Snacks, aka “Bread” or “The Louisiana Succubus”, is infamous within the sector. Snacks had the honor of being Ashton Park’s longtime online girlfriend, arriving from the most seedy of discords. However, most of the dirty story isn’t known.

PPP was first introduced to Snacks by “Torba”, a 16 year old Serbian who was dating the 28 year old Snacks at that time. Soon after, Snacks took a liking to PPP, began sending him gifts, and even fell for PPP despite still being in love with Torba. Eventually Snacks became Ashton Park’s girlfriend. However, Ashton’s infidelity not only caused the two to split, it also caused a conflict with his roommate and friend, Surfer. Under the direction of Snacks, PPP snaked on Surfer. Previously to even that, Ashton Parks of Toronto, Ontario melted down over Snacks attending a local Hells Angel’s biker club meet-up with her friends. She stood up against PPP’s weak will, and Ashton just took it after days of crying. Ashton can’t even control his own women.

Luckily, the Louisiana Succubus took her raft up the grand Mississippi River into the docks of West Memphis as the ferry-woman of malevolence.

While Snacks was dating PPP, she was submitting to the will of superior men out of PPP’s lack of masculinity! As a result, Snacks cucked Ashton Parks, laughing at him behind his back and treating PPP as the lolcow he rightfully is.

Snacks even got PPP to admit to her that he is “probably” on the autism spectrum.

Insider sources can confirm the “feet” pics included were sent by Ashton Parks to Snacks herself, with even PPP’s old apartment being visible.

The sad reality is the Christian LARPing charlatan Ashton Parks has a humiliation fetish! PPP sends embarrassing pictures of his disgusting, morbidly obese body to used up, eggless discord harpies. PPP gets off to women looking at his disgusting feet, even when they don’t care to see them. Insiders say, Snacks didn’t even request any “feet” pics, but PPP desperately begged for her to see them!

“Snacks” SNAKED, and with it PPP’s disgusting fetishes will be fully exposed. No stone left unturned, no leaf left unraked, no foot left unwashed.

More to come as PPP’s degeneracy will continue to be revealed!