Game journalism is something that I’ve always consumed while not usually knowing or caring who wrote the stuff. I’ll look at some article about a release date, leaked footage, or what have you, and barely even pay attention to the byline. It could have be written by anyone. It’s pretty much like that with gaming YouTubers as well, outside of a few. Then again, I have zero interest in watching someone else beat a game. I’m in for a minute or two, watching some gameplay, then I’m out. The point it to see if I will like it, not to watch someone else spoil things for me. Oh, and I might also watch a tutorial on how to beat certain things during a playthrough.

But other than that, I’m just not interested. I guess I just look at things from more of a research perspective when consuming this stuff. Also, I really hate spoilers and game journos (and YouTubers, since you’re literally watching them play in a lot of cases) are bad about that sort of thing.  But, even still, there are some journalists whose name stick in my mind, either through their prolific output or thought-provoking content.

Colin Moriarty, formerly of Kinda Funny, would be one of those guys. I’ve never watched any of his KF stuff, no, I remember him from his IGN days. He always seemed like one of the good guys. Well, I guess that’s why he had to go. As most of you know by now, he “resigned” from KF yesterday for this “controversial” joke

Yes, how terrible. A joke we’ve all heard a million times has now cost a guy his job with the group he co-founded. To say this is insane would be an understatement. But you know what his real sin was, though? It wasn’t making this tepid joke. It was doing it on one of these lame “women’s protest” days the left have been coming up with lately. The Day Without Women was about the most pretentious thing you could ever think of, so of course it was a complete flop, with most regular people not even noticing it was going on. I know this is a shock, but 85-95% of the country doesn’t even pay attention to goofy stuff like this. They have jobs, families, and hobbies. Chronicling leftist whining isn’t on the agenda.

Of course, chronicling leftist whining is a big part of my job, so I have to pay attention. Oh, and this is probably the funniest part of the whole story. Somehow his very mainstream joke that’s been told 2 million times is somehow racist as well!

IBT went back and changed the headline after being called out by Moriarty, by the way.

Anyway, Moriarty is going to be fine. In fact, he’ll most likely come out of this richer and with a better career path. Still, the whole thing is illustrative of just how far the regressives have gone down the PC path. You can’t even tell a well-worn corny joke about women not shutting up anymore without being labeled a persona non grata.