I know I come here almost every day and discuss a fucked up story about how the media has fallen even further, but today, they may have hit a new low. On live TV a few hours ago, reporters from MSNBC, CNN, Fox, & CBS aired live shots from inside the home of the San Bernardino shooter. He’s dead now, so they didn’t have to worry about getting his consent, but most people thought that the police would still have that place sealed up. There are conflicting reports about whether or not it was really supposed to be open to civilians, and we’ll get to that in a minute. But we can defintely say that the idiots over at MSNBC shouldn’t have been showing identifying documents from the shooter’s family. I think there are quite a few people who might want to kill those people, for one. Or as someone on Twitter just alluded to, their credit history is now fucked.

Here’s some of the madness I was speaking about…


When Deray is calling you out and making sense at the same time, you know you’ve fucked up big.

I think I lost the tweet, but someone else mentioned how this had pretty much united the warring factions on Twitter. Almost everyone is shitting all over this right now. I haven’t seen anyone defending it, outside of some of the hacks who were actually participating in this madness. How fucking craven can you be? Kerry Sanders, one of the idiots from MSNBC who was holding up dox live on air, knows better than this. He’s been at NBC ever since I can remember. Sanders is one of their top reporters…and this is how low the motherfucker has sunk. Even the so-called elite journos are circling the bottom of the barrel. On one hand I’m glad, because this plays into what I’ve been saying here for over a year now. On the other hand, I was fucking horrified to see this insanity unfold.

It’s time we faced facts. Every single establishment institution in America is now rotten to the core, outside of maybe the military and some law enforcement. The media makes the others look good just because they look so bad, but the country itself is rotting from the inside. I’ll be shocked if we don’t see a lot more violence over the next decade. Maybe if someone with a vision gets elected president in 2016 they could help turn us around, but I’m genuinely worried after what I saw today. Keep in mind, I could just be in a negative mood, but this shit was legitimately disturbing. Here’s more from all over the spectrum…

The Atlantic: “What the Hell Just Happened on MSNBC and CNN?”

A baffling, surreal scene just played out on the two networks, where the landlord of the San Bernardino shooting suspects apparently allowed reporters into their apartment.

The result was disturbing. On live national television, reporters sifted through the remains of the lives of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. They picked over children’s toys. They held up photos, speculating about whether the woman depicted in one might be Malik. They displayed Social Security cards and driver’s licenses with readily identifiable information—and not just for the deceased suspects.

The Shithole of the Internet, Gawker: “Cable News Is Going Nuts Rummaging Around Inside the San Bernardino Shooters’ Apartment

As you can see in the incredibly awkward clip above, MSNBC decided to broadcast one of their reporters rifling through Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik’s belongings, including books, random family photos, and various personal documents.

MSNBC reported that the FBI cleared all evidence from the apartment before reporters got inside, but Grasswire reports the San Bernardino Sheriff’s spokesperson has disputed that claim.

Bustle: “How MSNBC’s San Bernardino Suspects’ Home Tour Undermines The Justice System

On Friday, MSNBC broadcasted a live tour of the San Bernardino shooting suspects’ home after the landlord allowed NBC News’ Kerry Sanders into the apartment, showing photos, children’s toys, and a woman’s driver’s license. The video was a shocking and intimate look inside the life of the couple accused of the mass shooting Wednesday that killed 14 and wounded 21. The suspects, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik both died in a shootout with the police Wednesday after the attack, and while it seems likely they were responsible for the murders, they’re still only suspects. Because the authorities haven’t officially declared Farook and Malik the shooters, MSNBC’s tour was a premature invasion of the San Bernardino suspects’ privacy, as well as the privacy of their child and family. Bustle reached out to MSNBC for a comment.

The Verge: “MSNBC reveals the address of San Bernardino killer’s mother on live TV

The scene also does not appear to have been limited to the press. A number of outlets reported a bystander entering the scene with her dog. Other visitors were spotted on camera removing objects from the scene. In a statement to Grasswire, the San Bernardino sheriff reiterated that the home was not a cleared crime scene.

