I’m about to go live at the top of the hour, but I simply had to talk about this shit today. Hopefully I get this done before the show starts, but if not, then at least you will understand the reference. Tonight, we’re talking about open marriages. Now, on the face of it, there’s nothing inherently wrong with such an agreement. I don’t see how it could work for me personally, but if you’re open and honest, and both of you are of the same mindset, then maybe you can pull it off. The man we’re going to highlight tonight is in a different situation.

Here’s an excerpt that will tell you all you need to know: 

As I write this, my children are asleep in their room, Loretta Lynn is on the stereo, and my wife is out on a date with a man named Paulo. It’s her second date this week; her fourth this month so far. If it goes like the others, she’ll come home in the middle of the night, crawl into bed beside me, and tell me all about how she and Paulo had sex…

Before my wife started sleeping with other men, I certainly considered myself a feminist, but I really only understood it in the abstract. When I quit working to stay at home with the kids, I began to understand it on a whole new level…

When my wife told me she wanted to open our marriage and take other lovers, she wasn’t rejecting me, she was embracing herself. When I understood that, I finally became a feminist…

There are of course moments of jealousy, resentment, and insecurity. Recently, my wife went on a date and fell asleep at his apartment. I hadn’t heard from her since 10 p.m., she still wasn’t home at 6 a.m. My texts went unanswered and my calls went to voicemail. A tight knot of dread lodged in my stomach as I imagined all kinds of dire scenarios and realized that I not only didn’t know where she was, I had no idea whom she was with.

Man, can you imagine a bigger example of cuckery? I certainly can’t. If you can read the whole article, it’s even worse. You can tell that this guy is pathetically depressed. It took six months for his whore of a wife to talk him into this. When you have a real, trusting, open marriage, it doesn’t look like this. Both partners agree, and they don’t require months of cajoling to come to an agreement. I honestly feel sorry for this guy, I won’t even lie. It’s hard to get angry with him like I do the usual targets on this site. It’s fucking sad.

How does a man get to this point? I have no idea, to be honest. I would probably kill myself before reaching this level. Let me know what you think. The show is about to start, and we will be covering this as well. Have fun with commenting on this cuck. I’ll be back later this evening with more posts. Stream link is below:



  1. yeah, i just kinda felt bad for this guy. Open marriages can work, but they require rules and boundaries and mutual respect, and above all communication. That does not seem to be present.

    1. Yeah, this seems like the EXACT OPPOSITE of how an open marriage scenario could work well for both partners.

      How the husband believes that somehow “he is now a real feminist” because of this arrangement is beyond bizarre.

      Now that I think about it, this is pretty much the ideal marriage for the current radical feminists.

      Hell, somehow she even convinced him to prostrate himself in print!

      What else could a modern bat-shit-crazy feminist want?

    2. Open marriages require, most importantly, mutual desire to enact such a lifestyle. If it took 6 months of booze talk to get this guy to bend to her will then it is in no way mutual.

  2. And she gets preggo, he pays the price. What an idiot. Toss that slut out on the street or take your kids and leave.

  3. Wow. I mean, I won’t tell him to be a man– that ship has not only sailed, it was raided by pirates and sunk. But, Jesus Christ, even other androgynous eunuchs show more self-respect than you.

  4. … I gave up. I’m still banging my head on my lunchroom table at work at I speakdiddjdndb. Db b d

    *knocked out*

  5. He’s a stay-at-home dad too, she probably sleeps around because she can’t see him as a man.

  6. Between this comment and the other, I’m not sure if I like you, or want to smack my head at your comments.

    That makes you interesting. Welcome to the Retort community.

  7. Every day I’m informed of some new hurdle, new test, new sacrifice or effort I am expected to make in order for a modern woman to decide I’m worthy of her presence in my life and to keep her in it once she’s there. My question is simply why these increasingly crazy and unreasonable chicks think I’d even want THEM?

  8. So, my question, totally unrelated to the article in question, is, how does one get a hold of the Ralph man himself?

  9. A relationship is a give and take agreement. What exactly does he get out of this arrangement that’s positive? Certainly doesn’t sound like a healthy open relationship.

