Last night, I sat down for what I thought was gonna be an hour to two, but instead turned into 15, not counting sleep. The new Android OS, Lollipop, finally got pushed to my Sprint phone. I’m a little anal about “rooting” it, so I had to do that ASAP. But I ended up trying a mod that didn’t work right, and so I had to start over. I thought I had fucked up my phone at one point. Lots of fun was had. But the main point is, I’m back now, and ready to do some stories. Before I get to the evening’s festivities, I wanted to talk about what Amy Hennig said at GDC, and how it basically invalidates the claims of our opponents.

(Also, while I do get paid from Google, they didn’t pay me for the Android mention…or give me the fucking phone. Bastards.) 

All this time, we’ve been hearing about how inhospitable the gaming industry was for women. Over and over again, developers who are barely even in the business tell us that they encounter a mountain of harassment…and face obstacle after obstacle…simply because of their gender. They’re then cited by the media as if they have credibility. There’s only one problem with this.

They don’t have any.

But you know who does? Amy Hennig, the woman behind the Uncharted series (among other things). Here’s what she had to say about her time coming up in the industry:

Amy Hennig, senior creative director and Electronic Arts, a designer whose credits include the Uncharted series, Legacy of Kain and Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy City Wings took to the podium. Hennig, who rarely speaks at events in public, told of how she was a film studies student when she had a realization that the video game industry “was a new frontier, unencumbered by the prejudices I’d seen in the film industry from my view at film school.”

She described her subsequent experiences working in the video game industry as being overwhelmingly positive. “In my 25 years I virtually never experienced harassment and discrimination,” she said. “In less than two years I went from a junior designer to a lead, and within two more I was a game director. I may just be oblivious, and if so that tactic has worked for me, but the fact is this industry has been a bastion of opportunity.”

Hennig continued: “The internet is a toxic place, and gamer culture can be noxious, but these things are not the game industry. For me, the game industry is a place of joy and camaraderie. It was a place of opportunity when I joined, and it’s still that frontier that seduced me away. Negative elements are unacceptable; they can make the castle seem like a nightmare. But this is not the game industry; we are scaring young women off.

So now it’s not just GamerGate saying that the overheated rhetoric from the SJWs is driving women out of gaming. We now have one of the highest ranking women in gaming saying it as well. The thing about all this is, our opponents don’t care about the health of the industry. In fact, they frequently talk about “burning it down.” So they’re not concerned with the damage. In fact, that’s exactly what they want. They didn’t count on the guardians showing up, though.
They had a free run at things for several years, until we organized a bit, and flexed our muscle. Now they know that we aren’t going anywhere, and that GamerGate is a force to be reckoned with. There’s still so much that we’ve yet to uncover…and that scares the shit out of our opponents. Keep pushing, listen to Amy Hennig, and never forget that these fucks are just making shit up.
  1. Amy Henning is my favourite writer in gaming. She created the world of Nosgoth, the saga of Kain and Raziel, a series of games so great that they turned me into a gamer.

    She knows that the game industry is mostly a meritocracy and that there are plenty of women who contribute every single day to it – artists, writers, programmers, composers, voice actors and many more. Amy should be the voice of reason, the one developers and journalists listen to and not con artists and hack indie hipsters. She should be the one receiving awards at GDC and not a talking puppet that can not differentiate between a PlayStation, Xbox and a microwave.

    Thank you for trying to talk some reason into those maniacs Amy, but I fear your words will not be heard by the San Fran echo chamber.

    1. Well no she didnt create the legacy of Kain universe silicon knights did BUT she took what they started and turned a small nugget of story and world into a massive universe full of amazing characters and stories. She is my fav director and writer in gaming by far. a true pioneer

      1. Well, yes. She didn’t work on the first game, but as you said she expanded what Denis Dyack and his team created realizing the whole Kain/Raziel dynamic. I think that’s the point. No one individual can create a AAA game it is always a team effort where gender is irrelevant. Amy knows that and is trying to counter the SJW rhetoric.

