I didn’t want to address all this again, but some of my defenders have urged me to speak out against some outrageous lies going around about me. First, let me make something clear one more time, for those of you who have problems reading. I did see merit with a few points WildGoose made. For instance, sending a suicide notice out to the GamerGate hashtag is distasteful, in my opinion. I don’t care who gave you permission. If I die, I don’t give a fuck about being tagged with GG and NotYourShield. Just let me rest in peace. People can disagree with that if they want, but that’s my feeling. I didn’t feel the need to write on it myself, but I did allow criticism of that decision to be published.

The rest of what Goose wrote and did is on him. Yes, I posted it on my site, and I make no apologies for that. People can beat me over the head for months, it won’t matter. In my opinion, having an outlet that will publish controversial opinions is invaluable. People may hate what’s being said, that’s fine with me. But if you can’t see the value in what I did, then I don’t know what to say. I’ll continue to post controversial shit. I won’t disown people I like, either. It’s just not how I work. If that’s too hard for you to accept, stop reading.

That being said, there’s a lot of lies going around. One is that I sent Ashton Liu a picture of his deceased girlfriend on Twitter. The short answer to that is no. It’s a blatant lie. I haven’t tweeted out anything like that, tagged anything like that, or liked anything like that. I didn’t show it on stream, which is another falsehood floating in the ether. The pic in question was tagged by Goose, who is an avowed troll. He does controversial shit because he either thinks it’s funny, or he believes it needs to be said (like with the posts). The pic is just some random posed picture. It’s not a death photo, like some idiots have claimed. If you’re that fucking stupid, I don’t know what to tell you. I still don’t think what he did was right, but then again, lots of people have done all kinds of fucked up shit. People continue to lie about me daily. They’ve poured over every aspect of my life, discussed my mugshot, and attacked both my ex-girlfriend and my current girlfriend. Forgive me if I don’t get all emotional about people whining now. I simply don’t care.

Other than that, I don’t really have anything else to say about all this. Love me, like me, dislike me, loathe me…it’s all good. I’ll keep putting out shit, and people will either read it, or they won’t. Either way, I’m good with it. I’ve stayed true to my principles while others have not. I haven’t changed since Day 1. I’m still here doing the same shit I always have…and I’m not going anywhere.

  1. Drama benefits no one. You said what you wanted and hosted the content you chose on your website. If we can’t have the freedom to post what we want and say what we think, then what is this GamerGate fight for?

    The appearance of change is not change.

    I trust you not to shill. Let them hate you for it- I won’t cast you out over this. It’s a tragedy, it’s regrettable. It’s not unforgivable. I believe in you. I believe in our better natures. However divided GG is now, we put aside differences before and will again.

    Keep doing what you do, Ralph. The Angels need a sharp sword as much as they need a halo.

  2. I must admit some of the stuff they posted needed to be called out. Especially Liana K cosplaying tribute, that was very odd.

    Also another problem is mainly on the side of Cultofvivian’s is that no one talks to each other and tries to make a truce. I say mainly of Cultofvivian’s side cause Ralph did try and there was abit of peace after the big milo stream, but Cultofvivian started shit and now once again the feud continues as well as blocking each other.

    If people spoke to each other more, we wouldn’t see much drama.

  3. I think Goose is a total tit and probably won’t read much else that he posts, but I don’t blame you for running controversial shit. Good media pushes social boundaries, and your total respect for free speech is great.

  4. Keep being you. Goose can keep being himself as well. If anyone doesn’t like it, then they can fuck off. I find it hysterical how I’ve seen some of these people frothing at the mouth over SJW censorship, then demanding censorship (of any fucking kind). MASSIVE HYPOCRITES!


    That being said, I really don’t think you should’ve even addressed this. Haters gonna hate; the same people are going to continue to lie about you, the same people are going to spread disinfo about you, the same people are going to keep on keeping on. You’ve reached out the olive branch to some, which I wouldn’t have even done, and they said fuck you and continued to spread lies about you.

  6. My controversial opinion: Making money off of a suicide of any human being is more distasteful and disgusting than some joke about a dead girl photo on the train tracks.

    Lilly’s suicide death being cashed in for charities is no different than Courtney Love making money off Kurt Cobain’s corpse like a fucking cashcow. Look what happened, she even sold his house and lot for fuck’s sake in the name of giving him peace in the grave.

    1. It depends on if the motive is pure or not. If notifying people about her death is done with the consent of those that knew her and the money goes to a good charity organization aimed at helping prevent suicides… I don’t really see the harm in that.

      No one is being forced to give any money. And it’s, theoretically, not being done just to line someone’s pocket but at least in some small way help someone who may be facing the same demons that Lily couldn’t overcome.

  7. The most amusing hypocrisy is that people always make fun of you when they bring up that you murdered a girl at Arby’s and posted some meme dead photos of it and they were laughing. Oh the fucking irony.

  8. I have my opinions on Goose’s matter, but I don’t feel the need to share them unsolicited.

    Instead, I should focus on the vituperation Ralph has received as a result of that matter; regarding that vitriolic response, it’d suffice for me to quote him:

    “In my opinion, having an outlet that will publish controversial opinions is invaluable.”

    There isn’t much more that needs to be said.

