Hello readers, how is your Friday evening going so far? Mine is about to pick up after I run to La Milpa and grab a torta. I would make a joke that I’m hitting it up before President Trump has all the workers there deported, but I think you all realize by now that the Republicans in Congress are never going to allow something like that to happen. Actually, I highly doubt there going to do anything meaningful about the illegal immigration problem. At least I will be able to enjoy authentic Mexican and South American cuisine, though…for a few more days, anyway.

Enough blackpilling about the destruction of the middle class by the monied and political sectors. Let’s talk about antifa’s website getting hacked. That’s a bit more lighthearted. When you visit their website at this point in time, you will be redirected to a video by Professor Jordan Peterson. It’s topic? How postmodernism damages the health and well-being of students.


I can’t think of a more appropriate lecture to grace the antifa page. I’ll keep following this as the evening progresses. I imagine they will fix it before morning, but it’s antifa and they’re pretty incompetent. So, we’ll see.