Pathetic Media, Led by CNN, Rush to Report Another Dead Lion...Only It's Not True

Pathetic Media, Led by CNN, Rush to Report Another Dead Lion…Only It’s Not True

Like I said the other day, if bloodthirsty dentist Walter Palmer broke the law in some way, he needs to face punishment. But the media is taking this lion shit way too fucking far. Yesterday several outlets, including USA Today and CNN, rushed to declare that Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho had been killed by poachers in Zimbabwe. There’s only one problem with all this: it wasn’t true. As we’ve seen in the past, that never stops the media, though, does it?

Here’s some more background:

After a whole day of media hoopla, we have CNN retracting their report. Maybe they should have checked with the Oxford researchers before rushing this tripe out? I realize they did get fed an erroneous quote, but still. If they had waited only a single day, they wouldn’t have egg on their face right now. Trust in the media is at an all-time low, and this is another case study that shows why.

Maybe they figure there’s no use in trying to dig themselves out of their hole. That’s a fair point. We’ve probably passed the point of no return for these guys. It’s why so many are turning to alternative sources of media to help sort through the bullshit. Unlike some, I knew what a huge story the Cecil the lion thing was. Yes, the media overdid it. Yes, the hunter faced unacceptable harassment. It was at least a legitimate story, though. Yesterday was a complete embarrassment.

Let me know what you think. The article is slightly off-topic, but anything that shows how worthless the media has become is fair game here on

Ethan Ralph

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  • Kev Lew

    Release, share and inflate the story first, fact check after people mass-report you for getting it wrong.
    Modern Journalism folks.

    • Silence Dogood

      They’ve learned just enough about the internet to know that you can just ban people and scrub their comments of their news articles. It’s literally like they’re 10 years in the past. They just need to fuck off and disappear; all they do is spread misinformation and sensationalism.

    • Nohbody

      You forgot “and then backtrack or wipe and pretend you never made the error in the first place”.

      (Another reason to post links to archives of articles, above and beyond the click revenue issue. “We didn’t write that.” “Yes you did, you cowardly shitheads, and here’s the proof.”)

  • Problem Raptor

    “Who is also a…” should be a hashtag.

  • ElderWolf

    This isn’t really that surprising, after all, only CNN could bring you the quality reporting of 110% on the vote for Scottish Independence.

    • Anon

      Ballot stuffing that went a bit too far?

    • Philip Weigel

      Well, maybe the Irish participated in the poll as well? That would push it to 110%.

  • shinningprodigy

    Modern Journalism:
    Step 1: Gather information.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Print/Publish the story.
    Step 4: Profit!

  • MeteorMess

    Investigative journalism is so last century…

  • tz1

    This is quite on topic. In this case Jericho is either alive or dead. It isn’t an opinion piece – I liked or disliked some game because it was or was not interesting or I was or was not sleeping with the developer.
    This was a faster, hit-and-run version of Jackie’s rape victim story in Rolling Stone.
    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story

    • Mr. Saturn

      Schrodinger’s Lion?

  • Kevin Solway

    Next. we’ll be hearing how Cecil’s personal trainer, Cedric, was harassed off twitter.

  • Zach Puckett

    I did find the Cecil story upsetting but the media is just trying to suck all they can out of this story. Just like they do with everything they find a story that engages people then run the hell out of it. Even making up stories. Just look at CNN’s “reporting” on the Boston bombing. They came out saying the FBI found the man responsible then an hour later the FBI pretty much told them to shut the hell up.

    • Typical

      What’s even better illustrating this it the “year of the shark” Where every shark attack was major news, and as it turned out shark attacks were down from the previous year.

      • Zach Puckett

        Well it’s like how they keep telling us how white on black violence is at an all time high when statistics show that it’s actually really low. In fact black on white violence was way higher but black on black still remains the highest.

