HUGE BOMBSHELL ON LAURA LOOMER!! I’m told by sources that she is on the outs with President Donald Trump’s own family and has been TWICE COMMITTED to a psych ward by her own father, Jeff.

Loomer has allegedly lied about why she has been forbidden from owning a firearm in the State of Florida. It has nothing to do with any kind of political discrimination. It’s because she’s been allegedly put in the nuthouse twice by HER OWN FATHER!!

Read some of Loomer’s own words on the topic:

Laura Loomer Gun Ban Lies
Link to Full Text of Laura Loomer’s Own Words on Firearm Ban

Much more to come on this story both in the media and on tomorrow’s KILLSTREAM!

Loomer has also spent most of the last week being trolled by Kent “Boneface” McLellan. Her “exclusive reporting” on Twitter has been debunked by none other than yours truly, Ethan Ralph! The Loomer Express has gone off the rails after she attended a Neo Nazi Rally in Florida this past weekend, allegedly because she just happened to be in town. Since then, she has been obsessed with Boneface and has been spiraling out of control with nonstop lies and photoshopped “evidence.”

She is also a close associate of Nick Fuentes, who claims to be the top anti-Jewish voice in the United States. He recently called for a Holy War against Jews at a rally in Florida. Laura Loomer herself is famously Jewish.

Laura Loomer Nick Fuentes
Laura Loomer with Nick Fuentes at her campaign HQ. She lost.

Things are about to get really rough for Ms. Loomer. We at send her our best wishes! Hopefully, she doesn’t have another mental health relapse and get committed again! 

Laura Loomer Jigsaw