  2. I love how she isn’t just paying lip service and feeding the moral panic machine! This woman is the example of what someone in the game industry should strive to be man/female it doesn’t matter!
    Go out there show your skills and put in the hard work and people respect you for it! If your gonna stand on a soapbox and pretend every setback you ever had was only because gender/ethnicity/sexual preference then you only scare people away!

  3. Ralph you don’t need to disclose AdSense. Every website in existence uses AdSense. You basically have no choice in the matter and google only pays you if YOU do the work and get the hits. Its not like google pays you to write content.

  4. So we have a women vet dev saying what anyone with a little bit of common sense knows I wonder how the SJWs will try to spin or downplay her input on the matter.

    1. They’ll come out with some horseshit about her being privileged. You know unlike Wu whose parents gave her $200,000 to start a game company.

      1. Sadly the SJW didn’t pull the privilege card no instead they pulled the ageism card claiming that she’s out of touch because she’s old and she’s ignoring the “feels” of other women who “feel” intimidated by the gaming industry.

        You know I never though myself as a smart person until I learned about SJWs.

        1. Like their the ones to say she’s out of touch. These people are out of touch with reality itself. Yeah these people make the average person look like Einstein. As a film major and creative writing minor they made me want to bash my skull in. The more insulting part is that the professors agreed with them. You see that is where the problem is coming from. A good majority of these professors (not all I had good professors that new what they hell they were talking about but they were few and far between) clearly couldn’t get a job anywhere else so they got stuck teaching. Instead of doing their job they use that as an opportunity to spit out their bullshit liberal ideology.

          1. “Instead of doing their job they use that as an opportunity to spit out their bullshit liberal ideology.” I would like to see this in action if you can show me please I’ve been told this a lot by people for awhile but never seen it in action.

          2. I just graduated sorry. But just go to any creative field. English, Film Theory (not practical stuff like editing and shooting because those use logic, I’m talking about the discussion classes), gender studies being a big one, philosophy, and political science to name a few. Not any of the practical courses like the science and mathematical (except statistics because you can easily bullshit that as we have seen) courses which require logic and facts. You don’t see hipster mathematicians for a reason.

          3. I’m not American mate so I can’t really just go in your schools and see what the craic is. Although I know about you gender studies but like how widespread is that shit in America?

          4. The humanities have been utterly destroyed. Your History Ph.D. today could be on how Cromwell destroyed Catholicism in Ireland and that you makes you sad for how your family suffered.

            Your English Degree? I don’t want to say mine was ever more than a cakewalk, but as part of the major you would learn things like textual analysis*–say by studying Shakespeare and his sources, and how the man’s mind worked as he drew out his material.

            Sounds stupid, I know, but it’s a great way to teach pattern recognition, and many of the women I went to (a not particularly good) school with ended up with lucrative, stable jobs in IT, usually as database administrators thanks to that experience.

            These days, apart from the gender discrimination themes which would be half the courses for your major, your thesis would be on “Ted Hughes beat up Sylvia Plath and that makes me sad,” and of course they stopped teaching Shakespeare a decade ago. So the degree qualifies you to work as a barista or be an SJW.

          5. *The textual analysis I referred to was initially developed for Bible Study, and used in 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicea under the order of the Emperor Constantine, who wanted to stomp out heresy. In the Bible, the Old Testament was the Word of God Concealed, the New Testament the Word of God Revealed, and you’d track those patterns (say, how David relates to Jesus.)

            The Renaissance kicks off when Petrarch rediscovers the old Roman Classics, and has conversations with them. That kind of textual analysis was the mark of a scholar, and literally lasted from the fourth century until third wave feminism.

            Some law schools teach a variant of it. That’s about it.

