I’ve been reading Jessica Valenti’s work for a long while now. You might ask why I would subject myself to such brutal punishment. Well, I do it so you don’t have to! Also, it’s fun to laugh at morons like Valenti. But every once in awhile, she goes from idiotic, to downright insane. Her last column was one of those times. 

In it, she said that feminism isn’t about hating men. OK, that’s a lie in many cases, but we’re off to a reasonable start. Then she says, even though IT’S NOT ABOUT HATING MEN, YOU GUYS, it’s would be cool even if it was. What the fuck? Did she really just go there. Yea, she did. She went off the fucking #FullMcIntosh scale, in fact. I think she’s been around so long that she might have her own scale, come to think of it.

Apparently, she’s never heard of women killing men, or cutting off their penises, taking their children away out of spite, or totally fucking their finances. When women hate men, they do a whole lot of damage, and vice versa. I’m not saying men are angels here. That’s because I’m not a demented imbecile like Jessica Valenti. Pretending women are any more civilized than men is absurd. Exhibit A: Ms. Valenti herself.

Doesn’t this Grinch have more important things to write about, like how we need to get rid of Christmas so her lazy ass doesn’t have to wrap presents anymore?


I’m pretty sure your stingy ass never gives out many presents, anyway. I even looked through her old columns again and tried to find a decent one, but to no avail. Every single one is full of shit.

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How does this woman have a job? It’s not like she’s a skilled writer. But, we both know why she does. It’s the clown-suit she doesn’t mind wearing. Most people come and read at her stuff just to have a laugh. Read the comments on her article, if you don’t believe me. So, she’s basically just a decently-paid court jester. No one with half a brain takes this misandrist nutcase seriously. I await her next column eagerly. What act of radicalism will she defend next?