Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein and Keemstar have been fighting all week. If you want the full details on that battle, I suggest you catch up on the #Killstream. I’m not going to relay the whole feud here, but basically it boils down to Mr. Klein attempting to cancel Keemstar because Keem has been blowing him out on Twitter for quite some time. Now, all the moral scolds and hypocrites are out in full force to cancel a YouTube institution, DramaAlert. They call it toxic, but once you get a look at the rest of this post, I think you will see how they are actually the ones spreading the poison.

Last night, it was revealed that Old Spice has allegedly dropped Ethan Klein from their sponsorship role. This was confirmed by a high level source close to the Killstream, but until Old Spice or Klein makes an official statement, we won’t know for sure. However, they did allegedly send a DM out last night to this guy, Hotep Albania:

Now, I have no reason to believe this is fake, since their website was hacked and defaced later in the evening. But, still, we must qualify it and only give you the facts we have: Old Spice allegedly dropped Klein, it was confirmed by a high level source who claims to have talked to him, and Old Spice’s website was hacked during the overnight last night.

Oh, and here’s some more facts we know, from the “moral” fanbase of Ethan Klein…

This is the guy Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, takes private meetings with. He’s worked overtime all week to cancel Keemstar over years old allegations and drama. But he has the fanbase that is sending racial epithets, threats, and more, to people who alert Klein’s sponsors to his actual record. Now, that’s not co-signing an attack on sponsors, but this guy certainly did nothing to warrant the kind of racialized abuse he received over on Twitter.

Hopefully, Ethan Klein will speak out against this kind of despicable hatred coming from his fanbase.