  9. The funny thing is that I’ve said nothing to anyone. I said that the picture wasn’t Lily and the Goose can make whatever joke he wants. As we’ve all said before, these are just words on the internet. They are not equal to actual physical actions, which some people forget. I didn’t like what Goose said and I made that clear to him. After I did that, I moved on. I’ve seen people say the most vile things about Muslims, refugees, immigrants etc. I’ve grown a thick skin about things said on the internet.

  10. Admit it, there are no guest editorials. It’s all you and your sockpuppets! By the by, how did you manage that Nora look for the pictures. Girl, let me in on yo secrets!

    It’s like being mad at that one guest editor for trolling when at the start of every article he says “I AM A TROLLLLLLL”

  11. To the people who got upset and are demanding Ralph and WildGoose issue apologies and to take down articles by piling social pressure through lynch-mobs, slander and harassment.

    This is exactly the same fucking shit SJWs and feminists do.

    Come on, you are meant to be advocating for free speech, anti-censorship and anti-PC (which I assume is why you’re on TRR in the first place).

    Drop the SJW/feminist-like behavior and let people have their say without getting out the pitchforks.

  12. According to ashton, oliver and COV did nothing wrong, me, I don’t care about it, it’s fucking drama, if COV actually tried to be a narcissist, goose took the bait.

    Nevertheless, I don’t hate ralph, stay strong to your principles.

  13. Am i the only one who thinks it’s more about the quality of the article instead of the controversy? That being said, making apologies and/or deleting the articles woudn’t help anyone.

    1. That was my issue with it. It read like a temper tantrum. You don’t spend 2 articles basically sucking the guy’s dick and then denigrate him in the very next breath because he didn’t endorse the original message and expect people not to call you out. It was a weak play, simple as that.

  14. I still like and support you, man. Keep being you. Keep calling out cunts. And keep celebrating free speech for as long as we have it.

    1. What you really mean is never explain to insane Third Wave Feminists. It is not only reasonable but expected that one explains one’s position to reasonable, normal people.

      And it’s probably legal to eat your own shit too. Go ahead and do it to emphasize its legality. It’s a pointless exercise in stupidity but go ahead.

  15. The people blaming you for someone else’s words are obviously stupid. WG is responsible for what he says and does, not you. I think what it boils down to is that many of your regular readers thought that last editorial was mostly extraneous and a pointless waste of time. Goose spent the better part of 2 articles ass patting one person, only to go rabid during the last part of the trilogy and just attack the guy.

    I didn’t find anything he said or did offensive and he is free to espouse whatever opinion he desires, just like everyone else. The crux of the issue was that it all came across as petty and childish. The guy didn’t agree with you – SO WHAT? Zero fucks given. If you are butthurt, that’s cool. Just don’t expect everyone to cheer you on whist acting like a whiny bitch.

  16. Keep being you, man. There’s nothing wrong with giving a platform to controversial opinions. I may not agree with all of what Goose said and did, but that isn’t and has never been on you. People who act like it is need to calm down and actually think.

  17. There’s a difference between “controversial opinions” and “spastic, Pavlovian dickery”.
    Learn the difference, and this site will go back to being as great as it once was.

  18. Ralph, you’re fully allowed to do with your site what you will. I’ve never really meant to contest the raw capability nor shame you into removing the article. Though I do disapprove of the content and the timing but that’s my personal opinion.

    The criticism I will make here is that the people who knew this person best consented to several things that were decried yet again by you here, and by goose in his article. Things with which you disagree.

    If you’re going to chastise people for supposedly shaming you into removing articles or being guilty by association with a flagrant troll stirring up as much shit as possible? Then perhaps you shouldn’t then be shaming and chastising someone for exercising their own free speech and freedom of choice in a moment of mourning for someone they cared about.

    You don’t approve of it? That’s fine. You don’t like the people who were seemingly being so offensive? That’s fine. But when people criticize your conduct it’s no different than you criticizing theirs.

  19. Ashton Luu himself had no issue with the GG tag being used in a POSITIVE post about his daughter. Despite this a lot of drama was MANUFACTURED over this and the gave one of the chief drama makers a megaphone. You’re too addicted to click bait style blogging for my taste which is why I unfollowed you. Infighting and unnecessary drama does our opponents work for us. I support #GamerGate because I identify with “the person in the street” in this a gamer person in the street which is practically equally diverse. Not interested in wasting focus and energy in pointless drama and ego games whereas as a blogger such drama could serve you well in harvest ing clicks. This was a very sensitive time because we had a real tragedy befall one of our numbers and more to the point the survivors of that tragedy not least her father who was done a great disservice by this fucking pointless posturing and manufactured drama over his daughters tragic death. Your apology smacks too much of damage control to YOUR “reply” and fucking little appreciation of your major role in amplifying this negative unnecessary drama and the heartless effects on some good people trying to deal with a great tragedy in their lives.

  20. Bla bla bla, I have principles, bla bla bla I don’t sell my friends down the road. bla bla bla heil hitler, I mean Goose is a troll.

    Okay nifty. Keep on keeping on Ralph.

  21. I will say Ralph, I was afraid this kind of thing would happen 4 months ago. I just imagined it be between you and Vivian, instead of over another author’s work.

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