File this under the “Things I’m Not Shocked to See” category. As it turns out, one of the “antifa” attackers from the Milo Yiannpoulos event in California the other night has been identified. Not only that, he draws a paycheck from the UC Berkeley administration. Shocking, I know. Well, at least one thing is surprising: that he’s this fucking stupid.

If you’re going to brag about your assault activities, it’s best not to use online accounts that can be traced back to your real name and occupation. I would have thought they taught stuff like this in antifa commie class.


What more did you learn, Pave? (By the way, I will excerpt some of the key photos below the tweets.)

It looks like that to me as well. I wonder if the phonies in charge of that place will actually take action against Ian Dabney Miller? Probably not, but maybe we can shame them into it. Also, this idiot has since put his Twitter account on protected status.

That’s not going to help you now, Ian. You’ve been identified and shit is about to get real.


UPDATE: I would be remiss if I left out some gems coming from CNN and The Young Turks over the last couple days. Apparently, if you drink their Kool-Aid, the riots were the work of right-wingers who infiltrated the peaceful “Resistance” in order to make them look bad. I wonder how they will try to spin this new information? Actually, they’ll probably just ignore it.

Oh, and we also have some more photographic evidence thanks to my Twitter feed…


UPDATE II: He allegedly gave an interview to the New York Daily News, which is about the dumbest thing in the world. This places him directly at the scene. It also says he is a current staffer, which there was some confusion over since we only have pay stubs going back to 2013 in our search.

UPDATE: Berkeley has responded. They say they’re “aware of [the] allegations involving a UC Berkeley employee” and are investigating them. Believe me, we’ll be keep our eyes on their claims.

  1. The Young Turks were claiming that it was possibly right-wingers engaging in riotous behavior. This completely undermines their excuse for a video.

    1. Lol, yeah, non-progressives/regressives are “conspiracy theorists” when we broach the topic of false flags, but when The Young Turds do it, it’s totally reasonable!

    2. Key word was *possibly* because there have been a lot of provocateurs on both sides lately. It couldn’t then be ruled out, though it can now.


    4. The loony idea that Milo hired 150 black-clad thugs for a publicity stunt defies logic. This could explain property damage but it DOES NOT explain why the 150 thugs chased a few Milo / Trump supporters down the streets after the event, in one case beating one unconscious. Why severely beat up one of their own people for real (not for show) for a publicity stunt? Sorry, total logic fail.

      1. Yeah it’s so implausible that these retards might actually go and behave like violent radicals like we have been predicting for months.

    1. I go a step further, how about turning him into a internet meme like , Star Wars kid, Aids Skrillex and Trigglypuff?

      1. So Trump is the thug? it is not Trump or his supporters who are assaulting people or rioting and it never has been. Conservatives did not go to Hillary rallies and beat innocent people up. Trump is not paying $2500 a week to cause violence. Liberals chant how love trumps hate and then they bash someone in the head with a flag pole. Trump supporters never once made fun of Obama’s kids or Chelsea Clinton.

        Libs cause the violence, they block airports, the inauguration gates, and highways refusing to allow anyone to have their own opinions and then they accuse Trump of being a fascist… guys need a dictionary or to go back to school to get an education.

    2. As a member of the Berkeley community and a part of this protest this is highly offensive. Protesters at UC Berkeley make it their goal to give students a place to feel comfortable as well as better the community. Comparing our protest to fascism is absurd and beyond inaccurate. Making the claim that protests stifle free speech is demeaning the university and values it is founded on. This clearly is a stab at a community on campus that does nothing but support the rest of the student body.

      1. Are you serious with that??? You live in a liberal dream world. That riot was meant to do one thing and that was to stop Milo from speaking because they disagree with him. You mob rules clowns label anyone a racist fascist and Nazi and then feel justified to silence or beat people you disagree with. I have news for you….You are the mob denying people freedom of speech thought and expression. YOU are the ones running around in a mob beating people and busting stuff. You are the fascists! Wake up!