    1. That’s modern feminism for you… This is the type of parasitic relationship that they promote, where the man is taken advantage in every way possible without gaining anything beneficial from it.

    2. He gets to become an alcoholic who thinks him not wanting to have his wife cheat on him is patriarchal oppression men have used to subjugate women. Tell me what isn’t beneficial about that!

    3. Strangely enough, there are people who get off on knowing their spouse is getting fucked by someone else. Some like to hear their significant other give them the details, and some go farther than that and watch their husband/wife get plowed by someone else while they watch. It takes all kinds.

      1. While I’ll agree with you that there certainly plenty of folks just like you described, this guy doesn’t seem to fit in that category.

        He just sounds like he’s depressed and completely lacking in self-confidence.

        How’s his side of the “open” marriage work?

      2. Yeah, there’s definitely a fetish for that and there are people who actually enjoy it and get off on it. After reading that guy’s article, it’s apparent he’s not of those people.

    4. I can already tell several things about their marriage. One of them is the fact that HE is the bitch in the relationship. We also know that during this “open marriage”, he was NOT getting laid. His wife knew this would be the arrangement if he were to agree to her plan. She knew he would give in. She was already fucking other dudes behind his back but I guess she wanted the thrill of being able to tell him to his face that she’s getting the “D” from other men, while he’s powerless to do anything about.

      His wife may be a feminist and may bitch about macho traditional/stereotypical males, but they still make her wet. He said his wife was dating some guy name “Paolo”. I’m assuming he’s Italian & from the “old country”. I’m willing to bet everything he’s the total opposite of her husband. If feminists had their way, the “cuck provider/alpha sex partner” arrangement would be the default order of things.

      I kind of feel bad for the dude, but he brought this on himself. He’s now miserable and jerking off (you know she ain’t fucking him any more) like he used to before meeting his wife. Sucks to be him. That article sounds like he was trying to convince himself that he made the right decision while trying to remain in a state of denial.

  10. Wow…. and i thout nobody could be less of a man then those who support radical feminisms. …. I dont usualy want people to kill themselves… but this man… should kill himself….He has no real meaning to live for. His wife fucks around cus she wanted an open marriege…. he is at home taking care of the kids…..Why did they even get married if she wanted to be able to do whatever the fuck she wanted. Does marriege mean nothing today?

    1. Well, we don’t know if his kids are actually his… His slut of a wife might have fucked a bunch of men when getting pregnant and used this beta slave as a provider and nanny for the children.

      1. My god imagine if she took him to the Muray Show…

        Actually no nevermind… he would still claim it makes him more of a feminist to take care of his (slut) wife’s children.

  11. This is one of the most pathetic god damn things I’ve ever read. This guy is a fucking useless loser.

    Hope that stupid fuck enjoys STDs. What am I saying, his wife probably won’t even fuck him anymore.

    1. “Here, pay my bills, raise my kids. That’s a good boy. Clean up the house while I go out and fuck 37 different guys. See you whenever, faggot.”

      It’s absolutely pathetic. He’s got no self respect or self esteem. “Yes, ma’am. Thank you, mistress.” How much do you want to bet that if he went out and fucked another woman she would eviscerate him? This is the PINNACLE of being a useless, spineless loser.

      How long until this is the next trend for male feminists? “Yeah, I allow my girlfriend to fuck other men.”

      1. How long until this is the next trend for male feminists?

        Male feminists are mostly incels or manboobed white knights, but maybe they’ll start letting their waifu pillows cheat or something.

      2. How long until the next step in this stupidity. the male feminist pays her everything and raises her kids when she does not want to deal with them, however she is married to and lives with another man.

  12. only reason I can think of is “staying together for the kids”, which is a pretty dire state for a relationship to be in.

    1. That’s the exact reason my wife and I waited a LONG time to have children. Why put kids through a divorce and the resulting custody squabbles?

  13. That’s how I feel about open relationships. Go ahead and try it if you like, but I think the.vasy majority of the people who try it can’t handle it.

