Yesterday, I started off work here with a smile. Today, that’s not the case. I just saw the official Twitter “Safety” account tweet out an endorsement of Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz’s cash grab scam, Crash Override. This raises a lot of questions. How can Twitter be so fucking stupid? How much loot is the Queen of Raw Dog getting from this? Will this lead to a mass banning of GamerGate?

Honestly, I don’t know.

Here’s the relevant tweets:

“Trusted Resource?” Who the hell would trust the grifter and her trust fund fucktoy? I guess the SJW infection is at a critical stage there at Twitter (based in San Francisco, so not a shock). They haven’t made any moves against gamers yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come. I know the rules like the back of my hand, so if they get me, it will be trumped up. But I encourage everyone else to be careful, and not give these clowns an excuse to ban you. Of course, if you don’t care, go wild. I just don’t feel like losing 19,000 followers.

Oh, and here’s the guy you’re making a “trusted” partner, Twitter:

And of course, the notorious Zoe Quinn:

There’s so much dirt on these two, that it would take another hour or so to write it all up. Just search them here on the site for more abhorrent behavior. Feel free to post follow-ups down in the comments as well. I’m about to go play The Witcher 3. The fucking shit froze on me at 7am this morning, so I’m still fiending for a good play session.

Twitter, we’re going to be keeping an eye on you. I’m not going to abandon the site, though. I know some are calling for that, but it’s not rational at this point. The userbase is too big on Twitter, and there is no true rival for their style of social media. We might have to abandon ship in the future, but not now. Don’t get carried away. Speak out often about the bullshit. Don’t retreat in the face of these fraudsters. Charge forward instead.

  1. I think this can be avoided for the most part as long as we don’t talk to HER specifically, not that we had a problem with that before. I know she’s using this as a massive censorship tool for taking down evidence about her shitty behavior but she can’t control all the social media sites. Twitter is doomed but it’s not the only place we can talk. Just like everything else Zoe’s ever been involved in, it’s a useless joke.

  2. I said this before and I’ll say it again. WHY THE FUCK is everyone using Twitter if we ALL have seen Twitter side with them before? Someone please make a NEW social media site that’s NOT ran by SJW’s and we’ll be ok.

    1. Because few of us could afford it. Running a social media site at scale takes a lot of money to develop and run and they don’t make much money. The only reason twitter exists right now is because they managed to con some VCs into funding it. Then it got popular, so it continues to receive funding. They still don’t know how to make it profitable.

  3. Why don’t they link to real security people, like people from Sophos, Kaspersky, or even a blog like Brian Krebs? They actually know what they’re doing and have been in the security game for awhile.

    1. It’s all about the connections. And this one is just an endorsement rather than anything specifically meaningful (Twitter isn’t *using* them, they’re just linking to them as a resource). Still it speaks quite poorly of Twitter to front CON without doing any or limited due-diligence because the abuse they both hand out to people over Twitter isn’t exactly difficult to find.

      1. Has CON actually DONE anything at this point? Or is just a page or three with no concrete information of any kind?

        Looks like little more than a shell at this point…

        1. There have been some Twitter posts of “thanks” by people they appear to have helped (who seem to be mainly ‘anti’), but not much beyond that – this does not necessarily mean there isn’t any, just that the non-disclosure aspect of managing abuse etc. makes it difficult to independently and objectively ascertain their efficacy for sure.

          1. That’s not surprising at all.

            Lack of any real information will make it easy for CON to say anything they like without supplying any data to prove/disprove their claims.

            No wonder Anita and Randi are jumping on the bandwagon.

  4. I hope Eron gets that gag order repealed and he splatters her ass with what he knows. That’ll end thi quick if he has something devoustating to tell.

    Why are all rich people so FUCKING BRAIN DAMAGED?

    1. Influentia – a disease that only affects those who have so much money that they never had to face reality.

  5. God damn have things escalated on twitter. I see no good coming from this and worse a tool for people in CON’S circle to abuse endlessly.

    Damn you twitter. Damn your bullshit. And damn you sad excuse of a human Zoe, and your lap dog lipshitz too.

  6. dude, I never used twitter until GG anyway, and mostly only to follow you guys. Fuck twitter, it’s stupid anyway.

    1. Heh, I don’t use Twitter at all. I’ve had a pretty low opinion of it since its inception.

      See, I like blogs. Even small time ones. If you need an outlet for writing on whatever floats your boat, it’s a good way to go. But Twitter? How much meaning can you pack into 140 characters? I have a hell of a time trying to write comments on Imgur and stay in the character limit.

    1. They’re building a ‘trust’ network. By Twitter linking to their profile they gain a great deal of brownie points that can be leveraged for other things.. Twitter isn’t THAT stupid to use an unknown and untrustworthy business for ANY aspect of it’s security and safety… that would open them up to being sued faster than the Flash can run.

