I have no idea what this idiot congresswoman from Massachusetts is trying to do, but I do have to admit, it’s quite amusing. For some reason, she decided to troll GamerGate earlier today. I’m not sure what sparked it. Maybe it was the Ellen Pao op-ed I’m going to talk about here in a minute? I have no idea, to be honest with you. It seems kinda odd for a sitting congresswoman to be playing on Twitter all day, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, let’s go ahead and check in with the clueless Katherine Clark. How many words can you really waste intro’ing this useless husk? 1


First off, we’re not talking about those people when we talk about SJWs. The term has a very specific meaning, and it was around well before GamerGate. What does it mean, you ask? Here’s the accepted definition:

A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. A social justice warrior, or SJW, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting on behalf of. They typically repeat points from whoever is the most popular blogger or commenter of the moment, hoping that they will “get SJ points” and become popular in return. They are very sure to adopt stances that are “correct” in their social circle.

It’s not even about left and right, even though most of these SJWs do identify as radical leftists. But there are those on the far right who want to restrict my entertainment or curtail artistic choice. It’s authoritarianism and puritanism is what it is. Whether you’re doing it for Jesus or for political control and advancement, it’s still fucking wrong. So her trying to turn it into a left vs right thing is bullshit. I’ve been fighting people who are mostly on the left, yes. But I don’t believe they represent the majority of rank-and-file leftists. Polls show that support for feminism stays mired in the 20s. They don’t have the majority among the American people, but they hold sway among journalists and politicians. That’s why you see them continually using those two levers of power to push their agenda. It’s the only way they have a chance.


As you can see, I hope the Congresswoman Clark faces a stiff challenge in 2016. Since she’s in the House of Representatives, she has to have an election every 2 years. Maybe that’s why she latched onto this garbage in the first place. Cheap publicity can come in handy in her line of work. She’s attached herself to some really unstable people, though. We’ll see if it blows up in her face. Regardless, I’m going to hope for some scandal to sink her, or another Democrat to step up. The seat has been held by Dems for around 40 years. So I doubt it will be going Republican anytime soon. We’ll keep an eye on it, nonetheless.

  1. “All you need to know about Clark “201 Co-Sponsored Bills (Ranks 41 of 440) 1 Made Into Law (Ranks 270 of 440)”
    So basically an inconsequential total failure at what she does for a living.
    Well done Rep. Clark. You really ARE a model SJW. Golf-claps all round.

  2. Harriet Tubman was just trying to get paid for an honest day’s work and gain freedom, that’s like the complete opposite of a SJW, Helen Keller could make better contact on that pitch, swing and a miss dropping that name Clark. Good grief!

  3. This is a classic case of someone REALLY reaching out there for something to benefit their cause.

    You kind may get away with altering definitions of words, but I’m afraid this won’t turn out in your favor Miss Clark.

  4. Oh god, her complete inability to grasp what an SJW actually is reminds me of the crap MovieBob said last year. In his blog, he FINALLY acknowledges the fact that everyone in his discussion was referring to him as such for at least a couple years prior, and he seemingly took the term to mean (paraphrasing, don’t recall the exact quote) “either I have the special ability to see societal problems that everyone is blind to, or I’m the next evolution of human being”. Yeah Bob…. you keep having your shit delusions. God knows your video series shows no shortage of it. Granted, he might’ve said it all in jest, but then again….. it’s MovieBob.

    1. The sad thing is, he can’t even see his own hypocrisy. To his small defense, not too many people can…but he seems to carry his hypocrisy on his lapel like a badge of honor.

  5. that doesn’t mean she is either toothless or not dangerous, because she is.

    True, but keep in mind:

    A. She’s still in her first full term, so she won’t have much credibility.

    B. The Supreme Court recently ruled on an “online harassment” case in favor of free speech, so she’s limited in that manner.

    1. Simply as a result of how badly and irrecoverably all the congressional districts are now and continually gerrymandered and considering she represents a chunk of Boston’s sprawl the only way this woman will lose her seat is if it gets grabbed out from under her by someone even farther left.

      This has been the problem with Congress for years now, very few districts are truly up for grabs and the typical congressman’s biggest threat is more extreme and more hardline elements in his own party. Thus Congress is incentivized to be a dysfunctional collection of ideologues screaming for each other’s blood.

      In any case this woman strikes me as intensely stupid and politically inept, self labeling by a piece of internet slang whose implications she doesn’t fully understand is pretty good evidence she’s a fool. Like some kid who thinks he’s bad-ass because someone called him an edgelord and he took it as a compliment.

      Should have lurked moar miss Clark!

      1. That last paragraph reminds me of that meme with the kid behind the computer that celebrates every little thing he does online. I could imagine one with Clark’s face photo-shopped on it.

        *edited* hope it shows… 🙂


  6. Wow that blind feminist re-defining of words. Except any young person with a brain and google who looks up “social justice warrior” will see it means nothing more than a shallow, petty, hypocritical, privileged cunt that enjoys being a keyboard warrior for attention rather than try and change the world in a positive way (and I mean genuinely positive, not self serving).

