Wow, what a fun Sunday. We have the RogueStar roast on Friday, and some other various fun things planned for the week. But first, let’s talk about #BlackLivesMatter and the scammer Shaun King. Even by BLM standards this guy is a fucking fraud. Now, his former allies are calling him out in the worst ways possible. They’re even making fun of his phony black man status now. Master Milo has the main article up, but this was so funny that I had to do one myself.

Here are the particulars from Milo himself…

“Senior justice writer” Shaun King, who recently sent this correspondent perhaps the most remarkable email in the history of right of reply, was just thrown under the bus by Deray Mckesson and other prominent BLM activists in a series of tweets drawing attention to alleged mismanagement of funds.

This is just the latest in a series of scandals for race-baiter King. Breitbart was the first media organisation to raise questions about Shaun King’s race that have still not been answered. Although King claimed for years to be biracial, after our report he was forced to admit he had no idea who his father was and that both of the people on his birth certificate are white.

He listed a lot of the beatdown tweets himself, but here are a couple he left out (plus some he included)…

OUCH, calling out the white boy status explicitly. That’s gotta hurt for this white bread ass motherfucker What caused all this in the first place? Here’s the deleted tweet from King?


More from Twitter…

Holy shit, I could keep going, but I really need to publish this post while the shit is hot. I’ll come back later and add some media links and extra tweets. Until then, go on Twitter and enjoy the fireworks! Shaun King is trending!! HAHAHA!!

  1. It was bought up already on another forum but Senior Justice Writer = SJW and being he’s an SJW, he royally fucked up and is now going to pay the price. Look at this fool, Anita / Randi as you’ll be next~

  2. And the dominos begin to fall. hopefully this’ll get those idiots at universities to end before I graduate from community college.

    1. White guy passing as black while raising and stealing money for the Black Lives Matter movement. Now BLM hates him cuz they accidentally stumbled on a principle in the dark.

    1. Who in the hell said that this mob was civilized? If the Joker saw all these protestors/hooligans he would retire to a tropical island.

      1. Sorry, I think the original was “These… ‘civilized people’… they eat each other”. Note the quote marks.

          1. Ah… yes, I did. Sorry ’bout that. But yes, the only time BLM was ever close to civilized was when they crashed Bernie Sander’s party, and we all know how that goes.

  3. Now I’m eagerly awaiting his next scam.

    But I have to think that if the Dems get in next year and have their way with immigration Shaun’s gonna start wishing he had pretended to be latino all along.

  4. Hogs calling to each other is not an implosion but just the pig sty it always was. How does a thing which operates like the KKK “implode”? It imploded at birth. Anyway, I hope that “sour dough-faced,” “crack ass cracka” enjoys his “white tears.” I’ve heard they go good with frozen drumsticks and diet-soda and other white cuisine.

  5. Wow! The son of a bitch was carrying a gun to school? Typical lefty hypocrite. You think he would have been friends with these two?

  6. Is there any social justice movement that isn’t run by charlatans looking to take money from well-meaning people? Rich people taking money to tell poorer people that other poor people are the reason for inequality in the world.

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