As I just got through saying in a message to one of my friends, Mark Zuckerberg has really been showing his true colors lately. I guess it’s because of his dominant position. You have to hand it to the guy. Not only does he own Facebook, the biggest social media company in the world, but he also controls Instagram and WhatsApp. He even made a play for Snapchat back in the day as well, and the only thing that stopped him there was the prescience of Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat. He knew it would be worth more in the future, so he refused to budge. Imagine if Zuck had gobbled that up as well.

The reason I bring all that up is to remind you of just how powerful this guy is. So when he comes out and backs a corrupt movement like #BlackLivesMatter, it means something. It also shows you just how far in the SJW tank Zuckerberg really is. Read this shit…


Deeply hurtful? You mean people crossing out race-baiting propaganda and stating that ALL lives matter is somehow painful? This sounds like it came straight out of Anita Sarkeesian’s mouth. Better yet, it sounds like it came straight out of DeRay McKesson’s mouth. Speaking of #BlackLivesMatter, here’s what a couple of their founders had to say recently

During an event at Thursday evening #BlackLivesMatter founders Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi told Mizzou students that the goal of the Constitution was to make an agreement between factions known as states, which were built on the backs of black slaves… Capitalism was not the only thing with which Garza and Tometi took issue. Garza also said, “In the Constitution, we are only ? of a person…The people vowing to protect the Constitution are vowing to protect white supremacy and genocide.”

That’s the mentality behind #BlackLivesMatter…and the head of Facebook just co-signed it. Expect Zuckerberg to get even worse as we move on. He thought this post would be hidden from public view, by the way. Thank you to the employees who put it out in public view. We all needed to see just how far gone this megalomaniac truly is.