        1. 50% of research at UC Bezerk funded by FED?? pfffzzzt, evaporated…gone…yanked. Pull the plug on these clowns! Too bad they didn’t burn their own campus to the ground.

          1. I’d go one better… cancel ALL non-STEM funding for CC / university-level education. Make anybody wanting a Special Snowflake degree do it on their own dime. Starve the leftists out…

          2. You’re talking of currently $370 MILLION and that includes STUDENT LOANS not already transferred to UCB, grants, infrastructure, etc. I’m all for pulling it, every penny.

          3. I think it’s only 38% across the U, but that’s a quibble. Some departments much more. Mostly the ones we’d miss least.

          4. I thought that would be the end of the movie. What? It wasn’t a movie? It was real. OMG, Trump, Pull the plug on this sorry excuse for higher learning.

        1. No, you don’t understand. The leftist movement only needs the correct leader to create the utopia for man. So we made a few mistakes and a few hundred million people, but we will get it right this time. Trust us.

          1. He was being sarcastic and making fun of the liberal idea of logic which is always illogical. “Leftwing intelligentsia” is an oxymoron.

      2. When you injure people coming to listen to a speaker you have crossed the line. Since when in America is this acceptable? I wouldn’t use your values for toilet paper. Your piss-poor police force stood inside and let people get beaten by thugs with their faces covered. Your campus suffered damages at the hands of the same people you failed to educate that a differing opinion isn’t dangerous. It’s an opinion. You have radicalized our young people, and by doing so have placed them in danger. For that, you deserve no respect and no funding.

        1. I can’t wait for the incitement of rioting and sedition charges to be meted out, to those who have already clearly engaged in it. That’ll be some kind of big fun to watch….

      3. sorry, but if you don’t condemn the terrorists protesting, but just glibly protest alongside them, you’re aiding them in their terrorism

      4. “Protesters at UC Berkeley make it their goal to give students a place to feel comfortable as well as better the community. ” did you really just say that!? holy crap you’re throwing money away at barfeley and getting nothing but brainwashed not educated.

      5. I’ve seen the footage of your precious little “protest”. I saw trees being lit on fire,people getting beat the fuck up at random, ATMs being smashed, windows being smashed and garbage cans being cruelly molested. You basically trying to tell me to believe YOU and ignore my lying eyes.

        No. Go to hell. Trump should completely de-fund your garbage university.

          1. First he has to get Jeff in his seat. Must have an orchestra leader. Then “Cry of the Valkyrie” You wanna be hero’s and beat up kids, good, now it’s pay back time. Crank up the volume. National Guard swoop in, break heads, it’s the only thing that will stop it. Be a law and order President because make no mistake, the left wants you out of their and if civil disobedience will do it they won’t stop.Yes to the good old days. as did I. Do not let this go any longer.

        1. Saw it and stand with Trump, I truly want to see our Prez taking action against these thugs hiding under banner of education.

      6. Berkeley renowned for its bullying and intimidating fascist tactics,even in the Reagan admin.A bunch of anti democratic liberal idiots acting like the Hitler youth,don’t hear of Trump supporters going around creating anarchy,hitting young girls with poles and spraying them with pepper spray,(UK)

      7. Is pepper spraying girls and beating men unconscious with clubs “demeaning the university and values it is founded on,” you pretentious jackass?

        Additionally, you are contemptibly dishonest, bleating about “protests” while ignoring that this incident was a riot with arson and multiple injuries, and did in fact succeed in its acknowledged goal of stifling free speech.

        Nor am I impressed with your feigned concern for Berkeley students, given that many of them wanted to attend this event which you shut down in classic Brownshirt style.