    1. Both partners have to be legitimately polyamorous for it to work.

      Most women are not, and most men for that matter are not either.

    2. I tend to assume the guy got worn down over the years well before she made this proposal, but I know of no solution than to teach men to value themselves and set boundaries.

  14. Jesus H. Christ. King of the Cucks is correct. I simply couldn’t get through the whole article. He literally stays at home while his wife get’s side dick left and right and he let’s her get in bed with him and tell him about all the guys she fucked? Utter;y pathetic.

  15. I get where this guy’s coming from, in the sense that he didn’t want it to go down. However, I can’t fathom what kind of trauma he must be enduring by allowing it to continue. But i’ve been in a much less severe version of this in high school and even that was enough to basically make me feel like a worthless piece of shit. Self worth goes down the fucking drain.

    This is, through and through, psychological abuse. He is justifying her behavior by further blaming himself for simply being a fucking man. This hurts. If this is real then this guy seriously needs help. He can’t even stand up for himself. It’ll all inevitably just blow up in their faces down the road.

    1. It’s on him to help himself. Hell, find a state that still has at fault divorce, try to pull some loopholes.

      He could legitimately get custody. She works all day and goes out fucking randos all night.

      Family court is typically a losing prop for men, but anything is better than that.

      1. Oh for sure he has a case if he wants to divorce. The sad part is that he doesn’t want to. I’m just saying that mentally he is fucked. He has to be at a point of utter manipulation and self degradation. That’s how you control people for your benefit, and this guy/character is a perfect representation of what happens when a human being loses all sense of self worth.

  16. Lol, actually surprised Ralph gave attention to this cuck.

    Worst thing is, the dude is clearly a victim, his wife is clearly abusive, and he writes this article which was not transparent at all in that he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince the readers that this is cool.

    It almost read like feminist satire, because it is exactly this type of desperate loser feminists sought to protect women from becoming.

        1. Right? I hear what Ralph’s saying, but the NYT has been caught printing bullshit, and so has Rolling Stone. This may well be another example. It all seems a bit contrived IMO.

          I hope it’s fake. If it’s true, it’s the saddest thing I’ve read in a while.

          1. Rolling Stone was pushing an agenda. What agenda is being pushed here? That a man is a sad shell of a human being? Well it is getting a lot of attention, so who the fuck knows anymore.

  17. So when a man fucks around on his wife, it’s “cheating”, but when a woman does it to her husband, it’s “feminism”?


    Dude needs to get his balls back and get himself some strange (be it pussy or dick or anything in between). If one spouse can step out, so can the other. No if, ands, or butts.

  18. I refuse to even read the article. That just sounds fucking depressing. Jesus Christ, what a complete disaster.

    1. I couldn’t finish it either, it gets worse, not better. Poor guy seems to have wrote it to convince himself as much as the reader this is what feminism is about.

      Which, in some twisted way, it is. It is a confused as fuck ideology where women should be as drunk and promiscuous as they want, but we must avoid slut tropes and objectification and sexualizing and, while, as you must know now, feminism is the paranoid schizophrenic in the family of ideologies.

      It is all of these things and none of them. Which is why newspeak comes so easily to feminists.

      1. Absolutely. Sexualizing women for men is sexist. Men are the only ones responsible during a drunken sexual exchange in which both parties are intoxicated, and then this.

        If anyone’s heard of Jenn Tisdale, a would be comedian, she did the same thing with porn star James Deen and against her boyfriend’s wishes. The whole ordeal earned her an article in the The Huffington Post It was apparently meant to open discussions about sex, and women’s openness about sexuality. It’s shit.

        This is pure cruelty, and nothing else. The ability for one gender to enact any behavior that tickles their libido and gets the golf clap while the other is not only shamed for theirs, but also has to accept when their dignity is shit on reeks of a sense of supremacy.

  19. What a pussy. Does he give out his wife’s # so people looking for head could get a hookup? I mean, be a real feminist.

