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The election of Donald Trump has already paid off in a major way and he’s just getting started. The triggering of SJWs has been unprecedented. They’re reacting in some amazingly stupid ways, not the least of which is the open hatred of the white race now on display (To be fair, it was already pretty public, but these clowns have taken it to another level). Caucasian women have been singled out for venom, which I’m sure will make them very eager to come over to the cult of radical feminism. Article after article has been written about their disdain of whites, which I’m sure will continue.

Their tweets are even further out in left field. A “progressive” CEO threatened to kill Mr. Trump before he could take the oath of office (he’s now been relieved of duty).  In short, SJWs are shooting themselves in booth feet, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Still, one shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking the battle is won.

Yes, their warped ideology has left the Democratic Party in a very sorry state. True, campus goons are reaching levels of spergery that I didn’t even think were possible. However, they still have allies in the media and in academia. These bastards aren’t going away anytime soon. There’s also lots of money on their side, not to mention millions of brainwashed idiots who will continue to push this madness. We have weakened them quicker and more thoroughly than anyone would have dreamed just two short years ago. I think that’s very fair to say. But the fight is far from done.

Now is the time to step on their (rhetorical) necks and finish them off. Not only are they losing big right now, they’re also turning off people who would normally be allied with them, or at least be willing to listen. Highlighting every threat against Trump, every college crazy, every whacked-out feminist, is crucial. Our side should be looking to consolidate gains, not just laugh at the nutters. Of course, laughing and making fun of them is a key part of the offensive as well. In fact, I think the biggest contribution of sites like mine has been to turn SJWs themselves, not to mention their policy prescriptions, into massive laughingstocks. Most of the time, all you have to do is highlight their own words. Normal, non-brainwashed people naturally recoil when exposed to the hypocrisies and contradictions inherent in social justice. It’s not a terribly difficult process.

Basically, what I’m saying with all this is simple: It’s not time to back down. It’s time to double-down. Don’t get comfortable with the current state of play. Our enemies in the press and elsewhere are definitely weakened, but they are not fully defeated. But we can put them in a permanent defensive crouch and perhaps even finish the battle, if we play our cards right. Trump is providing enough ammo to go around, at this point, but they will eventually settle down into their regular patterns. Keep up the full court press and never let them get any breathing space. They’re on the run.

We should all aim to keep it that way.

  1. I’m seeing way too much “lets have a discussion”. Too little too late, they need to reap the whirlwind now, academia obviously needs to be purged, Im an ex liberal, but 3 years of abuse by these lil shits makes me pray for the dissolution of the EU, JUST OUT OF SPITE! REAP THE WHIRLWIND CUCKS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. Over the years, the terms ‘we need a discussion’ or ‘need a dialogue’ have become synonymous with ‘you stupid fucks need to shut up and not argue with my SUPERIOR INTELLECT’.

      This is why nobody is interested in ‘dialogue’ with socjus types. Because it’s not a dialogue, is a lecture on how ‘wrong’ you are.

  2. When he officially assumes office will the leftist media still try to discredit him?

    And on the subject of the leftist media… When Ghost in the Shell comes out and it gets bad reviews would that be a sign that it might be good and worth going to see?

  3. This is a long term battle and we shouldn’t get comfortable. Trump’s election was a step in the right direction, but not a win condition. As Ralph said, it has given us the ammo to fire and further damage the SJWs.They however still have academia, the mainstream media and most of the political elite.

    The culture war is ongoing and we are the vanguard.

  4. Indeed. Do not give SJWs an inch. Hell, do not even give them one millimetre.

    We’ve tried reasoning with them. We’ve tried debating them. We’ve tried using facts and logic with them. It’s useless.

    The only way is to hit back twice as hard. That’s the only way to get the message through to these parasites.

    Kick them hard in the teeth over and over again, they deserve it.

    1. Exactly. I tried reasoning with a few of my so-called “friends”. I’ve attempted to debate a few of them. One time, I even had them look up the dictionary definition of racism, because we all know how they love dictionary definitions, and they still said that I’m wrong. But then they went too far when I joked to a guy about the protesters threatening to kill themselves, and he told me I was talking shit, but then said it was a legit concern. Yeah, he severed ties with me because he couldn’t handle a different opinion, or joke. There is no way around them, only through.

    2. I’m always reluctant to think ill of people, until they make it clear that there’s no alternative. I was one of those people who favored “dialog” with GG opponents, thinking that in time reasonable people would emerge, and we could discuss our differences in a civilized manner, hopefully coming to some sort of agreement which addressed the concerns of both sides.

