Can we not go even one day without a prominent GamerGate opponent throwing disgusting insults at us and/or our prominent members? This time, they’ve outdone themselves. I know I keep saying that, but it actually does keep getting worse. It’s one thing to go after the pugnacious Milo Yiannopoulos. But going after a grieving widow? Even I didn’t think they would sink to this disgustingly low level.

In case you didn’t believe me, let me just lay it out there. Here’s Matt Lees, one of our chief antagonists, calling Christina Hoff Sommers scum yesterday on Reddit:


When someone challenges him about attacking  a woman who recently lost her husband, he still sticks to his guns. He never retracts the “scum” statement, and in fact, explicitly stands by it. On my stream today, it was said that perhaps he just says these things to get attention, because he lacks any other discernible talent. I admit, that’s certainly possible. It’s a lot better than the alternative theory: Lees is a bottom-feeding lowlife, who tries to brand everyone who disagrees with him as subhuman.

Whatever the case, the other side has has once again been silent. The point grows old, but it must be repeated: the things they criticize us for, are really their own failings. They’ll never call each other out, because they’re hypocrites who refuse to put into practice, any of the positive things they preach. In fact, they only use the positives to try to mask their anti-freedom, anti-consumer agenda. At least now we have the means to resist. GamerGate has galvanized us, and we’re never going back to the old, disorganized ways.

  1. Keep on posting on them.

    Don’t let them get away with bad behavior.

    We can’t trust them to report on it.
    Too many friends in that wagon circle…

  2. He said on Twitter “would you temporarily stop hating me if I was having a hard time”?

    No Matt. But I’d leave you the hell alone. Also I think losing a partner goes a bit beyond “having a hard time”. Even in WW2 people would have a timeout in the trenches for a Christmas celebration. Christine Hoff Summers is not scum for daring to present a rational argument supported by facts and data. Matt, you are scum for lacking the common decency to leave a grieving human being while they’re hurting deeply. You are absolute filth.

    1. Do I look like a 90 year old inbreeding religious sociopath named Fred Phelps?

      Don’t remember the last time I crashed a funeral because I didn’t like one of the people attending. Matt Lees is a scumbag. But then, aren’t they all? We’ve seen so many people outing themselves as bigots in the past two months that it blows my fucking mind. Keep that shit tucked deep inside. Nobody else wants to hear about it.

      1. That’s the part I always find amusing though. They claim the gaming community is a hostile environment for women and minorities yet every opportunity they get they diminish me by either saying “lol, you’re obviously a white male channer in disguise” or “STFU house-nigger, you’ve clearly been indoctrinated by this hateful movement”. I shit you not, I have actually been compared to a slave. The projection is REAL.

        1. My Wife is Half-Mexican and finds the ‘Weaponized Minority’ idea extremely amusing. I was curious though, if she counts as 50% of a weapon for me (Because she’s half-mexican), or 150% (Because she’s Female and Half-Mexican.) Obviously I’m biased and I’ll go for the 150%. Also because I’m a complete Min-Maxer in my CRPG’s. ^_^

          (Hey Jess! Surprised to see you here. Am I unconsciously cyber-stalking you? Or are we both just looking for the good GG articles?)

          1. Yeah, I’m mixed white and black Caribbean and I can honestly say the only people trying to use me for their own ends are the SJW crowd. But then I have to wonder if being half white makes me half bad. Hence #notyourshield. Lol, these idiots… :’)

            Nah dawg, The Ralph Retort is where it’s at!

          2. I’ll say it again, you *definitely* need to sign up at The Escapist. Look how hard they bashed it on Friday after Alex Macris put those Dev Interviews up. The GMF really, really wants that site dead or co-opted. If you do, look up lmlloyd, tell him I sentcha. ^_~

            The whole Weaponized Minority bit, I just… I hate the concept of ‘White Man’s Burden’ (Although I’m big on ‘Accept the Consequences of your own Stupid Actions’) but guys like Lees, Kuchera, Alex Liefschitz supporting the idea? It actually does make me ashamed of my race. (I’m a CisWhite Male, European Mutt)

            It is so egregiously arrogant and incredibly *racist* to boot, to not give anyone the dignity to accept responsibility for themselves.

            However, if you didn’t know, their 3rd-Wave Feminist Ideology puts emotions as the primary arbiter of ‘truth’, so it’s *extremely* difficult for a devotee to accept anything other than what they ‘feel’ is correct. It’s Childish Immaturity to the Nth Degree.

          3. Dawg? Why yes, I do. Three of them. Here’s two of my lovely girls- Maya & Ivy-


            And Jo, who is as much a gamer as it is possible for a Dog to be(And a Nerd too. She doesn’t know how to play with the other dogs. Just stands & stares. Yes. She’s the “Fat Kid” 😉 –

          4. OMG they are beautiful. :3

            We had a Whippet Greyhound cross called Tinker but he had bone cancer and we had to have him put to sleep. :c

            With regard to this lmlloyd fellow, I notice he’s been suspended from the Escapist forums. I signed a thank you card for Archon for trying to display a diverse range of views but SJWs have a really big problem with neutrality and already bullied GaymerX into saying they don’t support us. It stands to reason they’d try and cannibalise him too.

          5. Oh, poor guy! Greyhounds are awesome. ^_^ Putting a dear friend down like that is one of the hardest things to do. To make that decision is brutal.

            My Wife & I had a Street-Mutt, Betty, who was Sweet & Brilliant, though a bit of a Diva. 😉 She walked out into the yard one afternoon, lay down & died. She was 16 1/2 though, so had a good long life.

            Anyway, yes, lmlloyd got hisself banned from the forums, baited by nasty trollish things. However, if you have an account, PM him, & say I sent you & you need to get in touch with my account there. He’ll direct you.

          6. What I like most about #notYourShield is how they keep talking about the women and minorities involved like their opinions don’t really matter, like it’s not their fault they’re supporting the horrible, horrible misogynist anti-feminist movement.

            Reminds me of how feminists act like male MRAs are never rape victims themselves, and are just using them.

          7. Au contraire, my opinions are the MOST important as a female and ethnic minority. Until they deem me to be incorrect and in need of re-programming and indoctrination. Whereas me being a decent person, I figure that everybody’s entitled to an opinion irrespective of whether it aligns perfectly with mine and what fucking colour they are.

        2. I’ve been called an Uncle Tom for bringing up the possibility

          that a black person and white person might ever come up with the same opinion on racial issues without the black person blindly agreeing with the white person.

          1. Gosh, really? Black people are capable of forming their own opinions
            which have the possibility of being identical to the opinion of a white
            person? I am truly shocked.

          2. I also suggested that the white person might actually be agreeing with the black person, which I think is really what ticked ’em off.

      2. Actually as far as ‘Religious’ goes Phelps was every bit as phony as he was about everything else, except for being a muckraking lawyer. The WBC is every bit as ‘christian’ as a vegetarian who ate only Double-Quarter-Pounders at McDonald’s.

  3. Expect nothing less from someone who is friends with Leigh Alexander…. I used to have a lot of time for Mr Lees and enjoyed his game and board game reviews immensely. But the revelation that he’s friends with Leigh Alexander shows exactly where this type of SJW bullshit is coming from. I’d like to think this isn’t the real Matt and just her pushing an opinion on him but alas, its starting to look more and more like he is a complete moron.

  4. I think ads are screwing up the formatting of your article, unless my browser is screwing up. I expect nothing less from these guys.

  5. opponent throwing disgusting insults at us and/or our leaders? Please revise this line, there are no leaders in gamergate 🙂

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