        I suggest you attempt to benefit from the example of your compatriot in New York currently awaiting trial for his actions on Inauguration Day:

        1. 01/23 what f*ggtry happened around then to cause that antifa salt… any links to the thread i wanna see the salt farmers at work

          1. Of course. Does that somehow oblige me to overlook that you can’t write a simple sentence? LOL: I fucked up but it’s the machine’s fault and you should have figured it out instead of expecting me to get it right!

            Anyway, the post I replied to could be described as a rant: mine was more of an autopsy of a rant.

            Is there something you’d like to contribute to the topic?

          2. He has nothing but rank stupidity to contribute. And if he does go to jail I hope he likes picking up the soap. And one more thing. He will have a conviction that will follow him the rest of his life, the dumb $hit.

      8. The protesters clearly have no regard for free speech or academic freedom. Their actions are totalitarian and bring shame to UC Berkeley. Ironically, they also did Milo Yiannopoulos a massive favor. His book sales have skyrocketed thanks to this publicity. If he’d simply been allowed to speak in a civilized manner few would have noticed.

        1. If they had left him alone, Milo’s audience would have been 500 campus Republicans (there are that many at Cal?), his FaceBook followers and Breitbart readers. He got 5 minutes on CNN & ABC, 15 on Fox & video clips everywhere. Plus front page of NYT, WSJ and the DailyMail. Well played, protesters, well played.

          1. And all for free. Oh well, as the man said, you can’t fix stupid. The left wing media did the same thing for Donald when he first started to run, the wailing and gnashing of teeth over him gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity. And all the pundits had to offer is, when is he going to start advertising?

      9. >”Comparing our protest to fascism is absurd” Comparing black-clad thugs smashing windows, denying freedom of speech to others and assaulting those who disagree with them to 1930s SA stormtroopers is absurd? Maybe we should compare them to ISIS: same black uniforms / banners, same ski masks, same militant songs, same mentality.
        >”make it their goal to give students a place to feel comfortable”
        Wait the goal of pepper-spraying female Trump supporters is to make them comfortable?
        >”Making the claim that protests stifle free speech is demeaning”
        No, making such claims is an objective, empirical observation.

      10. What a bucket of bullshit. Everyone who participated in or condones the rioting at Berkeley are terrorists. The university should lose every dime of federal funding and each of the terrorists should be convicted of treason.

      11. You are the exact definition of fascism you moron. You guys completely rioted over someone who was to speak. Shut down the speech which is exactly fascism. The irony would be laughable if you idiots actually understood but, sadly, you don’t. The one kid interviewed actually said “you should hear the other sides point of view but that milo isn’t the person to give it.”

        We don’t like him and what he has to say and only we can choose who gets to speak. So riot, beat people up and that’s not fascism. Man I can’t wait for the right to fight back. Between you idiot sjw’s and blm asshats shit is going to hit the fan soon now that we have no worries of obama calling Marshall law like he wanted. What are you going to do then???

        1. Um, if the right fights back as you want it to, and blood starts to flow in the streets, there WILL be martial law. It doesn’t take Obama to implement it. It can be implemented by any president, Trump included. What do you think the end game is? What you called for, the right fighting back, is what the liberal politicians being backed by George Soros, is exactly what they hope for. The politicians will feign sadness and regret and say that it has to stop. They’ll come together and ask Trump to stop it and Trump, believing he’s doing it for the good of the country he loves, will implement martial law. And then, boom, full spectrum control by the government. Think long term lady, not with your emotions. I too hate these riots(they’re not protests) but I also want my freedoms. And if we have an all out poltical civil war, martial law WILL come to the United States of America.

      12. How peculiar. When I was a university student (we took notes on clay tablets), we were supposed to be challenged, exposed to different ideas–things like that–not be given “a place to feel comfortable. ” I guess you will have to wait until you get out into the “real world” for all that. What a shame.

          1. Alas, my memory is defective and it is darned hard to find any Sumerians or Babylonians to give me a refresher. Long live Sargon!

