UPDATE: The Financial Times confirmed in January this is the real Twitter account of Kathryn Murdoch…

In September Kathryn tweeted: “A vote for Trump is a vote for climate catastrophe”, while on the night of the president’s stunning election victory she wrote: “I can’t believe this is happening. I am so ashamed.”

As I mentioned yesterday, and as you have no doubt already heard (unless you’re living under a rock), longtime cable news kingpin Bill O’Reilly was unceremoniously dumped from his primetime perch at Fox News Channel (FNC). I will say this upfront: I don’t really like Fox News all that much, besides Tucker Carlson’s show. However, they are useful as a counterweight against the extremely “progressive” mainstream media news organizations that comprise pretty much all of the TV landscape besides Fox. But  they’ve sold plenty of bad goods over the years, like the Iraq War and various other Establishment GOP boondoggles. Let’s not let them off the hook for those disasters.

Still, reports in the wake of O’Reilly’s ouster are pretty worrying if you value the balance FNC helps provide. Apparently, the wives of the ascendant sons of Rupert Murdoch, James and Lachlan, have been making moves behind the scenes. First, they succeeded in their efforts to get the guy who helmed Fox News since its inception, Roger Ailes, shitcanned last summer. Now, they’ve gotten an arguably even bigger scalp

Two powerful women quietly helped behind the scenes to bring Bill O’Reilly down.

Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch — the wives of the ousted talk show host’s young bosses — are at least partially responsible for his humiliating exit from Fox News Wednesday…

Behind the scenes, Sarah and James Murdoch’s wife, Kathryn, also pushed to sever the network’s ties to the prickly host, several sources said.

While Fox News politically leans to the right, the wives of its top executives lean to the left.

Kathryn and James Murdoch are the co-founders of the charity Quadrivium, which funds progressive causes like environmental protection, science, childhood health and equal opportunity in the workplace — issues not exactly aligned with many of Fox News’ biggest contributors.

Someone linked me to the Twitter account of Kathryn Murdoch earlier this morning, and at first, I thought this had to be a fake. How does it only have 227 followers, I asked myself. Then I went and looked at who those followers were. Two people who have written extensively about the Murdoch clan follow the account, as do bigwigs from the New York Post (a Murdoch property) and the Wall Street Journal (another Murdoch property).

I think it’s very safe to say this is her real account.

The most troublesome thing I see here is the globalist worldview that is represented in tweet after tweet. Such as her antipathy for so-called “fake news.” She means sites like mine, ones that deviate from the elitist narrative that is preferred by the jet-setting rich who have no real home country. They consider themselves citizens of the world.

She also prefers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to Steve Bannon, which is no surprise. It is kind of surprising that she tweets about that preference in such a flamboyant manner.


She also campaigned boisterously for Hillary Clinton and seems to just hate Donald Trump all the way around.


Oh, I bet you were very happy to see that on Fox, Kathryn. I think we can all see where Fox is headed if you and crew get their way.

This is from the night of the election, once it became clear Donald Trump was going to end up being President Trump.

Here she is the day after, whining about how the elites had been (rightfully) demonized.

The list goes on and on. She’s even taken to propping up the insane rantings of Louise Mensch.


Under normal circumstances, it might not be worth worrying about what Mrs. James Murdoch is tweeting out. But report after report emphasizes the outsize influence she has on Fox News and the Murdoch media empire as a whole.

And while Rupert had always considered [Roger] Ailes one of his closest allies, his sons had a more difficult relationship with him. James’s wife, Kathryn Murdoch, in particular had always disliked Ailes, according to the magazine.


And Lachlan Murdoch’s wife is no better, also injecting her progressivism into the Murdoch family business.


Lachlan and Sarah have been married for 18 years and while the former model holds no official position in her father-in-law’s company, she is close to Rupert and according to sources is a very trusted member of the family. 

That is why her opinion about O’Reilly likely mattered so much much to Lachlan, who reportedly then banned together with brother James to convince their father that the host had to go. 

If you want to see where Fox News is likely headed in the next 5-10 years, look no further than Kathryn and Sarah Murdoch.

UPDATE: While I was writing this, I was alerted to the top story on The Drudge Report. Check it out…

For James, 44, and Lachlan, 45, the hope is to reshape this legacy, to move Fox away from what they see as its retro, Trump-style views toward, well, something nicer (and to do this profitably, they hope, somehow).


MORE: A reader pointed out this tidbit to me on Twitter. Kathryn actually used to work for the Clinton’s

Kathryn Murdoch is described as a former model and marketing executive. According to Wikipedia she works for the Clinton Climate Initiative, a charitable foundation set up by the former U.S. president, Bill Clinton in 2006.

Another link

Between 2007-2011, Ms. Murdoch served as Director of Strategy & Communications for the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) where she also managed CCI ‘s partnership with Microsoft in the development of a global greenhouse gas emissions tracking software.  Before beginning to work with the Clinton Foundation, Ms. Murdoch held a variety of senior management positions in marketing, communications and business development, primarily in the fashion and online media arenas.