          6. Thankfully my college taught similar things yours did…and we had Shakespeare classes! lol

            This was in Alabama though…so, maybe that helped(fewer liberals than an average college, I’d wager.)

          7. Ok, well GED 300+ Club hit the nail on the head and I’ll give a brief example. One film theory class I took was film genres. Every semester the course would pick a different genre. The semester I took it was covering horror. Now I love horror, it is one of my favorite genres. So I was really looking forward to this class. Well the teacher turned out to be one of the 3 biggest pricks I ever met on that entire campus. He almost made me hate the entire horror genre. Well the bullshit arguments he kept spouting was how everything in horror was some how a symbol for a penis. I wish I was kidding. Knives = penis, chainsaws = penis, monsters = penis. Even when me and a few friends proved him wrong he would deny it. He took elements from the Freudian’s theories but pretty much amplified them to a ridiculous degree.

  5. The reason you don’t see female AAA devs backing the bullshit spewed by female indie devs is they are mentally competent. They are successful people who made it. Working for studios that make multi million dollar products. You don’t get that far being a mentally unstable wack job with a victim complex..

    The Brianna Wu’s and Zoe Quinn’s of the world are mentally unstable nobodies who made shit games in their bedrooms over the course of a month and resent the fact that they aren’t respected on the same level as women who put in actual hard work to get where they are.

    There was no Patreon for Amy Hennig or Jade Raymond. They got where they are by working hard and having actual talent. Not by crying on twitter until their enablers gave them another portion of their paycheck.

  6. Finally someone decided to talk to a developer that has more than one game under their belt. It always sickens me when these news outlets are like “Let’s talk to a female developer.” only to bring out Brianna “I know every woman in the game industry” Wu and Zoey “cock sucker” Quinn. Those aren’t the only 2 women in the medium jackasses. Also glad to see her saying what I’ve been saying for months. It’s not us scaring the upcoming women developers away. It’s you hipster (as a film major and creative writing minor I had to deal with these fuckers on a daily basis) dipshits with your misogynistic boogieman that is. I just hope the SJWs don’t jump her ass for toeing the bullshit narrative line.

    1. If they did I believe she is strong enough to defend herself and she’ll have the support of EA. So I say let them try.

      1. Get her and Bonnie Ross from 343 industries to go down there and start knocking heads. One has one of the strongest Playstation developers under her belt and is now working with one of the biggest publishers of the industry. The other is the head of the single biggest franchise at Microsoft. Yeah I say bring it!

  7. Amy Hennig is responsible for Legacy of Kain?! OMFG I <3 that series. Shame some of the voice actors suffered total reality collapses (they died). 🙁

  8. I’m betting the SJWs and journos are going to twist her words to be anti-GamerGate, despite the fact that she just basically HAND WAVED (in this instance justified) the negative elements of gamer culture (um, hello, part of it is anon culture and therefore people will be nasty, especially in competitive games where fucking with people has a tactical advantage) and stressed that the people talking on behalf of the industry (the barely relevant devs and bloggers- I mean journos) are the ones scaring women away.

    Wait… I remember at the start of all this Literally Who #1 or someone linking some (likely made up) thing about a young woman who was frightened of getting into game because of all the “misogyny” (lol honey if you’re being frightened out of an industry because of rumors then you didn’t have what it took to cut it from the beginning. it’s like those idiots who wanted to be “ban bossy” because it was “hurting girls likelihood to take leadership positions”… um, if you’re so easily dissuaded by being assertive and becoming a leader because of a fucking CRITICISM then, news flash, YOU AREN’T FUCKING LEADERSHIP MATERIAL!).

      1. “Yes, I am sorry that I didn’t check my facts, and then did the right then and apologized for it. I have done irreparable harm to women everywhere (well, 2 women and a tranny) and I will be officially donatin to their Patreons to make up for it. I will never capitulate to misogynists and trolls (ie anyone the sjw hivemind disagrees with) again, regardless of how it will affect my professional life or the image of my employer. Please, for the love of god, senpai sarkeesian notice me.” – That kind of apology?

