trump sjw

The election of Donald Trump has already paid off in a major way and he’s just getting started. The triggering of SJWs has been unprecedented. They’re reacting in some amazingly stupid ways, not the least of which is the open hatred of the white race now on display (To be fair, it was already pretty public, but these clowns have taken it to another level). Caucasian women have been singled out for venom, which I’m sure will make them very eager to come over to the cult of radical feminism. Article after article has been written about their disdain of whites, which I’m sure will continue.

Their tweets are even further out in left field. A “progressive” CEO threatened to kill Mr. Trump before he could take the oath of office (he’s now been relieved of duty).  In short, SJWs are shooting themselves in booth feet, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Still, one shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking the battle is won.

Yes, their warped ideology has left the Democratic Party in a very sorry state. True, campus goons are reaching levels of spergery that I didn’t even think were possible. However, they still have allies in the media and in academia. These bastards aren’t going away anytime soon. There’s also lots of money on their side, not to mention millions of brainwashed idiots who will continue to push this madness. We have weakened them quicker and more thoroughly than anyone would have dreamed just two short years ago. I think that’s very fair to say. But the fight is far from done.

Now is the time to step on their (rhetorical) necks and finish them off. Not only are they losing big right now, they’re also turning off people who would normally be allied with them, or at least be willing to listen. Highlighting every threat against Trump, every college crazy, every whacked-out feminist, is crucial. Our side should be looking to consolidate gains, not just laugh at the nutters. Of course, laughing and making fun of them is a key part of the offensive as well. In fact, I think the biggest contribution of sites like mine has been to turn SJWs themselves, not to mention their policy prescriptions, into massive laughingstocks. Most of the time, all you have to do is highlight their own words. Normal, non-brainwashed people naturally recoil when exposed to the hypocrisies and contradictions inherent in social justice. It’s not a terribly difficult process.

Basically, what I’m saying with all this is simple: It’s not time to back down. It’s time to double-down. Don’t get comfortable with the current state of play. Our enemies in the press and elsewhere are definitely weakened, but they are not fully defeated. But we can put them in a permanent defensive crouch and perhaps even finish the battle, if we play our cards right. Trump is providing enough ammo to go around, at this point, but they will eventually settle down into their regular patterns. Keep up the full court press and never let them get any breathing space. They’re on the run.

We should all aim to keep it that way.