      1. Still, Twitter might be opening themselves to liability by telling people to trust a scam.

        Btw, I’d be seriously pissed if I was actually one of Twitter’s partners right now, being put on the same list with this joke.

      2. “Twitter isn’t THAT stupid to use an unknown and untrustworthy business for ANY aspect of it’s security and safety… ”
        companies are run by humans and humans are A) stupid, B) biased, the head of Twitter support is friend with Blue Meth and unbanned her twice after either someone else in support or algorithm determined blue meth was engaging in harassment

        I wont be surprised if money/ favor in involved on this. cause linking to a fucking tumblr? yeah, professionalism 101. next time, they will put up news on a blog.

        1. the head of Twitter support is friend with Blue Meth and unbanned her twice after either someone else in support or algorithm determined blue meth was engaging in harassment

          According to von Csefalvay her contact is a low-level flunky, he’s been doing a lot of digging into her after what she did to his family.

  7. This is one of the reasons I quit Twitter months ago. The writing was one the wall even back then, same with Reddit. While I’m not an active gater, I’ve lurked and followed since the start, and it’s frightful to see how deeply entrenched they are in important platforms of information dissemination.

  8. Oh it’s just nepotism, ideology and corruption at work. It’s going to end up blowing up in Twitter’s face, mark my words.

  9. Hope you are having fun with Witcher 3. I still waiting for my new GTX 980 and Acer Predator monitor so that I can go all out 😛

    On topic:
    That twitter put so much trust in 3 party groups like these 2 twats is not surprising. Remember, they helped Randi back in no time even after she did a lot of shit on twitter.

    1. Don’t wait – The game runs excellent on my gtx 660 ti with everything set to “high” or higher. (Minus that annoying Motion Blur that devs keep trying to push on me)

      1. I want to enjoy it with a Monitor with g-sync, 144Hz and IPS panel instead of my old cheap TN panel monitor 😉 I’m getting it tomorrow and I will enjoy myself this weekend ^_^

        PS. I hope you don’t have any problems with the game. I heard it had a few bugs.

        1. ” I hope you don’t have any problems with the game. I heard it had a few bugs.”

          Sadly I got to play for about 1/2 hour before life decided to keep me away. This weekend I will be attempting to seriously get going.

          As far as the bugs, I hear it is mostly AMD cards that have issues, but don’t quote me.

          1. After I commented earlier, I read up on it – AMD cards are having issues because of NVIDIA Hairworks being turned on without having an NVIDIA card.

            I always go NVIDIA – more expensive, but I’ve had nearly zero compatibility issues ever on any of my NVIDIA cards, even on games that say they are optimized for AMD.

          2. I got my 7970 back when it was on sale. So that pretty much the only reason I had a AMD GPU to begin with 😛

            But you are right. Sure you pay more for Nvidia GPU’s. But I never had problems with Nvidia cards myself either + I got the Witcher 3 and Batman AK with it 🙂

          3. That is an awesome deal. I only wish I had $600+ to spare, and I’d be buy it too – That’s over $100 in games.

  10. Start preparing the mails with the statistical evidence showing that GamerGate as fuck to do with harassment, and include the WAM findings as well.

    Bonus point if you point out to Twitter how its inability to track the IP of people registering and posting stuff on it can lead to serious harassment via sock puppets, and even self harassment vi the alleged victim. Just put links to Brianna Wu admitting she made an account JUST to shit on GamerGate by pretending to be part of it, and dont forget similar cases of self harassment.

  11. Put it this way. If Ralph doesn’t get kicked off twitter than there is no chance any of us will.
    Worse case scenario he comes back with an alt.

    1. LOL! That is precisely why these anti-harassment Twitter groups are all bullshit. They are trying to police the internet, which even China with their government firewall tech fails to completely do.

  12. LOL. If Twitter tries this BS, I suggest a mass exodus to G+ – I mean, it’s pretty much the same thing except they allow longer posts, and use + instead of @.

  13. I guess CON was an excuse to cozy up to people who have the power to ban. That’s the only way these scumbags can keep going on the internet, get buddy-buddy with mods and admins, then ban anyone who speaks against them.

    They will use this as a weapon against GG the first chance they get. They’re probably already trying, since they blame us for everything anyways. Seems funny this comes out so soon after learning Lifchitz got himself blacklisted from the industry for being a fucking retard.

    1. He wasn’t blacklisted.

      “Blacklisting” is a specific offense, when a bunch of different companies get together and decide not to hire someone.

      Lifschitz on the other hand, just made himself so toxic that no company will hire him, the difference is that they all decided Independently to not hire a guy who shits on their customers, and burned a game on stage.

        1. Not the same result, blacklisting victims can sue, Lifschitz can’t because he independently alienated every game dev on the planet.

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