UPDATE: This was a joke piece done in response to this tweet:



Hi! Ebola-Chan here, the new EIC of TheRalphRetort.com

Ebola retort

So a few days ago, Ralph approached me about taking over his site, he just couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. Being the news mogul that he is, Ralph has many charities he needs to attend too.

I was over joyed at the opportunity of taking over the site, finally I would have a voice in the #GamerGate community. So form now on we will be serving you on a silver platter hot off the Reddit press. with important news like: Top 10 signs he’s not that into you. Or why eating makes you fat, you should stop it.

The Ebola Retort, unlike its previous over will not rely on well researched articles and facts. NO! We will write how we feel, and how we want others to like us, I’ve been in direct contact with Leigh Alexander to do some image consulting for T.E.R. I’m really excited for the work she will be doing for us. With her being a megaphone I hope she will use her voice to spread our name loud and proud!

We will also be starting up the donation fund “Whiskeygrende ++” (starting at 99.99) which will go to underprivileged youtubers who need the money. (We won’t give it to them, we will just pocket it ourselves) Click here to donate to us!

But not only do you get the honor of donating to our patreon, we will also be starting up a direct subscription model for our premium articles. Where you will find out all that important stuff, like who is banging who. And who is smoking what kind of drug. Just send your full name, visa / mastercard number, CCV2 and expiration date to: [email protected] (we are working to change the domain name as we speak.)

In closing I would just like to say, please go buy my game, which I made all by myself. It’s really good, I swear it. Prominent sites like Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku, Vice, Polygon have all done in-depth reviews of it. You can buy the game here

Our motto will be: “There is no cure for love, but give us enough money and we will pretend.”

  1. Oh my Ebola-Chan I am such a fan of yours it’s actually shameful, you are like a one-person boyband for me. Accordingly I am happy to see you be more active here.

    On the other hand I am really truly sad seeing Ralph hitting a breaking point. He is a great guy who does good work and tho I sometimes disagreed with some of his tactics I still fully appreciate everything he has done and respect him immensely. It’s a shame to say the least.

      1. I knew most of it was satire but I figured Ralph was taking a brake anyway because of the twitter stuff and because he tweeted it, I figured this was just “breaking the news” in a light-hearted way. Satire doesn’t translate as well in my language I guess, or I’m just on the slower side. Anyway glad to hear he is still determined as ever, sad for continued lack of Ebola-Chan.

      2. Not to mention what happened with KoP really didn’t help. I don’t think I can be surprised by any possibility anymore.

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