      I was wrong. Dialog has failed. In fact, it hasn’t even been possible. Not only were online discussions censored and suppressed, but we were added to block lists on Twitter just for following the “wrong” people. When we tried to have a discussion with the other side at the SPJ AirPlay meet-up, they wouldn’t even show up. Instead we got bomb threats. The rules were changed so that our representatives couldn’t even present our case against journalistic corruption. The icing on the cake was having Kunkel awards going to Kotaku, of all places. Apart from Breitbart, no mainstream media outlet has allowed us any positive coverage. Instead we’ve had a succession of hit-pieces, and sympathetic profiles to professional victims like Wu and Sarkeesian, even including the SyFy network. Nothing contrary to the endless and baseless SJW narrative of racism, sexism, misogyny, *phobia has been permitted to enter the public consciousness. Discussion panels at gaming conferences have been cancelled. Well-behaved people have been banned from events simply for wrongthink (e.g., the Honey Badgers). University speakers have shut out, shouted down, and even been denied security for holding the wrong opinions (e.g, Milo at DePaul).

      So now I say, in retrospect, the Internet Aristocrat was right to counsel a more aggressive stance. So was Vox Day. There’s an old saying: “Beware the wrath of a patient man.” Well, we’ve been more than patient. Now we should use their own tactics against them. Boycott developers like Bioware who insult those of their customers who happen to be white (e.g., Manveer Heir and Mass Effect:Andromeda Protest. Petition. Discredit. Press every advantage. Give no quarter, as no quarter has been given us. Let them reap what they have sown.

      1. “I was one of those people who favored “dialog” with GG opponents … hopefully coming to some sort of agreement which addressed the concerns of both sides.”

        Seeing as you mention GG, I’ll base my post on the GG video game side of things:

        Addressing “the concerns of both sides” is of course a noble thing to do, and it sounds ever so morally correct on the surface. It’s basically what a ‘Moderate’ would do. But there’s actually a huge flaw with that practice.

        And that flaw is that when you address the concerns of SJWs, you’re basically accepting their ideas, which of course means accepting censorship, restriction of free speech, restriction of artistic creativity and corrupt journalism. That is all SJWs want, and they do this by hiding behind the false mask of “equality” and “diversity”.

        Therefore there is NO middle ground in the GG vs SJW war, because when you reach the middle ground, it’s GG that loses.

        And we all know the SJW’s meaning of “equality” and “diversity”, which of course means: “no white men allowed”. SJWs and feminists are the most racist and sexist pieces of shits on planet earth.

        You will NOT change SJWs minds, no matter how many logic, reasons and facts you throw at them.

        In my view, the only acceptable way of coming to an agreement with SJWs is smashing their faces onto the pavement.

        1. The aggressor sets the terms of engagement.

          They chose to invade our pastimes, our culture, our lives- and when we offered discussion, debate, and dialogue, they rejected it. They chose scorched-earth political warfare, riots, censorship, bullhorns, blacklists, bomb threats, and sinister coordinated media smears.

          They did everything in their considerable power to crush their opponents- destroy their careers, their family connections, their lives.

          Now that their stranglehold has fractured, let us not suddenly forget with whom we are locked in combat.

          Dialogue with the stray reasonable individual is a gem to cherish- but we cannot lose sight of the totalitarian political movement that animates this conflict.

  5. It’s about time their bullshit is finally recognized as such. Well, guess it’s time we get rid of them for good. Cheers.

  6. The election of Trump has been a red pill to at least some people in the New York Times. Here’s an article:

    The End of Identity Liberalism

    Fox News and other conservative media outlets make great sport of mocking the “campus craziness” that surrounds such issues, and more often than not they are right to. … How not to laugh along with those voters at the story of a University of Michigan prankster who wrote in [as preferred gender pronoun] “His Majesty”? … Liberals should bear in mind that the first identity movement in American politics was the Ku Klux Klan, which still exists. Those who play the identity game should be prepared to lose it.

    The article could have been improved by mentioning The Ralph Retort by name rather than just “other”.

    1. isn’t a “conservative” media outlet. It’s liberal. Unfortunately, SJWs are not liberal, and neither is the Democratic Party.

  7. In my friends’ battles with the ravenous SWJ community, we call them something they really are, namely SJW supremacists. In social combat, the label “supremacist” still has sting and it can be applied to SJW with ease because they claim the top moral & intelligence position, as well as the ability to read others’ minds and interpret others’ speech, they are every bit the supremacists of yore. It also disrupts their narrative no end.

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