to a certain degree is needed but by the same token total push over isn’t a good idea either. all about balance really.

    2. Don’t try to drag leftism into this shit.

      You american fucks wouldn’t know real leftism if it helped your poor and saved your economy.

      1. I’m not american

        “real” leftism is where everybody is poor, mostly because equality is the emotional dedication to ignorance

  17. And PS: China has far more freedom of speech than this. Nobody freaks out in China over trumped up “bigotry”.

    1. Going to disagree there. To my knowledge we in the U.S. don’t have to fear that complaining about the govt. will lead to our personal doom.

    1. Gif.s require you to upload them elsewhere and then copy-paste the direct link to the image.

  18. I’d love to see your solid concrete evidence that Ralph is a rapist and a murderer. Try harder troll, NOW SCAT!

  19. “If you lie down with dogs…”

    Well, you’re certainly qualified to talk about that, aren’t you, ShitLifter?

    Alex is self-loathing rich boy who couldn’t buy his way into the gaming industry and was nothing more than a glorified gopher and QA tester, trying to pass himself off as a AAA programmer that he’ll never be. He, Zoe, and the majority of the Kewl Kids Klub are spoiled rich kids don’t have the skills and talent to make it in the business, and rely on their parent’s cash and SJW connections to worm their way into an industry simply as a means to push their bullshit agendas as penance for the “sin” of being rich and white. Boo fucking hoo. Go do what the other hipster trust fund trash are doing, like move to Williamsburg and listen to Munford & Sons on vinyl while sipping $15 mocha soy lattes made with 100% organic free trade Arabica beans, and leave gaming the fuck alone.

  20. Alex is just like most of the other SJW crybabies trying to force their way into the gaming business. They have little to no skill or talent, and think that making ONE flimsy little game means they deserve fortune and fame on a silver platter.


    All the legendary programmers and game creators out there worked long and hard for YEARS. They earned their place, paying their dues with sweat and tears. Even Schafer worked hard to climb the ladder…at least until he abandoned his work ethic and decided that he can beg for money and deliver half finished work in return.

    It’s hilarious seeing all these stupid Cliffy B. wannabes thinking that daddy’s money and fetching coffee for Bobby Kotick actually means that Activision, EA, or Ubisoft give 2 shits about what they think.

  21. Holy fuck… Zoe’s “boyfriend” almost looks like her 0_o

    on topic:
    These SJW just gets more disgusting for each week. Are they trying to beat Nazis and dictators all together?

  22. So no proof, no links and have not called the police… I’m sorry but I have a VERY hard time believing you without any of this.

  23. A link would be nice so i can study this case you are trying to make a bit more
    Have a nice day mam

  24. I’d rather take the risk and “wake up with fleas” than to go Mr. Lifschitz’s route and risk waking up with any number of communicable diseases. #IsThatSlutShaming #OhWell

  25. I assume I’m not the only one looking forward to the day, quickly approaching, when Zoe kicks him to the curb and we get “The Other Zoe Post”.

  26. And again, this is why gamergate = win. Anti-GG will actually come out and say “We want all people to think like us or else get out” – All we have to do is wait for them to say it, report it, and move on.

  27. The important thing to remember about Lifschitz is that he’s not a creative at all.

    He was a tester a whole bunch before networking his way into roles as associate producer.

    Having been in gaming QA, that path is the path of the person who:

    Can’t Code.
    Can’t Art.
    Can’t Write.
    Can’t Music.
    Can brownnose ’til their nostrils are full of shit, which is why it inevitably comes pouring out of their mouths.

    It’s essentially becoming a big corporate suit manager, but usually those guys at least have MBAs and are brought on to manage teams from a cost/benefit perspective, even if they don’t have a creative bone in their bodies.

    Lifshitz is a talentless hack who hasn’t been able to have any meaningful impact on gaming until he started sleeping with a one-note walking tragedy of the come-ons.

  28. The thing is, they don’t realize how insignificant they are outside of their echo chamber. Gamergate is known by so few people who aren’t intimately connected or heavy into gaming, the people in the real world who are adults and are logical people who just don’t have time for this ridiculous bullshit will never get behind these clowns.

    Can you imagine it though, a normal person leading a normal life who likes playing the odd game, is suddenly told “games should be made to have a strong social justice message throughout, and games that don’t adhere to the strict rules of radical feminism should be banned, and developers should be policed by us in what they put in their games!”, they would thank them for giving them the best laugh they’ve heard in a while

    These people are just ridiculous

  29. Lifschitz is the apex beta male. Motherfucker makes Peter Coffin look like a John Wayne in masculinity in comparison.

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