    1. Too late. One woman – a reporter with ZERO experience in the game programming – said that she liked Amy speech but didn’t believe her when she said there was no sexism in the industry. Well, I guess her 20+ years in the business mean nothing against the ZILTCH amount of years you spent in the trenches, huh sweetie? Why aren’t you Listening and Believing?

      1. They assume that because it’s not 50% or higher (because there are more women than men in the world so therefore all fields should reflect that HURRRRRRR) therefore discrimination. It is beyond fucking ridiculous to make such assumptions, and yet they always do it, be it with race or gender. Frankly it’s the easier position to take since if someone tries to argue for more detail, they can just be shouted down as a racist/misogynist.

    2. I think we have the same ideas on this. You can’t Safety and Comfort women into being respected leaders. It’s the very knowledge that women are protection objects that keeps people from taking them seriously as leaders. You can tell if someone’s been tested.

      Sean, you sound like you listen to Honey Badger Radio every week.

      1. I don’t know what Honey Badger Radio is haha. But I try to adopt well thought out, practical and “common sense” positions.

        1. Group of female MRAs that do a podcast about these subjects and more. They’ve been around for awhile, and some of them have been fighting feminism for years.

          1. Oh, anti-3rd wave feminism women? Like ShoeOnHead? I like her; quite the sense of humor.

  9. This just backs up what Jennifer Dawe said – long time devs don’t bitch about “harassment”, they just do the work and get ahead. All the newcomers expect to get handed fame and fortune without putting in the work and the hours, then cry “sexism!” and “misogyny!” when they don’t get treated like Miyamoto or Cliffy B. for making just ONE game on TWINE or iOS.

  10. It’s almost as if gamers respect accomplished women just as much as they respect accomplished men.

  11. But…but…if it’s not an embedded culture of sexism and hostility towards women in the industry, the only possible explanation left is that THESE FUCKERS ARE BAD AT THEIR “JOBS”, and attempt to hide that fact by diverting attention away from it.

    Fuck these people. If you can’t do the work, make way for those who can!

  12. Amy Henning is a big part of what made the first two Uncharted games so great. I’m glad to see her stand up and call out this nonsense happening. She’s staying out of the situation for the most part, but her words carry a lot of weight.

    I really have to wonder now if her leaving Naughty Dog had anything to do with Neil Druckmann supporting Anita Sarkeesian. Maybe Amy saw right through her and spoke up about it. The reason she left was never made fully public and the most I got on it was that it was pretty bad.

    1. I’m really worried about Naughty Dog. After that SJW wank that was the Last of Us DLC and Neil Druckman’s speech about hoop earrings at last year’s GDC I fear that their talent might be corrupted by these maniacs’ agenda.

  13. Here is the big thing. They are all talk. All fucking talk.
    What do I mean? What solutions are they doing? What are they willing to create? I know they criticise and moan and bitch but what are they doing to affect constructive change?

    Women are leaving the field? not surprised, them making a big noise how terrible the field is, will do that.

    How and what are they changing on a constructive practical level? The answer is nothing.
    They do not want solutions. They want to have their hug boxes and their victim bucks siphoning money out of the industry.

    They want the awards organisations to award the awards to the right people and the journalists to promote the right games and to Hell with reward for effort and meritocracy.

    They want a culture of fear that they control. They want pseudo-intellectualiism and textual masturbation to become a bigger issue than a game’s playability. They want to have a narrative of oppression to remain in the industry.

    The industry is worth $80 billion they want to suck as much of its lifeblood as they can, like the parasites they are. They can not create and they are not interested in learning how.

    Fuck them all.

    1. Safety and comfort. That’s all they want. And they’re too stupid to realize that safety isn’t isn’t.

  14. She got a good head on her shoulders. Let’s hope this gives some of the others devs a wake up call

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