  1. This was always going to happen eventually. Since when do men ever say no to women and feminist demands these days?

    Tucker Carlson better start learning how to propagate the Wage Gap, Rape Culture, Body Positivity, ShoutYourAbortion, KillAllMen,etc. issues otherwise he’s going to be fired.

  2. We really need a well funded network owned by pro-Americans and staffed by pro-Americans with the polish of Fox.

      1. I like OAN and they show some promise but the on-air personalities save for Liz Wheeler just aren’t there yet.

    1. “Well-funded” is the key. There is conservative talent out there- -they need the funding to be able to recruit the good people until they can grow their revenue stream. Fox News was backed by a billionaire at its launch- -Rupert Murdock.

  3. Well, that’s fine. Many people have had enough of Fox as it is, they’ll go out of business pretty soon once their loyal base realizes they’re screwed.

      1. No, they’ll lose their credibility with the very people who fled those other stations for them. This will allow someone else to play the tune these people want to hear, I understand breitbart is making moves into more media, who knows what could happen, but no one believed fox would last at the beginning until they started taking scalps.

  4. *shrugs* If O’Reilly hadn’t gotten himself caught on tape in the past, causing Fox to pay out millions in settlements, there would be no problem now. Fox under Ailes kept allowing behavior that I knew would get me fired at places like IBM and Hewlett-Packard back in the 1990s. Now it’s caught up with Ailes and O’Reilly. My sympathy for them is non-existent; had they tended to their corporate culture, they wouldn’t have this problem now.

  5. Are they replacing him with that hack Perrino? She sucks. Regardless, this is bullshit these were ten year old allegations that an anonymous woman just now reported. Same old shit, now they’ll go for Hannity and then Carlson…

  6. Fox News gets about 3 million viewers on average with an average age of 70… Who watches cable anymore? Free network antenna TV news has a much higher viewership and much younger age, but most people are getting their news online because they have more choice and it’s mostly free. Do we really want to rely on septuagenarians tied to their cable TVs to guide what we think?

  7. In my cable package, there is a news option. I’m cancelling it. I might just cancel all cable as it’s $150/month after taxes. I could subscribe to 15 online channels for that price and they’d be channels that I actually chose as opposed to those that my cable company thinks I should see. We need to vote with our pocketbooks.

    1. I cut cable-TV a long time ago. Saved myself a whole bunch of money, and my blood pressure’s gone down! Seriously, everything worth watching can be found online without paying for the cable-TV, and everyone that does pay for it, is putting money into the pockets of the enemy!

      (I read recently that each cable-TV subscriber puts about $1.50/mo toward CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc.- which amounts to about 1.5 Billion Dollars for each network! So it isn’t the ad revenue they’re after, that’s just icing on their media cake!)

      Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor: CUT THE CABLE NOW!

    2. We bought an Amazon Fire box and are very happy. The first benefit is that you control when a program starts. There is so much news on the net that I no longer need video news feed for news. Any video of note eventually ends up on YouTube anyway. Cut the cord and use the savings to get faster net connection.

  8. Tucker will either roll over or leave. Remains to be seen. Hannity is next to go. Shep will be the lead pup! Good bye, FOX!

  9. FoxNews became #1 because it was the lone voice of the Right before the internet came of age. If the Murdoch kids destroy the network by making it just another MSM mouthpiece it’s their loss, not ours.

  10. Anyone using “Radio Free Europe” these days?

    I’ve noticed the increase in Fox News stories that are actually AP bylines and no comments allowed.

    After this, I’ve already purged Fox from my bookmarks.

  11. lI am actually wanting to treat Liberals like they treat the rest of us. If one so much as gets up in my face yelling I going to throw up right in their face. They go to our town hall meetings and rallies and disrupt them so bad we cannot even ask questions. When we have peaceful protest they come and attack us. They stop anyone from speaking that does not agree with them and then they have the balls to call us names. I have reach my limit with these idiots. Now Fox News is going to become another Liberals station, well they can kiss all their watchers good by. I say boycott them and all their Advertisers. Lets put Fox News out of business.

  12. I have a remote control. I can get my news from any channel that I want, or no channel at all. I watched Fox because it was not the hive-minded ABCNBCCBSCNN. I finally cut the cord as Fox drifted left. If I wanted Fox to be more like Sky, I would just switch to Sky. Bye, Bye!

  13. So, did the girls threaten to cut the boys off if O’Reilly wasn’t gone?

    Look out, Tucker.

  14. They did to O’Reilly what they did to Glenn Beck. Hannity and Carlson are next ? Someone of conservative roots needs to start up a channel that would hire O’Reilly and Beck for starters (?). Most of the REAL news issues have been swept back by FAUX over the years.

    One note to be taken seriously here: About 3-4 months ago, O’Reilly made a statement on his show that he was going to start investigating Soros and look into what this “guy” is doing. SUDDENLY he is gone thanks to media-matters, a Soros funded ‘soldier’ ? That POS must be taken out.

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