I’ve known Arthur Chu was mentally unbalanced for a very long time. We’ve documented his insanity in detail here on this site. Another thing I’ve always been intrigued by is his complete hypocrisy. His latest episode encapsulates that once again.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that last night’s Milo Yiannopoulos event at UC Berkeley was violently attacked by unhinged leftists and anarchists. In fact, calling it a riot would be the more appropriate way to describe it. Unless of course you’re CNN, then it’s a “protest.” We’ll get to that in the next post, though. Let’s take care of Arthur first.

Here’s a young Trump supporter in a Make America Great Again (EDIT: See update below.) hat who gets pepper sprayed during a live interview last night on the UC Berkeley campus.


Most normal people would see something like this and naturally be revolted. But as we’ve recently seen, many on the left can no longer be considered normal. They cheered on the violence against Richard Spencer on the grounds that he’s a Nazi (he isn’t). Many of the more level-headed among us correctly saw this as the pretext to violently attack anyone the lefties deem to be ideological opponents. After all, anyone can be called a Nazi, regardless of whether or not they actually are.

Enter Arthur Chu…



It’s amazing only if you ignored what the real goal of the prominent online leftists was in the first place. They want to create a climate of fear, silencing anyone they deem to be guilty of wrongthink. This is only the beginning. Luckily, no one was killed last night. I doubt that will always be the case. When someone finally is killed by these lunatics, I wonder if people like Arthur Chu will cheer that on as well?

Actually, I don’t really wonder. I know for a fact they will. Dark times are on the horizon.


UPDATE: Actually, the hat said Make Bitcoin Great Again. It wasn’t even Trump’s famous slogan.