With the exception of talk radio, my media diet over the last six months has consisted of nothing but mainstream offerings. Tech coverage is almost non-existent in the MSM, you hear very little about free speech issues on college campuses, and you get short-changed when it comes to diversity of opinion. Oh, and international news is pretty much ignored on U.S. television unless they can somehow tie it to their normal coverage of Washington dysfunction. As you can imagine, I’m very eager to get back to my old ways when it comes to news consumption.

I do realize that none of what I just wrote is particularly revelatory. Hell, I’ve said those things on this very site many times. But when you’re exposed to MSM bullshit every single day with little in the way of alternatives, the shortcomings of the establishment press become even more glaring. Talk radio does help some, as does the BBC World Service if I stay up late enough to hear it, but those also pale in comparison to the multitude of sources available online. (And as we know, the World Service and talk radio are available online as well.)

I find myself wondering how the Washington Post even gets printed anymore. If I had internet access here it would be completely useless, at least as far as reading goes. I supposed I could wrap opened commissary with it or use the pages to cover this bright ass light at night. Beyond that, I can’t think of anything. As it stands, I’m glad we get the paper every day, but if I was out in the “real world,” I couldn’t imagine wasting my money on such a frivolity. What is the point? And when I think about it, cable news might even be worse. The networks repeat the same 4 or 5 stories all day long on a loop, rarely adding anything new. They do cover breaking news, which is more than I can say for the paper, but even that is miles better online. You’re much better off on Twitter when news breaks than you are listening to the airheads on television. It’s almost sad how little cable news offers in the way of intellectual value when you consider all the money spent on this rubbish. Every day I am reminded of why I quit watching this shit years ago.

Printed news is worthless, cable news is garbage, and while radio helps, it’s not nearly enough. Thank God I only have to deal with this situation until February 2nd. Until then, I will just have to push through with the hand I’ve been dealt…which is a good metaphor for this place in general.