I’ve talked to you from the start about how the SJWs ultimate goal is to drive all of their ideological opposition out of the gaming sphere. Ernest W. Adams, the founder of IGDA, alluded to it before, Randi Harper has discussed it…the list goes on and on. But yesterday, Zoe Quinn’s boyfriend (cause that’s all he is, although he has had low-level jobs in the industry), Alex Lifschitz, said it explicitly: if you’re not SJW, you’re not welcome in gaming.




Well, that’s the environment they want. Thankfully, people like Chris Mancil at Electronic Arts don’t give a fuck. They speak their mind regardless. But even then, you have Ben Kuchera, a supposed journalist, who try to shut him down. How can you be a journo and be against free expression at the same time? Is this fucking China? The man wrote a post about how retweeting Milo about fucking CHESS cost him 2,500 followers. How insane can you be to unfollow or block over that?


I am very happy that these scum are just outright admitting that they want ideological purity, and nothing else. It makes our jobs that much easier. We’ve said it for months, and now they’ve admitted it. They don’t value diversity in any way, shape, or form…unless you agree with them. If I’m Mr. Mancil, I’m laughing at Ben Kuchera right now. He’s crying over Twitter while you’re actually working in the industry…not just running your mouth about it to your SJW friends.