Last time, we took a look into Leigh Alexander’s past. But I didn’t put everything out there. Today, I wanted to show the rest, with a focus on longer answers. We took a short look at what her friends thought about her last time, but what made them feel so negatively? Many of the people interviewed had a lot to say. So, I’m just going to let them say it, with sparse commentary from myself (until the end).

Here’s a quote from ZP, one of the few people who thought Leigh actually believed in what she was doing:

I think it’s a coping mechanism, you have to buy-in to what you’re doing –otherwise you have a massive breakdown. Your entire life is a lie, and everything you do is meaningless, years of your life has been wasted etc, etc.

One person who had an awful lot to say, was AM. I quoted some of that during the last article, but only a little. Here’s the majority portion:

Her defense mechanisms were to make everything a personal slight and to make people believe that, no matter the circumstance, she was being victimized for being new, a girl, non-conforming, or generally different—the specific reason she was actually very good at tailoring to a particular moment. It was a shame, though mostly in retrospect, that I remember so much of that when she could be a very approachable and entertaining writer when she didn’t have to react to other people’s stories and characters.

We were all abusive to one another, so I can’t say she was any more so than any of us.  We trash talked and insulted one another in one window while we wove some of the most fantastic stories together in another.  The difference is that Leigh did the first in both windows. With only one exception, I can’t think of anyone who disrupted more role play in our time
playing together than Leigh. Her presence had a muting sensation on role play in general.

Did I ever think Leigh Alexander would become a critical games journalist? Is she now?  I played video games professionally for years, and I had never heard of her except in passing.  It’s hard to keep up with people you don’t really care about.  What I can say, though, is that I believe she’s “there”. She was manipulative as a teenager, and it bought her attention and friendship, so I have no reason to believe she wouldn’t continue to manipulate internet culture in the same way.  I hate to say that it’s because she’s a woman—in fact I shouldn’t say it at all, but we have to face facts.  Every young boy on the internet in the early 2000s, with very few exceptions, was pining for the attention of young girls. Remember how I said that we were all socially inept?  Leigh may not had been at all. She’s a smart woman.  She was a smart girl.  She knew how to wrap and rally the likes of (Trent Mercy) and (Vlad Meiru) to her defense, no matter her cause, and it’s no different now. “Look at how they attack me because of something that happened ten years ago!” she’ll cry.

I know that she called me fat and ugly. Better than illiterate, I suppose. I know that she cost me a few friends, not all of which I got back, but I know she’s indirectly responsible for me making a few too.  Her kind of wretched abuse works two ways. What do I have to say to her today?  I would tell her to remember who she is, but honestly.  I think that’s the problem.

Here’s more of what GT had to say about Leigh’s opinions on GamerGate and gamer culture:

As a male gamer, or rather, a male who plays games, I
refuse to be held accountable for the lowest common denominator who happens to share a common interest or two with me,  anymore than a feminist would appreciate being held accountable for the actions of a raging crackwhore.

I’ll wrap it up with some final thought’s from the Unprofessional <a< span=””> href=””>Madman, who actually has more nice things about Leigh than anyone else:

Leigh has always been a kind of outlier.  She was very
cliquish despite seeming like she always wanted to be part of the “in-crowd.”  She would often, intentionally, ride that line between being part of the group and not — usually when it suited her.  The difference between how she was then and now is that, evidently, she’s taken a side and has fully embraced it as her surrogate reason for living.  I’m sure it helps that she can use it a a platform to talk about her up and coming book.

Leigh, to her credit, has always treated her friends very well.  She would later go on to rekindle old friendships and relationships with many of us long after we left the fold of AOL role playing.  To be clear, she has done nothing wrong to me.  She never has.  Last we left things, we were very friendly with each other and shared many intimate aspects of our lives to
each other, none of which belongs here in this discussion, by the way. I still respect that, at least.

I feel like she’s way past the point of no return.  She is not going to admit to being wrong, ever.  To do so would mean that she’d have to fess up with herself and to all of her followers that she’s gone overboard. She was never the type to apologize for being wrong, and I feel like that hasn’t changed.

So with that in mind, maybe it’s time to leave games journalism.  Maybe it’s time to go fully into the direction of writing for the ideologies and themes she’s adopted — just leave it out of games, or at least, write about it without being knee-deep involved in “games journalism” like she is now.  Maybe write about those things as someone who acknowledges and
discloses her opinions.  Maybe go the Anita Sarkeesian route as a full blown figurehead rather than continuing as a self-professed megaphone pretending to write as “just another journalist.”

One way or another, her role in this is going to change.  Whether it’s ofher own accord or not.  There’s no way that things are going to stay thesame for her when this is all said and done.