  20. For what I’ve understand this is no matter of open couple but a poor guy that married a slut.

  21. I have no sympathy for the man. He is using “I AM A FEMINIST!” as a fcking excuse to run away from reality and trap himself in his own personal hell. In his situation, I’d have run the fuck away from town, or even leave the country, because F this shit.

    At least he gave us an idea of what is the end game for those self-entitled cunts. And its not pretty for the future of the millenials and post-millenials generations.

    Perhaps the 2010s, or even the 2020s babies will see how the press, academia and feminists are beyond FUBAR and decide to go back to the patriarchal values from 1800s to 1950s in an effort to save western civilization and western countries declining birth rates. LOL

  22. I was once friends with a ‘Christian’ that was in an open relationship. One of the most head scratching things I’ve ever seen.

  23. I can’t even comprehend the levels of sad you have to plunge down into to reach the point where you think other guys banging your wife is empowerment. And then to think that’s the real power of feminism…I mean…what the unmitigated fuck? He goes on to say, “…yes, I too enjoy sexual carte blanche. I just don’t use mine as much as my wife uses hers”. I call bullshit. No woman (not even your wife evidently) wants your tiny beta cock anywhere near them. I’d like to feel even the smallest twinge of pity for this guy but he’s just so goddamn pathetic.

    1. And also, unless it is a society that is patriarchal, men don’t get to have a wife and sleep with other women. I doubt his wife would be “as cool” as he is if he came home every other night after sleeping with someone else.

  24. Note in the article how he says “What’s important is equality of opportunity, not outcome.”. If only every feminist believed this. I sincerely doubt that if he was screwing around and she was waiting at home worried that this would be such a cheery tale of feminism.

    Maybe a Paulo, Randy or Tyrone will find themselves on the wrong end of a false rape charge? Maybe wifey will wake up strangled and in a dumpster? Maybe hubby will greet her return with a playful swipe to the head with a baseball bat? It’d be nice to hear how this works out eventually.

  25. I’m not convinced open relationships work when the couple actually care about and love each other. For people who are dating, it can be a fun way to expand your horizons, but it’s poison to a committed relationship.

  26. A woman’s sexuality should be embraced rather than diminished simply because it makes it harder for some men to feel as belligerent due to their sexual prowess. Many women just have a larger appetite for sex than some men can handle, and so looking outside the relationship for some physical satisfaction can make it possible to stay faithful in an emotional sense.

    1. “Many women just have a larger appetite for sex than some men can handle,”
      Were you one of those men before you started pretending to be woman? Or were you a homosex?

    2. Then go sleep around and don’t be in a relationship of any kind. I couldn’t care less if anyone wants to be promiscuous, but a healthy relationship is an agreement, and no one should be forced to allow their partner to fuck other people and just be okay with it in an attempt to “embrace” their overactive sexual desires. Also, if it was a man doing the same thing, would it still be acceptable to you? My guess is that it would not be, so basically, keep your doublethink stupidity to yourself. Your comment section reads like a textbook on how to be the dumbest left-wing extremist, because someone has to lead the charge, right?

      1. You don’t think it’s appropriate for women in relationships to enjoy themselves sexually?

        I suppose you like your women going around wearing chastity belts while they’re stuck barefooted in the kitchen. Well that sort of thinking is really just completely outdated now and it probably would be more appropriate for men to try being stuck in the kitchen for a bit to learn how it would have felt, though that probably would be considered appropriating women’s culture making it a bit wrong to do.

        1. ROFLCOPTER!!!1! Ok, troll. That was the de facto weakest stawman argument I have ever seen, hands down, blue ribbon winner. I don’t feed trolls, so you have yourself a nice day, whackado.

  27. Every day that goes by I seem to get another reminder that I’m making the right decision in avoiding a traditional relationship.

  28. An open relationship is about partners seeking sex to keep things interesting. Notice how HE isn’t seeking out extra-marital sex, just her. Notice how it was never an option for him to say NO. Relationships do NOT have to be “open,” that is a conversation that happens as equals and if a “no” is brought up by your partner you MUST respect this. This is a very prevalent matter in the gay community where sex is sometimes equivalent to a hand shake (I’m not complaining). Now, Triads? Don’t even get me fucking started on THAT nonsense. You cannot love two people in a “committed” relationship. To paraphrase Bender from Futurama, “Love is a jealous thing.” He was paraphrasing someone else, but you get the gist. This guy is fucking pathetic and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if he were making shit up to push an incredibly liberal social agenda of “let women do whatever they want or you’re raping them by not letting them sleep around.”

