The key to understanding the career of Ashton Parks, also known as People’s Populist Press, or PPP, is understanding many of the Seven Deadly Sins he fraudulently pretends to care about on a daily basis. This is a man who shamelessly begs on the level of a DSP, when he used to be against making money off online activities altogether. There are others who have preached this phony gospel as well, but there is no better example of the extreme hypocrisy of that stance than the extremely corpulent Ashton Parks.

This is a man who began his notoriety online by spreading his asshole open for men back in the Stream.Me days. Literally. Then, after he was spurned by me and told to take a hike, he made up a lie about me calling his church and getting him kicked out. I never even knew where the fat fuck went to church. He knew that, of course. But, he needed something. A Big Lie would suffice.

I do know about his church now, though. I figured it’s only fair I do the research after the Big Lie.

Too many people played into his bullshit, and perhaps that’s my fault. It sounded like something I might do, even though it’s absurd and I never thought about him at all after the asshole spreading. His former comrades, who he viciously turned on for no reason, have all come out to say this was a fake. Only Surfer, the man he once shared a house with, knew it was fake at the time. The rest simply accepted it.

That’s the thing about The Sector. People will believe it if it sounds like it might be true. I’ve always known this but haven’t had to rely on it, myself. Simply put, people want narratives, true or untrue. It doesn’t really matter which, so, Ashton Parks chose the latter.

For two straight years, he did a sort of extreme focus and emulation of me. Video after video, most filled with nothing but lies about my show and my life. All were plotted and managed by people much smarter and more talented than himself. You see, I got to where I am on my own. PPP got to where he is by sucking up the ideas and creative capacity of those more talented than himself. Again, when faced with two options, he chose the more dishonest. He is talented in only two ways: as a charlatan and as a carnival barker. There are no other skills.

Day after day, on the morally bankrupt Kino Casino, Ashton Parks preaches a phony gospel. While claiming to be a huge Christian, he swigs down liters of vodka and eats himself to death. He gambles large sums of money on sporting events. He hangs out with weirdo women and pays them to enact sexual fetishes for him. If he didn’t preach at others, some, or even all of that would be forgivable. However, that’s exactly what he does, day after day.

As much as I have recently been cursed, I have been blessed, as well. I have two beautiful children, although it’s true, I don’t get to see them much. I’ve went from 277 pounds last year to 201.2 pounds today. The Killstream is stable and profitable, even after so many knocks. This guy can’t even knock out a trip around the block.

Look at his past self compared to now:

Ashton Parks Ashton Patks and Surfer. Ashton Parks

Ashton Parks

He is barely even recognizable as a human, much less as his old self. Even at my worst, I never once resembled anything like this. If he goes for much longer, there will be no coming back. They will have to cut him out a side wall to get him out one day, like they used to do on Jerry Springer.

The Seven Deadly Sins, along with 77 slices of Domino’s Pizza, have all combined to transform this man into a freakish looking tub of goo.

How much further will Andy Pires allow this to go? Can he put down the coke tray for two minutes and get his friend Ashton Parks some help?