I haven’t really gotten to talk about the DNC leaks here on the site because of all the bullshit going on in my real life, but let me address it as I settle back into TheRalphRetort saddle. If you watch the media or read their newspapers online publications, you would be hard-pressed to find any real discussion about what was actually in the emails. Instead, most of the focus has been about who hacked and then leaked them in the first place. According to Democrats and their media sycophants, it was obviously the Russians.

Actually, I agree with them. It does appear to be the work of the Russian security services, although we can’t prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt right now. However, even though I too think the Russians are likely behind this, I don’t think it matters all that much. The think I’m concerned about is the content of those emails, not who leaked them.

We interfere in other countries and their politics all the fucking time. Look at what we did with Brexit over in the UK. We’ve also backed Russian dissidents time and time again. Why is it that when Russia allegedly gets involved with our affairs people act like this is revolutionary? We’ve been doing the same sorts of things for year. Like Pat Buchannan said recently

Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. has used cyberwarfare to sabotage centrifuges in the Iranian nuclear plant in Natanz. We have backed “color-coded” revolutions in half a dozen countries from Serbia to Ukraine to Georgia — to dump rulers and regimes we do not like, all in the name of democracy.

Unsurprisingly, today, Russia, China, Egypt and even Israel are shutting down or booting out NGOs associated with the United States, and hacking into websites of U.S. institutions.

We were the first “experts” to play this game. Now others know how to play it. We reap what we sow.

I know our establishment likes to pretend things are different when another country does the exact same thing we’ve been doing for years, but the rest of the world doesn’t really see it that way. And let me say this: It’s really rich to hear #NeverTrump Republicans bitch and moan about foreigners getting involved in our electoral process when they had no problem whatsoever when Bibi Netanyahu basically endorsed Mitt Romney back in 2012. Now, they’re raising hell about Russia, which just shows you the natural hypocrisy of politics.

The DNC leaks showed that the committee wasn’t neutral in the nominating process, which is one of the most crucial things modern parties are supposed to do. Yes, I realize that Bernie Sanders is sort of a Democratic interloper, but that doesn’t matter. He was the only serious threat to Clinton and he did officially become a Democrat. He should have been treated fairly and the fact that he wasn’t should be a national scandal. The media and their Democratic allies are doing everything they can to prevent this.

Don’t let them.

  1. If it WAS Putin, it just means Hillary would be BAD for US/Russia relations, while Trump would be GOOD.

  2. Yeah I’m not going to be angry at Putin for giving me more and better information about our current election and the people involved…if in fact it was Putin which they’ll probably never be able to prove because he runs a badass of an organization that’ll have already covered their trail and burned the evidence.

    You’d think the globalist “progressives” would have figured out by now that all their whining about Putin whenever he outmaneuvers them only makes them look weak and incompetent while increasing his prestige and building his legend. Worse yet for them whenever they start immediately blaming everything that goes wrong for them on the guy without proof it makes them look like hysterical retards and allows him to fire off some of those savage insults he’s so famous for.

    1. They’re still stuck in that 1950’s “blame the commie boogeyman” mentality that worked when there was no source of information they weren’t feeding the people and we had to believe their every word. They are also so cucked they don’t understand that people follow strength, hence admiration of Putin and Trump.

      1. Especially as the world becomes scarier and the situation more turbulent, the dam is about to break and the political class seems to either be the only ones who can’t sense that OR they’re acting on the bugfuck belief that the problems will all go away if they wag their finger at their critics enough.

  3. obama visits canada with the mexican prez in tow, they go for a jog, do a photo op, announce US/canada/mexico “having a greater voice on the world stage” the next day US/canada announces they are sending troops to the russian border to “bolster nato” its fucked man…why antagonize russia? fucking soros doesnt have enough blood on his hands yet?

  4. It’s important to keep in mind the old Latin phrase, ‘cui bono’. Who profits?

    I’m not ENTIRELY sold it was the Russians. Hillary, as we’ve seen, is so blitheringly inept and corrupt that Putin could easily play her like a fiddle. Why attempt to derail her campaign?

    I’m not saying it wasn’t, but I’m definitely missing some puzzle pieces here.

  5. Wanders became a democrat the same way Hillary became a New Yorker for the purpose of getting her senate seat.
    Putin did it. Who cares? For my part I would rather see Putin in charge of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles than Erdogan. Having the king of Antioch bow to him is a good thing, too.

  6. I’ve been saying for years I wish I could vote for Putin. Ralph, I love watching you become more and more of a republican supporter with every post. It’s fun to see someone who was once rooted in liberal ideology be able to see through their magic show. You’ll probbaly get disillusioned with the republitards here and their stupid games eventually and realize the true path to fairness and freedom is individual liberty and become an almost anarchist like me.

  7. Another part of the email was that the DNC sent staff and paid lackeys to protest. Given the intimidation and violence uses by these leftists at Trump events one has to ask to what extent are these agents of the DNC involved with the violence.

  8. Very nice of Putin to try to save America from itself. Perhaps he’s not the monster the media portrays him to be.

    1. I always knew he was a nice guy, since his name shares the same pronunciation as my favourite French Canadian dish: Poutine

  9. Who cares? Are you serious? Regardless of the content of the leak and the fact that a 10 year old with google could crack an email system not using DMARC you should care a lot that Russians are trying to influence elections.

    Russians are trying to influence OUR elections. The fact that they want someone like Trump should concern you greatly. They are god damn Russian.

    Some of what was discovered is inexcusable. Some of it is stuff both parties engage in. I’d rather know than not.

    With that said I don’t want the Russians involved in anything we do nor do I want them cracking email servers.

    Stop calling it hacking too. It’s not hacking and its insulting to actual hackers

    Praise for Putin… Jesus this site has become a sad place.

  10. I often wonder what makes people do and say stupid things when it comes to Russia? Russia has an important role to play in world history today than neither America nor Europe can. Putin has been doing an excellent job of it so far.

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