I’ve long talked about how I think #BlackLivesMatter is full of shit. If you know me, you know that I’m not a blind defender of the police in this country. In fact, I think that in a lot of ways, they are out of control and need to be reigned in. I blame most of their problems on The War on Drugs and the accompanying militarization that always seems to ratchet up and not down. I respect thoughtful and respected critics of this situation, but BLM doesn’t fit that bill.

Thankfully, former President Bill Clinton agrees with me.



I’m thrilled to see Clinton laying into these disingenuous disruptors like that, although I do have to question the wisdom of doing so. Hillary has been trying to suck up to BLM for a longtime now and this isn’t going to make that any easier. In fact, I would expect some sort of walk-back within the day. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen, but I think we may at least see some “clarification” pretty soon.

I know some people despise Bill. I get it, I really do. But my hometown is West Memphis, Arkansas and he was governor of the state when I was a small kid. I remember when he became president vividly. He’s definitely not perfect, as I can think of 15-20 things I would like him to take back off the top of my head. Still, when he speaks off the cuff like this you can at least see that he’s not one of these full-blown SJWs who refuse to think critically about the movements and rhetoric they support.


UPDATE: Progressives are losing their shit on Twitter…