      13. Lol. “Highly offensive”? Shut your entitled mouth you little piece of shit. YOU are the little fascists. Go look in the mirror. Your campus community is vile garbage

      14. The Berkeley student protest were issued multiple dispersal orders by authorities, they stayed any way. Violence and property damage was easily visible to the crowd, yet the protesters stayed any way. Protesters had ample time and warning to disassociate themselves from the violence they chose not to. Their continued presence in weds riots shows they condoned the violence.

        1. Should have read them the riot act then move in if they don’t disperse.What a shock when they find out what that entails. Surprise surprise.

      15. “Comparing our protest to fascism is absurd and beyond inaccurate.”

        Except for the whole using violence to stifle opposition part. To be fair though, it would be just as accurate to compare it to communism. Or, I suppose, any kind of totalitarianism.

        “Making the claim that protests stifle free speech is demeaning the university and values it is founded on.”

        If the protest didn’t feature violence and destruction of property, I would agree with you.

      16. Your protestations are less than convincing. Your state is ruled by a bunch of progressive thugs and outright Communists and the police were quite obviously ordered to stand down, both here and in San Jose last year. I hope Trump starts holding large rallies in California every few months, just to rile the locals and remind the entire center of the continent why we hate the coasts.

      17. Unfortunately, reality gets in the way. Protests at UCB routinely block access, threaten, intimidate, destroy, assault. These are the hallmarks of fascism.

        1. Seeing as how Californians hate the rest of America so much they want to secede, they should make sure that state taxes, and not federal ones, go for the cleanup. Why should I have to pay for that?

      18. How do you figure that the liberals at Berkeley campus support free speech? Where did the conservatives have the right to hold their event, with their choice of speaker.? is it when they were being beaten with bats and flag poles that they should have felt safe, or when molotov cocktails were thrown at them and set on fire that they should have felt the freedom to speak?

        Berkeley has done this before. Back in September the liberal SJW formed a wall at the entrance to the campus and white students were forced to walk through a swamp to get to class…is that the tolerance that you speak of?

        Or how about the following video, when students and faculty are asked about voter ID laws and the racism drips off of their answers. At the end of the video, when blacks are shown the clip, they are insulted by the tolerant people at this racist, hypocritical campus. I am so glad to hear that several alumni have withdrawn their wills and are no longer leaving their millions to the college. Even the alumni feel the college has turned into a fascist liberal failure.

        racism is ok, as long as it is against whites. free speech is okm as long as it supports liberal ideas, and being in a safe environment is ok…unless you are a conservative, then you get your head bashed in.

      19. Funny how you nimrods continue to claim that Conservatives and Trump supporters are Fascist, racist and Nazis while your little hissy fits are being funded by someone who was an ACTUAL NAZI and boasts that it was the best time of his pathetic life! If this was the Socialist nirvana that you want you would have been jailed long ago, never to bring seen or heard from again. You just keep drinking that Kool-Aid…

      20. Protests don’t stifle free speech.
        Riots do.

        Having people who disagree with you point out the crimes of your fellow travelers doesn’t make you a victim.
        It makes you an accomplice.

        Saying things that you know are untrue doesn’t make you mistaken.
        It makes you a liar.

      21. Protest =/= riot. The left is just showing its true colors, which are identical to Brownshirts in Nazi Germany. Helluva tradition to hang onto.

        Get lost, troll.

      22. Hey, the other Jims and I got together and came to a unanimous decision: you are no longer allowed to associate with our name. Desist immediately or we will have your fascist, ignorant ass served.

      23. Are you disputing that the speaking event was not allowed to take place due to threat of violence and bodily harm? Or are you stating that violent protests are a reasonable means to make the campus a comfortable place for students by not allowing dissenting views to be spoken?

      24. So you’re going to lobby UC Berkeley to fire this guy who made the rest of you protesters look bad, right? You’re going to protest the university and pressure the administration to purge violent staff members like Ian Miller, and lobby to have him arrested for his actions on the night of your protest, yes? Yes? If not, everything you just wrote above is bullshit.

