Originally published on September 27th, 2020. Some sort of site error messed up the original post.
This morning, I woke up to an extraordinary claim being leveled against me. Some fat cow in Phoenix that I made fun of a few times has accused me of flagging her channel. Keep in mind, this same fat cow has countless clips of mine on that same channel. I could literally take it down at any time with arguably legitimate copyright claims. I have not done that and will not do that, so when you see the fake reports that are sure to follow this article, I want you to remember this statement.

This business is an interesting one. On one hand, they tell you not to respond to “trolls.”
Don’t feed them! Don’t give them more material, what are you doing? Surely you, the longtime host of the Killstream, understand this maxim!” 
Yes, I do understand it. It is usually the best piece of advice you can give someone in my position. However, there are two problems:
  1. I’m not very good at ignoring bullshit, and I never have been. The whole reason I’ve gotten known in the first place is because of extreme pettiness and nasty takedowns. It doesn’t come naturally to me.
  2. Silence in the face of massive slander and libel is not always the right call.
So, today I’ve decided to step out of the shell of silence and address a few things.
Right at the top of the list: the bitch I mentioned in the open is crazy and completely obsessed with me. I honestly don’t feel like counting all the tweets I just linked, but the mention number is in the hundreds based only off a search of my last name. If you count all the variations and tweets where I’m not mentioned by name, it could very well be in the thousands…and this is just since May 2020. Add that in with probably 50 (or more) clips posted on her YouTube channel, and perhaps you can begin to see the obsession.
At a certain point, it gets really hard to ignore a psychopath like this. You know you should, but it’s almost impossible. This is a person who has also participated in the doxing of your friends, the maligning of your recently-deceased fatherthe defense of posting your Social Security number online, attacks on your pregnant girlfriend, and much more. Suffice it to say, this woman is very mad online about yours truly. Now that all her lies about my personal life have fallen flat, now that it’s clear that none of the promises they made about me taking a new “vacation” are true, they’re throwing anything they can at the wall and hoping something will stick. This is their only real strategy against me and the Killstream.
Sadly, some are playing into their games. I’m not gonna go show you spergs a goddamn thing. It will only lead to idiots saying it was fake, or demands for more “evidence.” I won’t be participating in that nonsense. That’s a position I’ve held publicly for many years, by the way. People can either accept this is obviously flagrant bullshit, based on, you know, logic, and what I’ve laid out here. Or, they can believe it. Either one is more than fine with me.
I will end with something else, though. I don’t care what happens to people who hate me. In fact, I hope bad things happen to them. If this bitch died tomorrow, I would laugh. If it’s “fuck me,” then you know 100% that it’s “fuck you,” as well. This is how I’ve always lived my life, and it will continue until I’m in the dirt. Forget a channel: I hope your fucking plane goes down, the cancer diagnosis comes in, whatever other calamity you can possibly think of…
On that day, I’ll wake up to a different sort of news alert…and I’ll smile.