  • Typical

    Ralph, do you think the Dentist seriously knew he was hunting a fish in a barrel? I would think that someone so proud of his ability with a bow, who was super into hunting like this isn’t going to pay that kind of money to just be led to an animal tied to the ground to shoot it (metaphorically). I read the guide’s story, which I will readily admit might be CYA fabrications, and it sounds like a comedy of errors led to this, probably tempered with the guides not wanting a reputation of unsuccessful trips for that much money. The real blame of this should be placed on Zimbabwe for even allowing license to kill animals to raise money if they’re so important to have around. Personally, I don’t give a crap about Cecil or what happens to his pride, but I’m pretty sure there is no way to lure the deer at my local zoo out to where they can be hunted, why isn’t the preserve likewise enclosed somehow if this is such a big worry?

    • Silence Dogood

      When you spend $50k+ to get yourself a trophy in an era where Big Game Hunting is only something rich assholes do because they literally have so much disposable income and nothing productive to do, yes, he knew he was shooting fish in a barrel.

      As for luring deer, did you know that it is a crime, everywhere in the U.S. I believe, to “bait” deer? That involves setting up a tree stand and spreading out fresh, halved apples all around the base of your perch. Guaranteed kills and it’s SUPER scummy.

      • Typical

        I just really doubt Mr “I can shoot a playing card at 100 yards” targeted the nature preserve to lure a lion out of it is all I’m saying. Supposedly they had to change their hunting area at the last minute, and if luring animals out of a preserve is something that is so prevalent that we need a ton of new laws, then this wouldn’t have been the first time hearing about it. The majority of hunters I know are sportsmen, and wouldn’t find going to a place where they were corralled a challenge. Yes, I do know luring them is a crime, but yet they sell the feeders and piss lures still, so the laws vary. Like I said, I can’t find my self believing a guy that smart is stupid enough to purposely draw out and shoot a tagged animal. His guide, I find a bit more easy to believe would set it up that way so he doesn’t get the reputation of taking your money and not getting you to a good hunting area.

        Like I said, if it’s such a terrible tragedy, these countries shouldn’t sell licenses to do it at all.

        • Silence Dogood

          Oh I don’t think the guy did anything wrong at all. I think his poor-as-fuck guide and his associates were itching for the easy $50k because in that part of the world that shit stretches out endlessly and did what they had to in order to get their pay day.

          • Typical

            That’s what I’m saying, they can’t be getting the rep of the guides that take your money and can’t lead you to where the kills are. I read a really funny article about a zimbabwean saying something like, ” I can’t believe the world is so upset over this, in Zimbabwe, we don’t have water tr electricity, not seeing that lion again isn’t our main concern.”

            or something to that effect. Funny thing is, no one cared about anything in zimbabwe a month ago, and I’ll bet half the people so outraged can’t find it on a map.

          • Nohbody

            On the other hand, the dentist has been busted in the past for shady hunting practices, so even if he is innocent he’s still got a long uphill climb as far as credibility goes.

    • Michael P

      “Ralph, do you think the Dentist seriously knew he was hunting a fish in a barrel?”

      It’s entirely possible, he knowingly lied to authorities in the US about a Black bear he killed illegally. The guy is shady as fuck, he has no respect for the rules and in the end the pictures/lion’s head is all the proof he needs to pound his chest at what a big, strong man he is to all his dickheaded rich buddies.

      • Typical

        yeah, I try not to jump to conclusions based on class envy though. He didn’t kill the black bear illegally, he lied about the location, which I haven’t seen the entire story on, but I know people get hunting tags for one area and shoot the deer in a different county is pretty common, due to how licenses are distributed and how quickly some places sell out of licenses. The chances of getting caught on it are pretty low. That’s entirely different though than luring a captive animal out. I’m not into hunting though because sitting in the woods all morning sucks.

  • Silence Dogood

    But, but, but…. muh manufactured outrage! How are they supposed to pass even more restrictive laws regarding an entirely different classification of animals (the kinds we use for food and to produce food products… fucking vegans)? What a shit show of a “news” outlet. Old Media FTL.

  • Sand Ripper

    Whew. For a second I thought Chris Jericho had died. I wouldn’t have been able to handle that.

  • MrBK

    CNN is fucking useless as a news organization. I can’t stand anyone on that network. I’d rather watch the batshit crazies on MSNBC … at least they stopped pretending a few years ago.

  • Man, I am the one who posted a lot of praise for your Sonic article on Twitter. And you were even kind with persons like those at Tale of Tales, ignorant of decency as they are of “art”.

