I’ve seen some hyperbolic tweets in my day, but this one is near the top of the list. Take a look at what Vox hack Matthew Yglesias had to say about what a Trump administration would bring to the United States:



Let’s ignore how insane this is and talk facts. Trump would have no control over the discretion of local prosecutors, individual municipalities, and of course states themselves. He would have control over federal law enforcement, at least nominally. The attorney general and the Department of Justice are supposed to act independently of the president, although I’ll give Yglesias that just for the sake of argument. That doesn’t account for the entities mentioned earlier in this very paragraph, though.

It seems to me like Clinton supporters are doing everything they can to agitate minorities of any stripe in the hopes it will motivate them to turn out for Hillary. These media shills realize Hillary is no Barack Obama and that even many of her solid supporters aren’t thrilled with her candidacy. Mrs. Clinton just isn’t very inspiring, which has also been repeatedly acknowledged in the progressive press. So, what better way to turn out the vote than to use the race card? It might lead to death and destruction should Trump prevail, but oh well.

A shill has to do what a shill has to do.


UPDATE: Someone pointed this out on Twitter. I think it’s pretty relevant to the discussion above…