      25. F U you stinking P O S. I hope Berkely is hit with riot after riot after riot until there is nothing left but ashes.
        Have a nice day 🙂

      26. Things protests are “not”

        1: Blocking public roads, hindering transport and American citizens from getting to A to B

        2: Beating people unconscious with flag poles, pulling them into groups of black clad masked individuals and beating them bloody for being unfortunate enough to hold different opinions on politics than you.

        3: Smashing ATM machines and windows.

        4: Burning cars

        5: Calling your opponents every name under the sun in order to excuse your own political violence.

        6: Throwing projectiles and fireworks at police officers who are there to keep the peace.

        I could go on…

        What happened was a riot… Do I “blame” the students for the actions of a bunch of radical communist/socialist nutjobs? not implicitly, but they aren’t exactly doing much to condemn the behaviour or even prevent these people from using what could be argued to be legitimate protests as an excuse to cause violent harm on others, justified by false claims of racism, Nazi-ism and fascism etc…

      27. If you were part of the protest why didn’t I see you pulling the thugs off the people who were assaulted?Oh right, because you were wearing a mask and helping them.

        Nothing wrong with peaceful protest, but this wasn’t peaceful and it wasn’t a protest. It was a lawless riot. You should be ashamed to live in a community where the mayor tells the police to look the other way while crap like this happens. I hope the court awards the victims enough to really hurt the city and the school.

      28. I believe you work at Berkeley, you are certainly oblivious enough.
        You idiots are the ones who are demeaning any values Berkeley may or may not have had.

      29. Well, you just gave the object of your hatred more publicity, a much bigger platform and probably higher book sales. And you made Berkeley look like a hotbed of idiocy. Strong work there, champ.

      30. Berkeley is a rat’s nest of racist, bigoted, fascist, America-hating, filth — not just the school, the entire fahucking sheet-hole town is an intellectual and moral sewer. Truly disgusting people live there and they’re made all the more disgusting by their arrogant stupidity.

      31. We are not the unemployed – but you will be. Nobody’s gonna hire Berkeley grads because you are all either snowflakes or agitators – neither of which is a desirable employee characteristic.
        Maybe you can pretend to be a refugee — then Starbucks will hire you and AirBNB will house you.

      32. You don’t realize that a lot of those antifa thugs are nothing more than paid protestors — and they are dragging you and your little snowflakes down with them. This is not a little snowflake game. Your parents are not gonna bail you out when you get charged with CRIMINAL rioting. And no one is gonna hire you if you have a criminal record. So take note and think you idiot … before you ruin your life.

  2. What a cowardly scumbag. And this really fucks up The Young Turks (and the liberal media in general) narrative that the violent ones were “unrelated agitators who came to disrupt the peaceful protest” – the same peaceful protesters who stood by and cheered on the violence that they’re too cowardly to participate in.

    1. I see your point, but in all honesty it didn’t even take THIS much to fuck up TYTs or CNNs narrative. They literally dug up Saul Alinsky and pulled that from his dead ass.

        1. I don’t know of any time they lied outright. They certainly have a left leaning bias, but that isn’t the same thing.

      1. Not me, I expect them to pivot to the latest news items and avoid the topic in the future thus lying by omission as the media always does.



      3. How is saying it could have been right wingers pretending to be left wingers “reporting on what was known at the time.” That’s not reporting–it’s conjecture. And illogical conjecture at that.

        1. TellstheTruth, but that is precisely what the lame-stream media does…it never reports news, rather, it conjectures, creates (makes out of nothing) what they call news.

        2. There are verified instances of people pretending to be on the other side, committing acts of violence. Both left and right, doesn’t make a difference. So the idea isn’t out of left field.

        3. That very scenario has happened several times over the past year, from both sides. It’s illogical in a vacuum, but not in the context of humans.

      4. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Even when they correct themselves, which is rare, they trivialize the correction.