    But here you are being a little heartless. Yes, sure, most of those who protest and show care for lions are the same hypocrites we talked about in the other article. But, believe me, in this case it’s NOT ALL of them.

    And I know for sure because I care for the killed lion, and I am sincerely sad for what that monster did. At least one is sincere then, and sincerity deserves respect, always.

    After all, why Tale of Tales (and all the others alike, you should know Paolo Pedercini lol!) are despicable isn’t mostly because they are ungrown pampered privileged talentless vanity-devoured self-hallucinated dudettes, but because they are not sincere.. at all.

  • Inquiring

    CNN is responsible for the 24 hours news cycle, which has directly contributed to the increasing levels of hysteria and sensationalist “news” reporting, and to the existence of MSNBC and Fox News, so this is not too surprising. It is also why I will always hold CNN in contempt.

    News should not be on a 24 hour reporting cycle, precisely because facts need to be checked, and people (particularly the SJWs, feminists, and tumblrinas) do not need to be whipped up into frenzies over nothing.

    I would go as far as to state that one of the reasons the US government passes so many shitty laws and does so much pandering to special snowflakes and race baiters is because the 24 hours news cycle is always trying to get ratings that rile up morons over nothing. And once morons get riled up they demand action without all the facts, like the morons they are.

    Once these “news” channels have released incorrect information it is nearly impossible to correct the record. It would be nice to see stricter accountability from journalistic organizations for stuff like this.

    As for Cecil and the other lions. It sucks, and I oppose trophy hunting on principle, but if the people of Zimbabwe can’t be bothered to give a fuck, then I can’t either.

    • Tracker

      “but if the people of Zimbabwe can’t be bothered to give a fuck, then I can’t either” – Here are some interesting tidbits from a Daily Mail article about Cecil: [with one south African minister asking ‘what lion?’ when questioned over the incident.] and [Tryphina Kaseke – a used-clothes dealer on the streets of Harare – claiming: ‘What is so special about this one?’ He added: ‘Are you saying that all this noise is about a dead lion? Lions are killed all the time in this country.]

  • Ross

    I feel that little bit more dumber in reading their unadulterated fail

  • Peter Venkman

    I’m not defending CNN or any other outlet, because their job is to report the facts and VERIFY facts that they’re repeating from other media reports. However, we’re talking about news from a fucked up country ruled by a dictator, and I’m sure half the shit reported out of there us false. The Cecil story itself didn’t get reported until almost a month AFTER the actual “hunt.”

    Also, why quote Liz Finnegan? That girl does nothing but rewrite press releases. Look through her story history — all press release rewrites. Why is someone like that held up as an example of a “journalist” and why does her opinion carry any weight at all?

    The danger of big-upping women like her is that you help build them up, and they can turn around and become SJW lunatics overnight. Leigh Alexander was just a chubby, drunken mess before she became Gamer Slanderer In Chief. Rebecca Watson was just a science and skepticism advocate before she became SJW Queen. It’s like they realize they can become more “famous” and get more attention if they go full retard extremist, so they do. Be careful, Ralph, that you don’t inadvertently create a monster.

  • Milan Stefanovic

    Tho i still dont get one thing… WHY… is one fucking LION so fucking important….. He is an animal… We EAT animals…Seems like some stupid…… double standard.. the stupid kind of… this animals we DONT eat.. these…. we breed and devour cus they are tasty…Do they think the lion would be standing there… looking at them… not attacking… No.. the fucking animal would jump them… tear them apart…. and not feel sorry… that he ate a human… Lions.. EAT human..They fucking eat anything that is meat and alive. Sure, its bad that people are even… going there and shoot animals… thnking that it is somehow… making them more manly or… strong… There is no courage or strenght in shooting something from a distance….. Its cowardice… Had the person, gone face to face with the lion and killed it with a knife or bare hands.. THAT is courage… TAHT is strenght…..But the other thing… They BOUGHT the life of the animal… As it wouldnt surprise me that anyone rich would be able to buy any human life, cus everything has a price. Be it living or dead.

    • Michael P

      Cecil was important because he was a protected lion used for tourism and scientific study, he never should have been lured to his death. Lets not forget he suffered for 40 hours before finally being put out of his misery. I wouldn’t wish that kind of death on my worst enemy, it’s beyond cruel.

