Can we not go even one day without a prominent GamerGate opponent throwing disgusting insults at us and/or our prominent members? This time, they’ve outdone themselves. I know I keep saying that, but it actually does keep getting worse. It’s one thing to go after the pugnacious Milo Yiannopoulos. But going after a grieving widow? Even I didn’t think they would sink to this disgustingly low level.

In case you didn’t believe me, let me just lay it out there. Here’s Matt Lees, one of our chief antagonists, calling Christina Hoff Sommers scum yesterday on Reddit:


When someone challenges him about attacking  a woman who recently lost her husband, he still sticks to his guns. He never retracts the “scum” statement, and in fact, explicitly stands by it. On my stream today, it was said that perhaps he just says these things to get attention, because he lacks any other discernible talent. I admit, that’s certainly possible. It’s a lot better than the alternative theory: Lees is a bottom-feeding lowlife, who tries to brand everyone who disagrees with him as subhuman.

Whatever the case, the other side has has once again been silent. The point grows old, but it must be repeated: the things they criticize us for, are really their own failings. They’ll never call each other out, because they’re hypocrites who refuse to put into practice, any of the positive things they preach. In fact, they only use the positives to try to mask their anti-freedom, anti-consumer agenda. At least now we have the means to resist. GamerGate has galvanized us, and we’re never going back to the old, disorganized ways.