        1. They corrected themselves on the incident where a church was burned and Vote Trump was spray painted, which turned out to be a black churchgoer. I’ve seen them update stories often, which is why I watch them every day even though I’m a deplorable right winger by their standards.

          1. Yeah, but people have already internalized the story and formed an opinion – they don’t go out of their way to check back for updates and the MSM knows that. Fox will make “mistakes” all the time and then issue corrections at time slots when its viewership is the lowest, for example.

          2. That’s more a feature of the media climate than anything. The average person (at least a lot of the average people I’ve talked to) don’t seem to understand immediate reports and how they are often not as accurate as information soberly recounted after the dust has settled. Just waiting until all the facts come in doesn’t help, because those same people who don’t understand my first sentence would yell conspiracy of silence if the media did wait. So there’s little choice other than to report what you have right then, and later correct as more info comes in.

            I respect TYT because they do correct as time goes on. Fox News hides their corrections because they’re Fox News…well, CNN too but yeah mostly the MSM does that because they don’t want to look stupid (and most people would cry conspiracy if presented honest upfront info).

    2. Tattoo on his neck dead giveaway,baseball bat in hand (offensive weapon) Bang to rights,think he’ll get arrested and lose his job pmsl.Heard Soros son at Berkeley?

      1. Not a baseball bat, but similar. A big stick with a flag on the end, making it a flagpole. Or a club, something every well-prepared protester carries when he goes to a demonstration.

    3. The loony idea that Milo hired 150 black-clad thugs for a publicity stunt defies logic. This could explain property damage but it DOES NOT explain why the 150 thugs chased a few Milo / Trump supporters down the streets after the event, in one case beating one unconscious. Why severely beat up one of their own people for real (not for show) for a publicity stunt? Sorry, total logic fail.

        1. Robert Reich?

          Is that the same hobbit who worked for the klintons?

          If it is, I remember him. He claimed he was a professor of economics… but he seemed to completely lack knowledge of economics!

          I had thought he’d retired, since the public spotlight turned on him during his stint lying for BJBill outed him as completely ignorant in his supposed field of expertise.

          How DO these people keep their jobs when they obviously know nothing about it?

          I’ve never been in that situation, but I’ve known people, nice people, who were and they didn’t get to keep the job for even a few minutes after exposure.

          Immediately fired for incompetence! Yet these unpleasant gnomes just keep floating along, being incompetent, bilious, and irritating… never called to account!

          I just don’t understand it, it is in his employer’s best interest to can the man… he’s wasting resources simply being employed at something he’s incompetent at doing — yet there he is!

          1. If you worship at the alter of liberalism there is always a well-paying, government subsidized sinecure for you after public “service” at places like Berkeley. I’m with you though. When it comes to economic intelligence, Reich is a midget!

          2. Robert Reich, standing shoulder to shoulder with that other fraud, Phil Nigh the Science Guy. Or knee to toe.

          3. lmao. what about little georgie stephanopolis-he is about 4′ in his sock. saw a picture of him with his wife and her tits poke him right in the eyes.

          4. National Socialist Goebbels, like Progressive Reich (and all Progressives), use the same methods of propaganda developed by Bernays and Lippmann to support Progressive President Wilson segregating the federal government.

          5. Reich has a law degree not a degree in economics….if he were a Republican his claim would be considered an alternative fact…..but since he is a Democrat it is merely his interpretation of reality

          6. Yep, that’s the same Bobby 3rd Reich… Not a clue about anything or just pretending to be stupid to go along with his handlers. Whichever.

          7. I saw this Reich gnome in a Berkeley supermarket last year. He was doted on by his 20-something girlfriend as they shopped together. He’s in his 60’s and a gnasty looking gnome. It was creepy.

