Wow, it feels weird not posting here for a few days. And I’m not even on my state-sponsored vacation yet! I will be back from my regular vacation on Monday, but I figured I should come drop a couple articles anyway. I have to take a break from The Man in the High Castle at some point, right? My fiancee can attest to my addiction to the show.

But, that’s another post in and of itself.

Let’s talk about globalization. Elites are starting to realize that most of us regular folks hate it and blame the trend for costing us jobs, money, national identity, and personal security. If you’re rich, or own a huge social media company, globalization is great. If your tech job for said social media company has been shipped off to India, or taken by an imported worker from India, you’re not likely to be keen on the cancerous globalization trend.

Media talking heads love this trend, since their jobs are so far untouched. But normal people, the ones living paycheck to paycheck, are fed up with the way things are headed. Enter Mark Zuckerberg, one of those guys I mentioned who owns a huge social media company. Just a couple months ago he said “fake news” was no big deal, but now he’s singing a different tune, blaming it in part for collapsing faith in globalism.

Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, on Thursday stepped into the raging debate about globalization.

In a 5,800-word letter he posted publicly, the Mr. Zuckerberg expressed alarm that what was once considered normal — seeking global connection — was now seen by people and governments around the world as something undesirable.

He pledged that he would push Facebook, which has more than 1.8 billion users worldwide, in a direction that would help convince individuals and governments that “progress now requires humanity coming together not just as cities or nations, but also as a global community.”

The letter comes close to a political statement by a chief executive who, as the leader of a global company, is essentially arguing against a tide of isolationism that is rising across the world.

From his BBC interview

In an interview with the BBC, the Facebook founder said that fake news, polarised views and “filter bubbles” were damaging “common understanding”.

He said people had been left behind by global growth, sparking demands to “withdraw” from the “connected world”.

In a call to action, he said people must not “sit around and be upset”, but act to build “social infrastructures”.

You can read his entire letter here, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. It’s whiny and can be summed up as “globalization is great cause muh diver$ity makes me more money.” It’s couched in all kinds of purple prose that he almost certainly didn’t write himself, but that’s what it boils down to. Zuckerberg does acknowledge some of the pains the “common man” is having with “interconnectedness,” which is something, I guess. But he papers over our concerns and moves right into the same corporate-speak that his kind always engages in.

Can we turn back the clock on globalization completely? No, of course not. But the tide must be stemmed. America First is something that most of my fellow citizens instinctively know is what we need at this time in our history. Does that mean we ignore everything and everyone else in the world? Again, no. But many Western nations have ignored their own security and stability in favor of a globalist agenda for far too long.

That needs to come to an end. No amount of whining from mega-rich plutocrats like Zuckerberg will change my opinion on that conclusion.

  1. Of course the owner of a global company will be for globalisation. Normally there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, but Zuck has proven to be quite compliant with terrible governmental policies.

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  2. He ought to take in some Muslim refugees to bolster his multicultural street cred. I keep hearing they’ re not all terrorists.

  3. Yet another rich globalist Jew going out of his way to embody the stereotype and validate /pol/’s narratives.

    1. He’s all for open borders yet builds a massive barrier around his property and tried to buy the surrounding properties so that he can have his distance.

      His service also sold me out to the NYPD for legal but “problematic posts” (their words) because my followers might be influenced. It’s funny because this proves that people can say horrible shit to out right threats against Republicans/ conservatives or those not on the far left and be left alone but god forbid you say a progressive deserves an ass kicking for fucking retarded laws being passed in your city further hindering your own professional progress, otherwise you are looking at a visit from a task force in suits.

      As to why my account was not private? FaceBook took down my privacy rules/settings after calling out a feminist retard on her bullshit along with some affirmative action cunt women after they played victim to the field I’m in.

      1. I really hope some big Somoan motherfuckers cut his throat and leave his carcass in a sugar cane field before a burn in retaliation for the shit he’s pulling in Hawaii. It would serve his ass right and it would be utterly narrative breaking to boot.

  4. They call it isolationism, I call in nationalism. Fun fact though, the sainted founder of our nation, George Washington, strongly espoused a legitimate isolationist attitude because he believed to do so otherwise would make America walk down the same shit covered path England had.

    1. Given the geopolitical situation of the time true isolationism was the only rational course. We had exactly one European bloc (France and pals) that even considered us legitimate and they were only doing it to piss on the British. The Atlantic itself has always been one of our greatest defenses and since WW2 the Pacific has served the same purpose as well. Since it’s very start the military and economic success of the USA has always come down to holding the outside world OUTSIDE.

  5. LifeHack has been propping up this little shit in their positivity articles meant to empower people but more towards women. Sadly the tech side of things are all for the globalists and SJWism/ feminism. This shows that nerds are too fucking thirsty for pussy and would rather all men be manginas.

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