I can now report, that Olympus, the high-end camera company, has officially withdrawn support from Gawker Media. I saw this floating around on Twitter earlier, but I was busy on a story, and couldn’t confirm. Now that I’ve checked my email, I feel confident in bringing this to you. The person who sent it is a known GamerGate supporter, and the original is in our possession. It’s legit. Gawker has taken another blow.

“I am writing to tell you that Olympus (the camera-maker) wrote back to me to inform me that Olympus has pulled ads from Gawker Media.”

This news means advertiser loss is a growing trend for Gawker. Two are confirmed gone, and we don’t know the situation with Mercedes. So, it might be three. Either way, it seems like all their partners are reevaluating their relationship with Gawker, and their tainted sister-sites. That’s not surprising. As most people already knew, advocating for the harassment and bullying of nerds, is not good PR for a media company like Gawker.  Oh, did I mention this happened during National Bullying Prevention Month? LOL, not a good move. Why not call MLK Jr. the n-word during Black History Month? That’s the only way I can think of to top this colossal blunder.


Despite all the hand-wringing about tactics, and a sustained assault from every corner of the mainstream media, GamerGate continues to rack up victories. Gawker’s mistake last week has left them very vulnerable. Continue the assault. Give them no quarter. Here’s a thread with all the current advertisers on the site. Email until your fingers bleed. They’re on the run, but we still have lots of work left to do.


  1. It’s nice to see more victories coming our way. I’d like to touch on something real quick then finish my thought.

    It’s been stated by anti-gamergaters that “King of Pol” should be villified similarly for his negative connotations the other night, because “if biddle did it and you call him out on his shit, you should do it to your own as well”

    The difference, at least from my point of view(and also why I’m still not going to let biddle go), KoP apologized and tried to make things right, right away. He didn’t dick around and wait to be called out on it, he tried to legitimately make amends(Royally fucking up mind you but still, he tried.) and has thoroughly apologized in a fashion that I, personally as the group that he offended, find legitimately honest and sincere. Biddle, on the other hand, was a dick who felt the need to add quotation marks and apologize in a half hearted manner, something like 24 or more hours later? That reeks of “I was told to do it” as opposed to “Shit guys, I fucked up, I’m sorry.”

    On topic however, how can anyone who knows gamers honestly think something as juvenile as “Gamers are Dead” would work on us. We die HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of times just getting better and better at the games we love. We respawn and try a new fucking tactic. Smear campaigns and shit like that is NOT the way to go about apeasing us or wearing us down. Publicly making stupid statements like this also just gives us more ammunition against the ones we disagree with and want to see reformed. More and more companies are going to start re-evaluating their position and will likely pull out at the soonest opportunity considering some of the “statements” certain “journalistic” companies have been making about the consumer base, whom these advertisers actively want money from. It’s going to be a good time.

    1. Another thing though that makes things more simply. KoP isn’t a professional. The guy at Gawker represents the company and should not be saying that shit on anti-bullying month and he’s STILL BULLYING other people as we speak.
      They can call us hypocrites but guess what, “You guys are still professionals and we’re still the consumers.” Suck it up or get the fuck out.

      1. Exactly. KoP, like Sockarina, is from 4chan that’s just how they talk. We are not representatives of #GamerGate. We are not leaders #GamerGate. We are just individuals from around the world with varying beliefs, views and interests using a hashtag on twitter. We have no right to tone police for the sake of moral high ground.

        1. What did KoP actually do?
          Considering he is named after a politically incorrect “forum” I don’t see why he would be held to some high moral standard.
          We’ve never CLAIMED to be perfect or moral crusaders.
          We don’t HAVE to be better than them, we just somehow are because they are so awful.

          1. This is the most ironic part, to me. That a bunch of shamelessly politically incorrect internet trolls, who talk at length about their dicks and call each other niggers without flincing, are by-and-large *more* moral and ethical than the self-righteous moral crusaders.

          2. He got trolled into calling a guest an autist (In a negative way and not the standard 4chan way) and caught heat for it, responded by getting into a big fight with Lizzy and Steve Tom Sawyer.
            After collecting himself 2 hours later he ‘made it up’ to the guest by…

            Donating the stream’s ad revenue to Autism Speaks. Oops!

          3. Ah, so being angry is a crime, even when apologised for and an act of contrition is made…. but “bring back bullying” was so totally a joke.
            I dunno, but in my circles going off is not a crime, even when outrageous shit gets said. People always accept apologies when calm returns.
            Harassment and abuse outside of heated arguments are a little different. Seems that we are truly held to a different standard of conduct.

          4. It’s lovely how they don’t know how to act subtly, they have won so easily in other hobbyist cultures that they have never developed another tactic. Now they’re displaying their true selves for all to see.

    2. First “Gamers are dead”, then “GamerGate is over”. Did they not realise this only fueled the flames the first time? Are they that stupid that they did it again? Do they really think saying it makes it real!? They compared us to ISIS before, so why don’t they go say “ISIS is finished” if it works so well?

      These people really have some major IQ issues.

    3. I think we need to realise that Pol has always been, and is now Gamergate’s Glenn Beck. And honestly, like Beck, you can tell his heart really is in the right place, but he’s kind of an idiot and obsessed about strange conspiracies. And you just kinda have to pat him on the back and go “Haaaha, that’s our Pol!”
      He’s had at least one major fuckup each week. First it was Liana K, then both he and Sargon flared out against Pixiejenni, then IA trolled him into going total tinfoil twice, all that spaghetti-dropping over Jennie Bharaj, and now this. He’s embarrassing, but in that good noble way someone operating out of their depth is that makes you wanna give them a consolation hug and a beer.

    1. We don’t even know if Mercedes did reinstate advertising. The writing claimed Mercedes reinstated advertising while the editor claimed they never advertised in the first place. One of them is lying.

    2. Have we even confirmed they’ve reinstated ads? The only person who’s said they’ve done so is Ian Cheong, who last I checked doesn’t work for Gawker.

        1. Yeah, I’d believe a random stranger who told me my dick was on fire before I’d believe Cheong telling me it was light outside at 1pm.

  2. I think it’s worth noting that Gawker has begun mass deleting offending tweets. Most likely in response to this lol

    1. Well everyone knows the rule by now. If you post it to the internet it lives forever. or something like that. There is more than enough archives around to keep those posts alive.

  3. JFC. At this point, if the higher ups don’t kick Biddle and Read to the curb and issue an apology, then they’re beyond help.

  4. We need to keep this up. We need to ruin their businesses. They made a living shitting on gamers, now it’s time for the gamers to ruin them.

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