Guest Editorial by Elizabeth Winter

If you’re black, you might be pro #BlackLivesMatter or you might be indifferent. Perhaps you even oppose it! By the end of this post, I hope more will fall into the latter category. To put it simply: there isn’t enough rhetoric on planet Earth for the BLM community to cover-up this Korryn Gaines story. This has lead to social media mobs using distraction techniques to divert attention from what has just happened in order to try to obscure matters. Despite blacks having been liberated for quite some time, it’s always us bigoted free thinkers without an ideology who get the most salt.

I’ve spoken about this a little and entertained an idea or two myself. Here are some of them presented in written format…

This is footage of Gaines loading her shotgun, plus a recording of her telling police during a traffic stop that she would have to leave in a body bag. The woman was clearly nuts:

Disgusting. #KorrynGaines had her son film while she loaded her shotgun to kill cops.

As for the police report made in The Washington Post

Three officers with the Baltimore County police arrived at Korryn Gaines’s apartment around 9:20 a.m. on Monday to serve warrants to her as well as a man who also resided there.
The man was wanted on an assault charge, while Gaines, 23, had an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court after a traffic violation in March.

According to police, no one responded to 10 minutes of door knocking, even though they could hear several people inside. When officers obtained a key to the apartment, they found Gaines sitting on the floor — her 5-year-old son was wrapped in one of her arms. In her other hand was a shotgun.

Around 3 p.m., after several hours of negotiation, police say Gaines raised the gun at officers and told them that she would kill them if they did not leave. The officers opened fire.
Though I do question how things quickly changed situation after ‘several hours of negotiation’ I can only imagine Gaines had changed from no longer bluffing but posing a threat to the police lives.

BLM doesn’t seem to be able to answer a lot lately, but let’s talk facts from this case specifically. Such as…

If the police were to have backed out and decided to move away from Gaines, how in the world would that work? Because it seems that’s the only other way the police could have treated this matter. Would BLM activists rather treat Gaines as if she wasn’t posing a threat? Perhaps she wasn’t a threat to her own child but she was a threat to the police lives and to stand blankly and get shot seems like a pretty stupid idea!

Just because she’s holding her child as a shield, would we have to bow down to her every whim in hopes she wouldn’t shoot anyone?

Another thing to point out is how the “progressive” left tends to complain that minorities who are threats are always portrayed as criminals while threatening whites are always portrayed as mentally ill. Though when people started saying Gaines was mentally unwell and clearly in-some-way crazy, BLM decided to shoot themselves in the foot and blame the police. They decided to stick even harder to their victim narrative.

But that’s not the best part… BLM aren’t just disputing her mental health but her intentions. They’re ignoring two key facts. She used her son as a human meat shield and she was saying how she’s going to kill the cops while loading a shotgun in front of her child. This is something not typically seen in a stable human being!

But there is some sanity out there (OK, maybe not)…

BLM is obsessed with making everything about their supposed victimhood and oppression, or some slavery shit from 150 years ago.

But Gaines is the cause for her own death. That cannot be stated enough. To remind you how this started

The man was wanted on an assault charge, while Gaines, 23, had an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court after a traffic violation in March.

This could have been completely avoided. I don’t care if people say:

‘Well, the police could have just not shot her.’

I’m sorry but if someone mentally unstable is pointing a gun at police officer, threatening his or her life, I’d be awfully surprised to find a cop who didn’t blow that crazy fucker away.

But #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t care. Cops don’t have family, children, loved ones or anyone if you listen to their narrative. No, they’re expendable. They’re meat sacks in uniform, carrying guns with the prime purpose of killing innocent lives. I am so fed up of heating this same rhetoric from the left. They had the chance to own it, take responsibility and say:

“Okay, maybe she was crazy.”

But no. They dug their heels in deeper til they were another six feet under and blamed the police!


To end on a positive note… Here’s a tweet from VeyGraphics. Hope you enjoy it as much as 200-300 people on Twitter have.