Now that Leigh’s friends have had their say, allow me. The other day on Twitter, Leigh said I was a “one note creep.” I actually thought this was pretty hilarious, and considered making it a slogan. I actually have no ill will towards her, as crazy as that may sound to some. It’s just what has to be done. I think she been a abusive person, who has said hateful and racist things. These things would have gotten anyone else fired. You simply can’t be in her position, do the things she’s done, have the conflicts of interest she has, and continue on without being challenged.




And guess what? We weren’t the ones who did the the original challenging. She was the one who declared war. I knew that day what had to be done. We had to fucking fight. I didn’t fully know what a rotten person she was then, of course. But I knew she had to be countered. That’s all it is. I didn’t seek this battle out. It found me. Never forget, this was years in the making. The Leigh’s of the world sought us out


I hope you continue enjoying the site, Leigh.



        1. They declared it so.
          Fun games are abhorrent, all games MUST be judged on a moral and ideological standard (Bayonetta being penalised for…. boobs?)
          As much as antiGG is pretending that they just want to “be heard” and have their say they *explicitly* declared a culture war and suggest those that don’t conform with their ideology need to go.
          Hardly conducive with the tolerance they claim.

  1. I get the impression that she wasn’t much into video games, Role playing was more her thing. The contempt she has for the games and the audience is impressive. Just reinforces what I’ve suspected about these sites. They are pr politics sites essentially that cover games, not gaming sites. Look into the parent companies of these sites.

    Sure, you’ve got people like Jim Sterling who does like games, clearly, but he also makes sure to push the desired political views. And the most influential editor among them is someone like Alexander. Pretty telling. This fiction they’ve created that gaming used to be this clubhouse for white male nerds is clearly false. Women have always been involved as far back as I can remember, going back to the 80s. A lot of them got involved in MMORPG’s – I played with many of them when I got into Everquest. I’m sure that there were some nasty moments made to some of them, but blaming the entire community for that is nothing but a smear. There was no widespread attempt to exclude or discourage them.

    But they’ve created this storyline that women are now getting involved in gaming and there’s this big backlash going on, a campaign against women. Brianna Wu tells a story in which she sends out tweets insulting and putting down gamers and gamer gate, and she predictably gets some F U posts in return, and the media runs with that as proof of toxic gaming culture. Pure propaganda. They aren’t writing for gamers, for the most part, anymore. They are playing to people who aren’t involved in this stuff.

    Are they stupid? I think they are playing to the media, looking to use media and politics to pressure the devs to make games according to their rules. This hyper masculine, competitive stuff with idealized men and women has to go. We need to see games with the right messages.

    1. “This fiction they’ve created that gaming used to be this clubhouse for
      white male nerds is clearly false. Women have always been involved as
      far back as I can remember, going back to the 80s.”

      Besides the obvious corruption, this is the part that riles me up the most. My mom got thrown out of the family home for seeing a black man and yet even in the 90s all the white neighbour kids were perfectly fine with me. If inviting me out to bring my link cable to trade Pokemon and play on the Dreamcast is “misogyny” then consider me oppressed.

      Perhaps the most ironic part is that in secondary school my entire circle of friends consisted of white male nerds BECAUSE they were the most accepting. On the other side of the coin, I was never black enough to associate with the black kids. So the narrative they’re pushing is doubly fucking laughable to me personally.

      1. It’s sad that the nerds are the most accepting group in society.
        I know without gaming I’d have suffered even more isolation as a kid.
        It is great to hear the stories of inclusion that *I* believe best describe our shared culture.
        Sure we’ll bitch and whine and cuss each other out. But we do that to everyone, and it’s almost always left at the table when the game is over.
        In gaming, even the douchebags are equal opportunity 😀

        1. It’s true. In a way I have to thank the radfems and detractors for finally uniting console fanboys/girls (Xbox, PS4, WiiU), the glorious PC master race (IDK the computer variants I’m a console peasant), the handhelds (PSVita, Gameboy 3DS), the casuals and the hardcores.

          But no amount of lies and smearing will erase my personal memories of gaming, nor my experiences of it to the present day. Also it certainly won’t distract me from exposing the GameJournoPros and all their other partners in crime.

          1. Indeed, gamergate has been inspirational in that it has united people not just from different backgrounds and different identities, but even of oppositional politics.
            I’m a socialist and bleeding heart, and I’ve had respectful discussions with libertarians and conservatives. I find people working together on things we agree on, and ignoring the things we don’t agree on.

            That alone has made the whole thing worth it, for me.
            It’s how things should work.

            I’ve turned into an old man when it comes to console.
            My nieces and nephews make me play the xbox and I have completely lost the skills 😛
            (thankfully I can still kick their asses with a few minutes of practice, as long as I avoid FPS, where my skill ceiling is the ability to look either directly up or directly down)

          2. People are trying to paint GamerGate as a political movement as well as a misogynistic one. Neither of which are true of course. All the repeated smear campaigns achieve is pushing us closer together and making me more determined to counter. And people can put their fingers in their ears all they like. We are a diverse group of people who under normal circumstances probably wouldn’t be having the massive dialogue we all are now.