      1. It’s not something I can reasonably afford, being out of work, though I’d love to go. Plus I’m a lot more abrasive in person if I get going. XD Safer for me to be behind a monitor and keyboard lol Say hello to the Otter for me if he makes an appearance!

        1. I think everybody is a little abrasive – not me, of course – but the gg folks seem to respect a good counterpoint.

  7. I swear only thing missing is for Clark to come out in baggy jeans, sunglasses and a tilted cap screaming “yo, yo, yo! Where my feminist bitches at! Holla!”

    *thinks to self* I think I might just be onto something here…
    *edited for errors*

  8. You know, I saw this play out today and figured I wouldn’t comment on this.

    But Limpdicks and Quinn are seriously the two most punchable people I have ever seen.

    I seriously would pay a lot of money to see Ronda Rousey beat the living shit out of them. So. Fucking. Punchable.

      1. Ronda is a pretty awesome lady from what I have seen and heard. I imagine she would learn to hate those 2 pretty easily seeing them in action.

        1. But will she hate them enough to be willing to spend a couple hours washing their residue off her hands?

    1. Never heard of Rousey before (boxing/martial arts aren’t really my thing) so I looked her up out of curiosity…

      …I’d also pay real $$$ to watch that…

      EDIT: spelling

  9. “The thing we should be taking from this more than anything is that money
    buys you influence with a clueless electorate who doesn’t give a fuck
    about facts unless those “facts” are attached to speaking fees.”

    Though with that said, shouldn’t money be able to solve most of our problems as well? One of our biggest problems is getting the information out there to a wide public in a way that isn’t skewed, so a political mouthpiece seems like it’d be a big help. Isn’t there anyone within our ranks willing to blow money at the rate that Zoe’s eunuch slave is?

  10. Why are Milhouse’s parents hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife in the first place?

  11. See, the nice thing about this is that women like her were absolutely DEMOLISHED in the 2014 mid term elections here in the US, and subsequently were also tossed out like cheap garbage in the UK and France. It has broken a number of small parties, like the Canadian Libertarian Party, and has caused election losses that were otherwise looking like sure wins. People across the west are becoming very very sick of leftist identity politics, and this woman has just jumped face first into a pool filled with wet cement. This stunt is literally going to kill her career as a politician.

    The only people who can’t grasp how fucked the angle of identity politics are these days are basically leftist populist lots like the Democrats, the Labour Party, and a couple sects of Communism. It’s really very tragic, but at the same time, it’s also a much needed self culling mechanism.

    It’s obvious that this woman doesn’t belong in politics, so please, allow her to be the Zoelifshitz shill and mouth piece. This can only end up serving us.

    1. Sorry, but here in MA it won’t matter at all. You see, we are the smart people. And we believe in diversity. That’s why we all vote the same way.

      1. If that were the case, then things would have been very different in Maryland last year, amongst a few other states and races that normally favor liberal politics. I’m sure you have a better feel for the local pulse of your state, but if a Black democrat can fail in Maryland, a female democrat can fail in Mass.

          1. GamerGate might be, but SJWs (whether they know the term or not) are definitely coming into focus for most of America.

  12. it’s going to blow up in her face, history has shown it happen, and it will happen, sjw’s eat their own

  13. dear rep clark heres something in 1980’s slang to roughly give you a idea of what SJW means (with intended sarcasm) but the closest I could come up with was airheaded dipstick scumbag.
    so yes be proud to call yourself a SJW but please note your telling everyone you are a airheaded dipstick scumbag.

  14. This is why I never liked the term Social Justice Warrior. It’s fitting, to be sure, but I knew as soon as it hit the mainstream, the sarcasm was going to be lost on people.

    And that’s exactly what happened, either through ignorance or through them deliberately lying about SJW means. Both, most likely.

    1. And as for the Congresswoman here, I’d bet she DOES know what it means, and is one of those lying about its meaning.

      A big part of politics is knowing how to twist words.

    2. An empty-headed junior congresswomen =/= “the mainstream”.

      There’s a reason SJWs have generally given up on attempts to “take back” the name, it’s because it never works due to the name being used to describe blatant assholes.

      That’s how the “cool name” they came up with for themselves got the reputation in the first place.

  15. They seek power that they do not have the integrity or good nature and heart to understand, or be worthy of. When she opens Ark of the Covenant; her face, Wu’s face, Quinn’s face, Quinn’s sidekick guy’s face, will all melt.

  16. Trans women live hard enough lives as it is. Do you all really need to harass this congresswoman like this just because she isn’t cis?

  17. Uh…so politicians are not retarded only here in Italy and in Europe but also in the U.S.

    Well, I’m relieved.

  18. No, your’re not going to sweet talk us into getting your colonies back. Not even Rhode Island.

    Stop it!

    Also, its called soccer.

    1. No, I believe what you heard was your closed circuit surveillance cameras tracking your every movement. 😉

      Question, when the Queen has maintainance sex, does she think of herself?

  19. It’s funny, but the way she says GamerGate…if you replaced it with “Obama” or “illegal immigrants”, she sounds almost exactly like Ted Cruz and/or Donald Trump.

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