    1. Of course he isn’t seeking sex outside of the relationship. For the same reason that he is allowing her to seek sex outside of the relationship. He can’t get any other pussy. She can get a lot of other dick. If he could get a lot of other pussy, he wouldn’t put up with this chick’s shit to begin with. But he can’t. And he’s desperately afraid it’s his last pussy ever. So let her do whatever it takes to keep her from dumping him and leaving him to his hand.

      1. yep, he’s totally free to go have sex with whomever he wants… but he mentions 3 men his wife slept with and zero that he slept with.

  29. Seems to me besides her getting bored, since he’s a stay at home father, she started to frown on that and began looking elsewhere for sexual excitement. When she felt guilty about it, she hounded him to be okay with the idea. When he gave in, she could then start fucking everyone else without worry. And this guy talking about it to the world is his way to talk about it because it’s killing him inside. He says that he’s doing it too, that they take turns, and that he gets laid also…my money is on ‘um no’ he isn’t. Because it is infinitely more difficult for a guy to get laid than it is for a woman….and he’s the one posting about it. Because he’s unhappy and not getting anything out of this arrangement.

    Right now the only thing keeping that guy together is the hope that his wife will grow out of this phrase, and maybe fear for the children. A marriage is a commitment. When you break it, it’s no longer a marriage. You’re just roommates at best, and if not for the children, these two would have been divorced two years ago.

    But the most bizarre thing about this is I don’t even know if it’s a true story. When I saw the word feminist, it sounded the alarms for me. It’s almost as if a feminist wrote this fake story to push their agenda, that a woman has the god given right to cheat if they want to, just like a man. Because, you know, it’s our god given right to cheat if we want to and it’s totally acceptable right? So women should be, too. I don’t know. Red flags all over this.

  30. Oh man. In my late teens and twenties, these were the guys who were married to or living with the women I was seeing and fucking. In my late thirties, I now actually feel kind of bad for these pathetic creatures.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong — an open relationship is fine if that is your thing. Good luck navigating those waters, though (been there, done that). It’s even harder than just maintaining a threesome. Even just a couple bringing extras in for fun sometimes is fine.

    But just rolling over like a gaping twat like that . . . I mean, where is your testosterone? Why are you even married?! This strikes me as the kind of guy who is so scared of not being able to keep his woman that he’d rather let her roam (which will eventually lead to her ditching him for the better option that she comes across later, anyway… and putting him in financial jeopardy in the process) instead of putting his foot down.

    This is also the kind of guy who marries the first piece of pussy he ever gets fresh out of high school, because he’s terrified it might be the *only* pussy he *ever* gets.

  31. I’m curious to know what you think he should have done, and would have done, if he was one of those elusive real men that a growing number of self respecting and socially canny women have bemoaned the loss of.

  32. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this has got to be a fake. It sounds like something a feminist would write. When you look up Michael Sonmore’s bio, you’ll notice this is the only article he wrote. When you google his name, nothing comes up except in relation to this article (no twitter, no facebook, no mention of what college or university he graduated from).

    The article starts with him playing Loretta Lynn on the stereo and drinking gallons of red wine… what kind of straight male does that? This whole article doesn’t have a “male’s voice”, it doesn’t read like how a man would actually think. It reads like a narrative from a female’s point of view. It reads like one of those hardcore feminist playing a male and trying to imagine how a male would think and react in to justify a hypothetical scenario. It feels like an attempt by a feminist to try and help beta cuck men think and rationalize that it’s ok to let their wives sleep around and fuck other dudes.

    This article doesn’t read like a man “discovering what an open marriage is about” and becoming “okay” with it. It reads like a feminist fantasy. Just look at the whole article:

    – the mom is the breadwinner, the dad is the stay at home parent.

