Our chargeback campaign against Mighty No. 9 has been going strong on Twitter, and Reddit. Throughout, there’ve been people tweeting at me, and complaining about the harsh nature of our push. It’s true, this is a severe response. However, we didn’t arrive at this point lightly. Even after a year (or more) of abuse at the hands of Dina Karam, fans were excited about the game. It’s was only after her blatant censorship and offensive insults, that we moved into the final phase.

Still, Inafune (the head honcho) and Comcept refuse to listen to us. We here at TheRalphRetort.com have sent emails ourselves, but to no avail. I’ve heard of some people arranging to have letters sent in Japanese to their offices, but we’ve still heard nothing (to my knowledge, update in the comments if you have). Repeatedly, people who are against this campaign, say Inafune has no idea what’s going on. Tell me, how realistic does that sound?

Are we really supposed to believe that they don’t know what’s going on? That no one in the company keeps tabs on this sort of thing? No one there speaks English? How inept would you have to be as a company to not know what was happening? I don’t think Comcept is that stupid. To me, it’s more likely that they’re simply trying to wait out this storm, without having to respond one way, or the other.

We know that a positive response would go a long way towards easing tensions. But, we’ve yet to see any movement on that front. Perhaps, they want to give us a negative response, but are afraid of further backlash. If that’s the case, it probably is best to keep quiet.

So, while the utter disrespect of paying fans continues, so does #MightyNoNein. If the people in charge of Comcept want to keep their heads buried in the sand, we will keep burying our hands in their pockets. Take your money back. If they respond satisfactorily, you can always get the game later. But don’t stand down now. You’re doing this for all gamers. Companies simply cannot be allowed to treat us the way they’ve been treating us the last decade.

The consumer abuse has to end somewhere, and this is as good a place as any.