According to a Looney Tunes SJW, Calling Someone a Snowflake is "Psychological Abuse"

According to a Looney Tunes SJW, Calling Someone a Snowflake is “Psychological Abuse”

I delayed posting this, because I was trying to find out just who Elliott Lusztig is. He’s been quoted in countless mainstream media stories like he’s someone of note, but as far as I can tell, he’s just a left-wing Twitter troll. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a troll, it’s just that you would think this guy was some kind Democratic Party official with the way his tweets seem to reverberate around the internet.

But, even though he’s no one important outside of Twitter (at least, that I can tell, correct me in the comments if I’m wrong), his comment today has gotten a lot of attention…well, on Twitter, at least. Why is that? Because it shows just how deranged the minds are becoming on the left. Here’s what he had to say…

(It should be noted that this brave fellow deleted his original tweet.)

So, calling someone a snowflake is now on the same level as psychological abuse. This is what SJWs actually think. Mean words are equal to psychological abuse. You can’t just move on, or ignore the person hurling invectives your way. That person has to be some sort of abuser. What ever happened to sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? And even if they did hurt you, what the hell makes it psychological abuse?

I just can’t get over someone using that term to describe being called a snowflake. Snowflake is pretty fucking mild as it is. I can definitely think of worse things to call a millennial or an SJW. Hell, I use many of them here on the site. I guess that makes me an abuser, if you listen to Mr. Lusztig…or Brianna Wu.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Hawk Hopper
  • Botiemaster
  • Kellen Joel

    Dumb cunt. That’s the whole reason why they’re called snowflakes to begin with: because they’re too weak to take a joke.

    • Joseph Weston

      We’re living with the joke in the White House, so try another shot.

      • Kellen Joel

        Why would I need to? I was never a Trump supporter. I did, however, notice that the Hillary supporters around where I live are bigger assholes than Republicans.

  • DisneyVillain

    Top 10 other things to call an SJW:
    10. Moron
    9. Thug
    8. Asshole
    7. Insignificant
    6. Completely Worthless
    5. Dumbass
    4. Whiny Cunt
    3. College Educated Retard
    2. Femcunt and Man-Bitch
    1. Hillary’s Pussy Lickers
    Happy now, Elliot?

    • poopface

      I go with “nigger”, seems to fit every time.

    • n8vb8

      Everyone forgets “pinko”. I always liked that one.

  • One-Eye

    I love the term. It gives me something else to call them apart from ‘faggot’.

    Bret Easton Ellis calls them ‘Generation Wuss’.

    • Luciawbruch

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  • My maternal grandfather, a quite remarkable Scotsman, told us:

    If someone calls you a name or otherwise characterizes you have just two options–if it is not true it is irrelevant and does not matter and if it is true you need to improve yourself.

    Following this wisdom one can only be “offended” if what has been said is true…

  • Lost Question

    i would say turnabout is fair play what with sjws being psychological abuse to anyone who comes in contact with them, but i pity him for being so out and out fragile and dumb

  • Megalomaniacs4u

    If the truth hurts then thats their problem.

  • Mr0303

    They are called snowflakes, because of how delicate and special they think they are. Him calling the term psychological abuse is typical snoflake behaviour.

  • LOL !!! But, I call them “delicate souffles´”. The brain defective Liberals are the one’s that started using the “Alinsky” tactics. Too bad if they don’t like it being used against them. I’ve also decided to refer to ALL of them as “Americanophobes”.

  • Joseph Weston

    And yet, y’all are offended by broadway shows, coffee cups, beer ads, ad nauseam. So I guess that makes you slush. That dirty precipitation people kick off their tires and wheelwells. Yeah, that fits well. But it’s not really enough, given that your message stink, so I guess sewage is the proper term…