Today, many so-called progressives are whining all over the place. As misguided as some of them may be, I do believe that many of them have reall worries about the forthcoming Trump administration. But sometimes, the real face of a scammer will lay itself bare for the entire world to see. That’s what happened today when our old friend Zoe Quinn decided to get on Twitter and whine about the election results.


Cause, ya know, it’s all about how much money Zoe can scam out of idiots at the end of the day. For many people like her, it will always be about that. That, among many other reasons, is why Donald Trump will be our next president.

  1. I keep a record of her patreon, it has fallen overall, it’s less than $3000 at them moment. There is often a connection between it dipping and her virtue signalling to the SJW crowd.

  2. Maybe she has a point. Now that The Donald won, progressives will need their money for survival and won’t be able to support her STD infected ass as much.

    1. Now we get to see who the true believers are and who the true whores are within Silicon Valley, we’ll get to see who goes down with the ship virtue signalling to the last and who turns their cloak and jumps on the alt-right bandwagon.

    1. Not really, but we’ve shown we don’t give a damn about them and they’ll just be mocked and ridiculed.

  3. Remember Zoe and Felicia Day were laughing at Trump and mocking the movement? Not laughing now are you cunts? Hahahahahahaha now we are laughing.

  4. Gosh. It’s like no one had any idea there was going to be an election this year!

    BTW- She had a Reddit AMA recently, and it was boring as fuck. Her latest attempt to bait for bux only got a few downvotes and some snarky comments – nothing Chelsea could use to cry harassment over.

  5. Translation – ‘Shit, now I’ve got to get off my ever-widening ass and actually do some hard work for once besides sponging off goony men like ‘LiftShits’ now. I need my saftey blanket.”

    This day keeps getting better and better.

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