    – the mom has a great job, and a social life, and the dad doesn’t.

    – the narrator’s idea of feminism is that women can be “who they really are” by sleeping around with other guys who aren’t their husbands (while a lot of male feminist are beta bitches, I don’t think they’d be that much of a bitch to believe that idea of feminism).

    – while marriage is “united to his wife/her husband, and they will become one” this writer’s idea of marriage is “though we’re together, we’re not one”.

    – This guy isn’t worried about dudes fucking his wife, he’s worried about his wife falling in love with someone else. When guys find out their lover is sleeping with other men, they don’t worry about them falling in love with someone else, they’re more upset at the fact they’re sleeping around.

    With all that said, if this is a real article from a real husband in this situation, it’s unbelievably sad and depressing. Not once does he mention his own sex life with his wife, not to mention the affect this will have on their kids when they find out (because they will eventually find out about this someday).

    1. I agree that it sounds like a fantasy of some girl-power types, but the larger problem that I have with it is that this would so easily be labeled an abusive relationship by many feminists (hell, many women broadly) if the man and woman’s roles were reversed. The conspiracy angle just isn’t necessary for me to heavily criticize the story for its abject hypocrisy. Not that you aren’t right in your own criticism, but that ‘truth’ in regards to this article is fairly irrelevant to the delivering of other heavy criticism to it.

  33. you have heard of the most interesting man in the world, well hears the most pathetic man in the world.
    I’m both wishing for and dreading the moment where his brain finally puts one and one together and all kinds of hell breaks loose. its like watching a section of black ice on a freeway that is otherwise “clean” you know something horrible is about to happen it’s just a matter of when.

  34. So it took six month to get him to agree to this but how long did it take her to convince him to let her cut his balls off?

  35. You guys should try hanging out on cuckolding forums. It’s quite entertaining. Here’s how it usually goes:

    1. New guy comes in. “Haiguis! Me and my wife have thought about opening our marriage, where do we go from here?”

    2. New guy gets lots of advice, and also lots of warnings, which he of course completely ignores.

    3. Wife goes on date with other guy. The combination of arrousal and jealousy makes the pre-cuck cry out for more. “I’m so arroused! But so shameful! But so arroused!” New guy continues to ignore more warnings.

    4. Wife starts fucking other guy(s). New guy is now a cuck addicted to the rush of arrousal and conflicting powerful emotions of jealousy. He wants more! He also starts talking about the wife “deserving a real man”. Can New Guy take it any further?

    5. Of course he can. He stops having sex with his wife, and now prefers to furiously beat off while wife tells him about how she got plowed last night. New guy starts spending most of his waken hours looking for “bulls” for his wife. Decides to get a chastity belt. Writes long posts about how hard he is when he helps her get ready for her dates and paints her toenails. Fantasizes about how hot it would be if another man got his wife pregnant, and he had to pay for and raise the “bulls” baby.

    6. That’s weird… New guy hasn’t been online for awhile. What could be the matter? Most people know though.

    7. New guy is back online! Yay! Oh… Wait… Cancel the Yay! Cause New guy just wrote a post about how his wife just left him to be with one of her boyfriends. She was so torn, New guy tells us. Because she loves him, but also because the new guy made it clear that he won’t accept her sleeping around or having contact with other men. That includes New Guy. The rest of the board mumbles “we warned you” and leaves New guy to masturbate furiously to the few pictures and videos wife let him keep. New guy becomes yet another regular when all of a sudden:

    8: New guy comes in. “Haiguis! Me and my wife have thought about opening our marriage, where do we go from here?”

  36. …I never advocate murder-suicide, but goddamn. This is one of those situations where that’s the “Good Ending”. Open relationships never work unless both have no real attachment to each other.

    Unless you’re an 15/10 guy, you’re not going to have as much as sex as a 5/10 woman in an open relationship. God help this man if she’s pregnant and wants to keep it.

  37. Its got to be a subtle satire of male feminists in particular and feminism in general. Well i hope so anyway.

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