While I would like to believe Hillary Clinton might somehow going to be replaced as the Democratic nominee before the convention later this month, I just don’t see it.

For one, our top-level pols rarely pay for anything they do, so I don’t really expect this to be any different. Also, there are plenty of flacks between Hillary and the fall. I would expect one of them to take a hit over the former first lady. But in all reality, I don’t expect any charges to be filed. There may be a nasty report or statement of disapproval from the FBI, but I don’t see this going into court. I certainly don’t see Hillary herself getting caught up in all this.


There is one caveat to the above: it’s 2016 (current year!!). If something as wild as an indictment for a major-party nominee for president was ever going to happen, this would be the year. Given everything else that’s already happened, it would be hard to rule anything out of the realm of possibility with absolute certainty. However, given my doubts (and various published reports saying I’m right), I’m more concerned with the impact Hillary’s lack of indictment is going to have on the rest of the campaign as well as the future of American politics.

I think this may actually help Trump in the end. Sure, Clinton getting charged with a felony would have helped him more, but this lets him use the issue to fire up the base again and again. Politically, he can turn this into a win no matter which way it goes. My concern is the protected class of bigshots that has been created here in America. Banksters don’t pay for their crimes. Politicians rarely pay for their crimes. But the common man almost always has to pay for his. This sort of inequitable justice seems to be getting worse, not better.

What will be the ramifications from that as we move towards the next decade? The rule of law being weak is bad news for everyone and we’re going to end up paying for the current state of affairs in a major way.