I was supposed to do this column like two or three days ago, but as they say, better late than never. Some news came out late last week about Zoe’s congre$$woman, and her efforts to ramp up federal involvement in policing the Internet. Of course, this will likely lead to a less free and open space, but none of the SJW retards seem to care about that. Mother Jones wondered whether this law could “stop the next GamerGate. How fucking triggered can you be? How could you stop free expression, anyway? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m know you guys have some ideas.

The article itself is filled with lies:

With new legislation introduced on Wednesday, Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) aims to step up the fight against trolls and protect victims of internet threats, particularly women. The Prioritizing Online Threats Enforcement Act would beef up the Department of Justice’s capacity to enforce laws against online harassment and fund more investigations of cyber-crimes.

As my colleague Tim Murphy has reported, Clark first started looking for ways to curb internet harassment after learning that her district was home to Brianna Wu, a video game developer targeted with a flood of rape and death threats from “Gamergate” trolls. Since September, Wu has reportedly received 105 death threats after tweeting her opposition to Gamergate, an online movement that led to the harassment of women involved with video gaming. “All I am asking is for law enforcement to go and get a case together and prosecute,” Wu told Wicked Local. “Because law enforcement has basically treated online threats as if they don’t matter, they have unintentionally created this climate.”

If any of that had been attributed to GamerGate, I might have some sympathy for their argument. But, as readers of this site are well aware of, no death threat has ever come from us. Brianna Wu trolled herself into the debate in order to make some more shekels. Also, asking tough questions about the people who want to enforce their code of morality over our entertainment is not harassment. It’s fair, and it has to happen. Before GamerGate started, the compliant gaming media had let these people get much too far. In many cases, they were promoting it themselves. We’ve put a kink in their plans, and that’s why they’ve done everything they could think of to slander and smear us.

Rep. Clark is a dangerous woman. She clearly wants a more restrictive Internet than I do, if you look at the totality of her actions. I don’t support death threats, and of course the people who make them should be prosecuted. But they already get prosecuted when it’s worth it. We can’t hunt down every single troll tweet that is sent. It’s just not possible. So what the police do is go after the ones that are credibly threatening. This is called logic, but it seems to be in short supply on the SJW side.

Still, the Mother Jones did close out with a good point. The Supreme Court is on the side of free speech, and they proved that recently. That’s why we should all be very thankful for that decision. Once they start criminalizing speech based on what someone else feels, we’re fucked. That’s what that case was about at it’s core, and that’s why it was so important.