      1. well it doesn’t defy logic like if Milo was going to false flag it’s not like he’s going to care if a few of his fans get beat up that’s the whole premise of a false flag you gotta break a few eggs. But I would be shocked if it was fake first of all there are a lot of dumb antifa nuts out there who publically admit that they do this kind of thing and second Milo isn’t the type who would be able to pull this off

        1. Occam’s Razor. Why would Milo or anyone feel the need to fund and orchestrate something we’ve been able to count on Soros to do for years now.

      2. They can’t see the flaws in their logic because they are sociopaths who’d chase down and beat their own mothers if it helped their cause.

      3. Yet the left believes it and is spreading the story. They remain in blissful ignorance which has been their bane for many years.

    4. It’s fitting that these fools called their YouTube channel The Young Turks, since the original Young Turks were the men who tried to reform the Ottoman Empire, but ended up driving it into the ground.

    5. Robert Reich by pushing the lie of a “false flag” scam is even more of a cowardly scumbag than Ian Dabney Miller or the “peaceful” protesters who incited an escalation of violence by cheering what they were witnessing.

      1. On a Dallas talk radio show man years ago, the host (David Gold) called him “Bobby”.
        He flipped. “HOW ABOUT MR. SECRETARY?”
        I wish David said, “No, you’re too short.”

    1. The loony idea that Milo hired 150 black-clad thugs for a publicity stunt defies logic. This could explain property damage but it DOES NOT explain why the 150 thugs chased a few Milo / Trump supporters down the streets after the event, in one case beating one unconscious. Why severely beat up one of their own people for real (not for show) for a publicity stunt? Sorry, total logic fail.

    2. No his isn’t. Tools serve a purpose. Wait, that’s not the kind of tool you were talking about? Never mind. 😉

  3. Yeah, of course the violent ‘protestors’ were undercover right-wingers. That’s why the ‘peaceful protestors’ were standing in support of all this, cheering, and defending the violence. And of course, setting fire to stuff, breaking windows, and assault are only ‘violence’ when we can blame it on the right. When it’s on the left it’s ‘passionate free speech against tyranny’.

    1. i don’t even care if it was or not

      they’ve shown us pretty clearly that vast swathes of the left wing is perfectly willing to defend this type of violence. In the face of that, is a hundred or so crazy nutjobs in California really the most important factor? Even if they were fake, they’re believed to be real by their allies, and those allies then lionize them. Same thing really.

  4. OT, free speech related:

    I know Ben Shapiro isn’t well liked around here. However, he did win a free speech victory recently.

    Ahmed the Clock Boy’s father sued Shapiro over commentary he made during an interview. Unfortunately, this is the U.S., not Egypt, and the suit was dismissed, and now Mohammed Mohammed, Clock Boy’s daddy, is on the hook for court costs and attorney’s fees.

    Regardless of what we think of Shapiro, this is a win. Polite applause is due, and then we can go back to thumping him for foolishness 🙂

      1. In your earlier comment you were all about being supportive and the “berkeley community” lol

        What an intolerant tard. Ian is that you??

          1. We don’t care about you.

            We care about ian and making sure he burns for being a raging, violent gay faced douche. Oh, also, hypocritical.

            Let’s get back to ruining his life.

            For real.

  5. LOL….absolutely nothing is going to happen to this guy. You can have your justice-is-served circle jerk all you want, but he’s a free man that got to whoop some ass he didn’t like. I’m not taking sides here; I’m just being honest.

    1. Watch what happens when this blows up. I think you seriously underestimate the importance of this being exposed from a political standpoint.

  6. Hey did anyone get arrested? You see then you would know the identity and who funded them.But know no one arrested? Give me break defund immediately force that nutter Janet to resign Mayor should give a national apology to the United States people. You people are an embarrassment to our nation.Same with Chicago riots during Trump’s campaign.

  7. Come take those weak shots with me punk. I am pushing 50 and still bench over 400 pounds. Come pick on me.

    I really don’t like to use the word hate…but, these fascists are pushing it.