Politico: “Cable networks blasted after showing live footage inside Calif. killers’ apartment

Cable networks on Friday received swift blowback for broadcasting live footage from inside the apartment of the husband and wife who killed 14 and wounded 21 others in a shooting massacre in San Bernardino, Calif., on Wednesday.

MSNBC, CNN and Fox all showed live footage, saying the landlord of the apartment allowed them into the building, located in nearby Redlands. 

The networks showed someone using a crowbar to pry a wood board off the door frame of the apartment, as journalists crowded around the entryway. MSNBC also showed footage of the room of the six-month-old baby of the attackers, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook, who were killed in a shootout with police. NBC’s Kerry Sanders, going through the apartment with a camera person and jostling with other media, guided viewers through photos of unidentified people, including children, and documentation such as a driver’s license. At one point, Andrea Mitchell advised Sanders to stop showing footage of photos of children…

However, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Olivia Bozek told The Los Angeles Times that the apartment that reporters were allowed to enter Friday morning is still under investigation. “My understanding is it was an active crime scene,” she said.

A Los Angeles FBI spokeswoman told POLITICO, “All I can tell you is that our search is over, and the details about what happened will be discussed at the press conference.”

Talking Points Memo: “MSNBC Walks Through San Bernardino Attackers’ Home In Bizarre Live Shot

During the walk through the apartment, which producers said was opened to the media by the couple’s landlord, an MSNBC reporter held up photos of unidentified children, a bank document, and a driver’s license on live television.

As MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders walked through the apartment, where police had earlier recovered 12 pipe bombs and more than 1,400 rounds of ammunition, he expressed disbelief that the killers would have toys and stuffed animals for their young child…

Sanders eventually found a pile of family photos, including what appeared to be passport photos of an unidentified woman, which he promptly suggested were the first images of Malik seen by the public. “I’m going to guess these are the photographs of Malik. So this is the first – this may be – OK,” he said on air. “But we don’t know. We don’t know if that’s her.”

Andrea Mitchell encouraged Sanders to hold one photo up and get a “tight shot” of other pictures, including a portrait of a woman in traditional dress, as Sanders continued to guess where and for what occasion the photos were taken. “Let’s make sure we don’t see the children, let’s not show the child,” a clearly uncomfortable Mitchell eventually interjected. “Let’s cut away from that.”

Breitbart: “Landlord: Media Forced Their Way Into San Bernardino Terrorists’ Apartment

One of the most bizarre and possibly irresponsible and craven scenes in media history just unfurled on MSNBC and CNN as reporters from both networks (and a handful of others), during a live broadcast, toured the apartment of the San Bernardino Islamic terrorists. While a MSNBC reporter rummaged through the deceased terrorists’ closets and boxes and photo albums, Andrea Mitchell reassured viewers that the disturbing scene was okay. “The landlord told us authorities were done with the crime scene,” she said.

According to the landlord, though, this was not the case. When he opened the door, reporters rushed into the apartment, possibly contaminating one of the most important crime scenes in years.

Vanity Fair: “TV Reporters Bumble Their Way Through San Bernardino Shooter’s Apartment

The actions of the networks were widely denounced on social media, where many journalists reacted with a mix of shock and horror at seeing their colleagues rifle through what could be considered part of a crime scene and reveal the names and photos of individuals whom they have not identified as involved in the investigation in any way.

A truly bizarre day all around. I know there is an F.B.I. spokesperson trying to say the whole thing was kosher, but some people are rightfully wondering if that’s just the Bureau trying to cover its own ass. I going to hope that the mouthpiece is telling the truth, but I suppose only time will tell. I’ll post any pertinent updates the come through on this story. (On an unrelated note, I will have the Creed review up sometime today, so be on the lookout for that.)