Earlier today, Liana K, a supposed supporter of GamerGate, put out her long expected shitpiece on our movement. In it, she admits that she made false allegations against Milo Yiannopoulos, yet nonetheless trashes him throughout the article. It truly is a stunning illustration of the type of hypocrisy we’ve been fighting so hard against. I honestly didn’t know how she thought she would get away with such dishonesty. But, then I had to remind myself: her audience is really the SJW crowd, not GamerGate.

I think Milo probably said best himself, in a tweet to me earlier this evening:


Another couple tweets he made later in the evening were pretty class as well:



Really, there would be no reason for this column, since Milo just utterly destroyed her. However, Liana wasn’t done. She had a little more shilling to do. Next, her attention turned to Jayd3Fox, and a certain YouTube video she had put up, that exposed Liana for the fraud that she is. You see, calling Liana out as a shill makes her very angry. So, she did what any SJW asshole would do. She had the video taken down on a bogus harassment complaint (it’s since been put up on based DailyMotion).


And we know it was her, because of this:


It should go without saying, but this woman is not a legitimate part of our movement. In case you needed further convincing, take a look at her take on The Witcher 3 (made of rape?):


Or, you could consider her past support of Zoe Quinn:


How about the time she said she hoped all this GamerGate “dumb shit” would be over after Destiny came out?


We could also take a look at her alleged shilling on 8chan, or her love of Little Hitler, Ian Miles Cheong. Or, we could just read her own words. In a since deleted tweet, she admits that the article that came out today was written a week ago, right after she had invaded GamerGate just to insult Milo. She’s clearly done all this just for publicity. I know, some of you will say we’re giving it to her. But, her censorship and lies have made this piece necessary. At least we didn’t have to waste too many words on her.



Shill, thy name is Liana K.





  1. *Facepalm* I didn’t say she did DMCA Jayd3fox. I said she planned to, I used that as possible evidence if it turned out to BE the case

        1. But you realize Ralph is a “talentless fucking hack” but read his articles anyway.

          Does that mean you have no brain?

          P.S. Thumbing yourself is only OK in private, not on the internet.

          1. No, YOU’RE pathetic for hating a woman who dares to speak her mind you stupid piece of shit.

          2. lololol
            “Mom you CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I’m going to act like an ass and YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!”

      1. Inferences are not facts. Please hold yourself to better standards- Say that it implies she was involved, and show the circumstantial evidence that supports your statement, but without hard factual evidence that she did, please don’t accuse her of something she did not do. Else you’re just committing the same sort of problematic antagonism that she did when she accused Milo of committing forgery.

    1. I find it more despicable if she didn’t do it herself and instead used her cronies to do it for her so she didn’t have to dirty her own hands.

  2. Imagine my shock and amazement that the woman who had the gain on her microphone set to Too Fucking Loud was attempting to use her volume to steamroll opposition and worm her way into something she had no interest in to talk about cream cheese, distract from the journalistic corruption, and concern troll her way to notoriety.

    Hope it was worth it, Liana.

          1. There is possible validity to it with copyright law also convering personal information released without consent.

  3. I love feminists, bragging about rape while let people spank on their ass on whatever convention that was. It’s selling feminism with sex and shows it isn’t about equality.

  4. Sorry but I agree with Liana, Gamergate is incredibly fucking dumb and I fail to see how supporting Zoe Quinn is wrong.

    GG will soon be forgotten.

  5. Honestly I think Liana K is an ok person… I don’t think we should attack people who at least tried to support us…
    In the TYT interview she defended GG more than the pro-GG guy (called Nick….he was not a very bright person)

  6. She seems like a nice person but I cannot stand flip floppers. Considering the methods that she has used to make a living she is the last person that she be condemning games like Witcher 3. That picture of her getting her ass signed by Jim Lee should be enough for the anti side to condemn her to death. I agree she really is just an opportunist like all the professional victims but she for some reason has not pulled the card yet.

    1. clearly just another person doing w/e she has to to get attention with no real loyalty to one side or the other. reminds me of that stupid fat shamer girl who pretends to try to fight the good fight and make people feel better but really just makes contriversy and posts tit pics of her self to get any attention good or bad. bet thing to do is just ignore her

  7. This article is a smear piece that is full of lies and slander.
    The statements made about Liana K are false, taken out of context, and slanderous.

  8. Liana K is a psychotic bully who goes out of her way to play the victim while ruining the lives of those around her.

    She’s the reason her and her husband aren’t on network TV anymore.

    She got a trans woman fired from her work by making harassing phone calls.

    She got a gay man wrongfully arrested for god knows what reason.

    She harasses a survivor of domestic violence by slandering her online.

    The “charity convention” she started is no longer in existence because she and her nephew’s family had a falling out (not to mention Liana’s feud with most of the organizing team.) She then recently cried about people having a party without her.

    She repeatedly threatens people she doesn’t like with lawsuits.

    She got a con chair kicked off of his convention with blatant slander.

    Liana K is a psychotic menace that needs to be stopped. I don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest – she brings it on herself.

  9. Liana drama continues…..
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    zan denkl

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    Kelvin Matarie

  10. This troll is straight up crazy lol look at her pics to she is not even hot, get ahead with her body ew she gross. this is old to she prob look even worse now like sausages stuffed in a to small bag. worse thing is she wont shut up about gaming even tho she dont know shit about it plus also she destroyed ed the sock it was a good sohw til she showed up with her unfunny ass. zero stars to this troll.

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