What does it mean to be “anti-feminist”? If you ask a feminist this question, they might say something like: “Being a feminist means you are in favor of equal rights for both men and women. Saying you are against feminism means you don’t agree with that.”

Of course, this rhetorical construction is complete bullshit. I can say with 100% certainty that I am in favor of equal rights for women. I don’t have them at all, contrary to what some rad fems have said about me over the years. Although I have been rejected by women before, I’ve also had several meaningful relationships with the opposite sex. I recently married a woman. Actually, my two favorite people in the entire world are women.

So, having said that, why have I spent the majority of my professional writing career trashing feminism? There are a few reasons. (Actually, there’s more than a few, but this is a blog post and not a book, so I’m gonna keep it short.) The first one that comes to mind is the way feminists tend to lie and/or distort. There can’t just be an issue with rape on campuses. There has to be an EPIDEMIC. There can’t be a biological reason to explain some of the gender disparities we see in various fields. It has to be men holding back the poor, mistreated Western women. Any evidence that shows feminism may be misguided at times must be suppressed or altered to fit The Narrative.

It’s not that feminists never have a valid point. Sometimes, they do. But they rarely want to concede to any counterpoint that contradicts their agenda. In many cases, they actively try to ruin those who present the inconvenient rebuttals to their arguments. All this happens despite the fact that most of the country say they are not feminists. Poll after poll shows this. Even most women refuse to claim the mantle. If you consume mainstream media on a regular basis, you would think things are completely reversed. Refusing to call yourself a feminist is not some rarity. It is the overwhelming norm.

And while I conceded that feminists sometimes have valid points I can consider and even occasionally agree with, the sad fact is that most of the time they do not.  This very site is home to example after example of the misguided focus of most Western feminists.  I do like to separate them like that, by the way.

Because there are some places in the world where it is truly terrifying to be a woman. Places like Pakistan, where I read a story earlier this summer that stuck with me. Some young boys raped a local girl in their village. The elder council responsible for meting out punishment came up with a truly barbaric settlement that consisted of one of the raped girl’s male relatives raping the sister of the original rapist. The council, in its infinite wisdom, also refused to let the new victim be one of the rapist’s married sisters. It had to be the virginal teenager instead.

This is the kind of predicament real women’s rights advocates works on. There’s story after story like this and almost all of them got completely ignored by feminist opinion writers. They would rather bitch about the number of Fortune 500 female CEO’s or whine about some new outrage from Donald Trump. Is it really any wonder why the feminist label is rejected by most reasonable people? To me, it’s only logical.