      7 Billion people on Earth
      30,000 Lions on Earth

      Lions are an endangered species and rich, narcissistic losers hell bent on claiming trophies are speeding up the eventual extinction of such a majestic species. If a lion kills a human it’s not really going to make quite the same dent in the population as the other way around and besides, lions could never hope to kill more of us than we kill of them.

      • Typical

        Yeah, you’re full of shit about lions, note the only one on this WWF list is a sea lion:

        Also, hunting doesn’t affect it, rather, it’s the poor people living in those countries destroying their habitats. Instead of crying about poor Cecil, why not cry about the people there destroying their habitats like they have almost their entire continent?

        The official FWS position, however, iterated today by Ashe, is that sports hunting does not contribute to lions being endangered, especially when revenues from these hunts support lion conservation efforts. This is consistent with other hunting-as-conservation positions taken by FWS, including last year’s decision to allow a hunter to import a black rhino trophy into the U.S. for the first time in 33 years.

        • Michael P

          Interesting, seems I’ve fallen for the hype so thanks for posting that. Most documentaries/articles I’ve come across label lions as endangered but honestly looking into it a bit more seems that’s being exaggerated by certain groups. I’m glad to be wrong on this as I love the big cats so it’s good news to hear they’re doing ok.

          The illegal bear kill is still coming up illegal from my searches though, not sure what you’ve read. Like Cecil, the bear was lured and killed outside of the legal hunt zone which makes it illegal. That info is from court documents so it’s not an opinion.

          As for class envy, that’s not why I’m upset by this. I’m not lamenting him buying a $20 million Ferrari. I love animals and I’ve got no love for people who get their kicks killing them purely for sport, especially when it’s done in such a cruel fashion. 40 hours of suffering isn’t sport, it’s fucking sadistic.

          Ultimately it is all shooting fish in a barrel from where I’m standing. You’re paying to have people find the animal so you can go “point, click, bang” then parade around like some kind of fucking hero. You could just as easily do that with a kid, it proves nothing.

          • Typical

            Well, they at least use the asinine prices these people pay to fund conservation, and actually, that’s what most licenses do, as well as keep the population down of other more abundant animals.

            But I didn’t read much about the bear like I said, I just know my state for instance allows X number of deer (bears, etc) to be harvested, then they split those up among counties (also between rifle/bow/musket), and some sell out quicker in some counties, so it’s not uncommon to bag a deer in a different county, it happens. most people don’t get caught doing it, bears the chance to get caught might be higher since they issue a much smaller number of licenses. Like I said, it’s likely he was out of the county he had a license for, and I don’t know the specifics, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility he was in the wrong area inadvertently, but since he probably found the plea cheaper than fighting, he just paid the fine. – like I said, all conjecture, but I am too lazy to read the actual court docs.

            My concern is more the clearing of the habitats killing animals than rich pricks paying a ton of money to hunt one. If there was malfeasance in this, i’d tend to look at the local guides, not the guy from 5000 miles away.

          • Michael P

            Look you’re not wrong, this IS all bigger than some guy with a penchant for killing wild animals and normally I don’t get involved in hunting arguments as although it’s not my thing, I am a meat eater and that would make me a hypocrite. Hunting animals for food is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

            I’ve never really gotten involved with the sporting side of hunting either until this saga came to light. I had no idea bow hunting big game was a thing, I thought it was all just one shotting with a gun which at least makes it humane so I just ignored it, somewhat aware that the money paid helped in conservation.

            But when I heard Cecil lived with a fucking arrow sticking out of him for 40 hours, thinking of what that must have been like for him made me really fucking angry and I can’t for the life of me work out what the draw is for someone with a sense of empathy and fairness.

            I’ll leave it here, just wanted to let you know I hear what you’re saying. It’s just hard to stay silent or completely absolve Palmer after all this mess. I doubt he’ll look at hunting the same way ever again, I guess that’s a plus.

          • Typical

            well according to my hunter safety class, the razor arrowhead doesnt cause pain as they bleed out, but I’ve never been shot with one, so can’t say first hand.