            My nephew’s only 6 and I’m hella competitive, so he wins nothing. 😛

          3. ^^
            “parenting” done right 😀

            Unfortunately most people remain somewhat ignorant to gamergate.
            I’m the only one active in my community (and that’s maybe 150~ people)
            I know my friends, and I know they share many of my convictions (I’m actually the biggest bleeding heart and get mocked as a “communist”) They would most certainly not side with antiGG, and the dark humour we exchange would render everyone one of us persona non grata with the fun police.
            What irritates me most is the hypocrisy though.
            They can insult, harass and condone/encourage bullying, and yet are excused with even the most empty apology or claim of “I was hacked”
            The don’t extend that courtesy to us. No, we’re all responsible and reprehensible, because somewhere somebody disagreed with a woman. (but only THEIR women)

            As you say, they’re driving the gaming community close together, and all the detractors can say is we’re being driven apart.
            This says it all:
            Even our detractors are welcome.

          4. How’s it going jess? I’ve been gaming basically forever and since you have too your perfect for me to drop this on and see if it matches with my experiences as a gamer.

            So anytime a girl was found to play games myself and others i played with tried to get them involved. Also in online games I’ve always found males to be open with females while playing and pretty inviting as well, plenty of conversation etc and even going above and beyond via giving them items or helping them out because they thought it was great to have a girl playing too.

            Do these experiences mirror what you have seen growing up playing games both online and off?

          5. As a child, gaming was as perfect and pure as it could be because nobody gave a fuck who you were, how affluent you were or where you come from.

            As a teenager boys would barrage with friend requests upon learning I was female. Sometimes to flirt and try their luck (lol no), other times because they were genuinely astonished and impressed that a girl would game.

            Fast forward to now (I’m 23), there are more female gamers now than ever and as a result the balance has been redressed. Men shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to accomodate you, so I’m pleased that we can all just team up and smash our objectives. And if you suck, you’ll be told so like any man would.

            Unfortunately radfems now want to join in but revert to the old system where they can play a super competitive game, but everyone will just tiptoe around them. ¬.¬

          6. That is pretty close to the same response I get from most who I ask this question thanks for the response.

            On a side note I don’t think the radfems are playing the same games we are. They are playing casual and mobile games which is why when they experience a more competitive space in games like say a shooter and they hear trash talk they don’t seem to understand 2 facts. First men talk horribly to each other but do so as a form of bonding and two its a highly competitive game so trash talk just happens all on its own sometimes anyways just as it does in sports and it’s not unique to men or women.

          7. That and I think they were raised in very sheltered households where they can do no wrong. And if anybody doesn’t like you, it’s because THEY’RE the douche and they’re obviously discriminating against you in some way.

            Agreed. If some people heard the back and forth between my friends when they’re used to playing Cooking Mama and shit, they’d probably be appalled hahaha. :3

  2. I’ll wrap it up with some final thought’s from the Unprofessional <a href=””>Madman, who actually has more nice things about Leigh than anyone else:

    Coding error.

  3. I have no hatred for Leigh, just pity, she seems like a very angry person and nobody should have to live like that.

  4. She is the typical mainstream hipster idiot who saw an opportunity and jumped on it without any mercy. When you have reached a certain influence and attention of the public one should be more responsible. She is a demagoge and a psycho! But she is just one of many idiots out there… so no she is not special at all. She is just accidently associated with our hobby and thats it! But games and we will laugh about her idiotic rants in the future anyway…
    and whenever i hear about gamasutra i think about an abomination of kamasutra!

  5. She’s going to lose influence. Like Zoe she’s hitting the wall soon. Both these people used their sexuality to manipulate beta males to gain their influence and power. Play that game and its going to bite you in the end, some younger model playing the same game will take your place soon enough leigh, if that position still exists at all. As she ages her charms will no longer work, and she will just be a brash, arrogant and just obnoxious woman who drives people away from her. Your beta white knights will abandon you, because that’s the truth of white knighting, without sexual attraction, these people lose interest. Like with the rest of the sjw’s these are the most sexist, hypocritical, and degenerate people around after all.

  6. this is rape, there is no other word for it, this site needs to be torn down right now it is a right wing hate site operated by misogynistic straight white males.

  7. I seem to notice SJW’s use the word “Empathy” a lot.For some reason they don’t realize we are not Psychic to understand a person feelings all the time the word they should be using is Sympathy the problem is they don’t have any to help themselves.

    I understand she brag on twitter that her Grandparents were Interracial couple her Grandmother who is White and Grandfather was Black.

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