    1. They are not fascists, they are “antifa”, i.e. ANTIfascists, i.e. Communists. They are using the same tactics the Bolshevieks used to take over Russia.

      1. There really isn’t any difference worth noting, though the (as Heinlein called them) red fascists argue with the black fascists about who is truly the fascist. The tactics are the same whether they take place in Russia or Germany or the Soviet Union. The Nazis used the same tactics to take over Germany as these black-clad supposed “anarchists” were using in Berkeley. Disrupt opponents’ speech, assault their followers.

    2. Honestly, the worst thing anyone can do right now is fight back. Turn the other cheek, let them show the world their true face. If the Right starts organizing the Trump Defense Force or whatever, the world will immediately seize on it and write it off as “two sides of the same coin, both awful.”

      These left-wing tactics are deliberately designed to enrage the Right and elicit a violent response. It’s an old trick of theirs. Don’t fall for it. Don’t help them.

      1. I know…just would love to pop some of these snowflakes when I see innocent people ko’d on the ground just for standing up and speaking against these agitators.

      1. How does a Leftist even use words like “pleb” in an insulting fashion? The Left is FOR the plebeians and against the patricians!

  8. This motherfucker almost receives $70,000 a yearly wage for being a fucking edgelord. This jerkoff needs to check his privilege.

  9. Nice work brother. I was going to expose this guy last night with similar info, and start a Twitter account again, but I’ve been banned so many times off that site. The owner of Twitter gave 1.3 million to the ACLU, so that explains why Jack targets conservative accounts. Anyway, everyone needs to hammer the phones and get this guy arrested. I’m not even sure calling the Berkeley PD would help. I think they’re compromised. Maybe the FBI? I’m in Canada so I don’t really know how that works. Again, cheers and keep up the awesome work.

      1. Do you honestly believe that? I mean, seriously? Those lifelong failure goobers have attacked women and ganged up on people with clubs. I would (utterly) love for them to attempt that with myself, fellow veterans or people who bite back. In fact, every single time I have seen them, on video, come up against someone who can bite back they run away in droves. Take Berkeley for example when one MMA fighter took down eight of them.

        By all means cupcake, by all means, come visit anytime you feel compelled because I have the entire list of all your names due to the data dump last night. It will be unimaginably enjoyable for me to meet you.

        1. NSA has their addresses and special teams are on the way guantanamo II is open and ready for intake. I hear they might actually enjoy the menu especially the cockmeat samich. LOL

          1. The NSA isn’t the only agency. That data drop has brought forth literal thousands of these dingbats. They are now known to the FBI, HLS, CIA and, hell, even the Presidential press security made mention of knowing who they were.

            Their days are truly numbered.

          2. they just flushed their whole life down the toilet for what? A president winning an election who will be president for 4 to 8 years max. By the time he is no longer president these idiots will still be making little rocks out of big rocks.

      2. At some point you thugs are going to pick thr wrong person to attack and you are going to join the room temperature challenge

      3. You want my name big shot? I notice your kind has not tried this garbage in my town.. because you would not last long here. You start screwing around with people who have spent the last 6 years in the sand box, you best come prepared. Please please please bring your garbage to Nevada, because some of us are just waiting to take out the trash.

          1. Want to meet up Jimmy? Send me you info, and I’ll send you mine. Let’s make it happen buddy. I’ll pay for flights.

      4. Ken…it’s wise to remember that over the last eight years legal gun sales were at record levels. Legal gun owners are happy to let you burn your ghettoes and your college campuses but I can assure you that if you try and burn their homes you will lose. And lose badly.

  10. This better get picked up by Breitbart or someone at some point. If this gets swept under the rug gonna be pissssssssed.

  11. Oh I get it. His twitter handle is ‘Eugene V, Dabs’. and his real name, according to this article, is Ian Dabney Miller. They should press charges for assault. And now that he’s linked the UC Berkeley all the injured and other businesses should sue the University and City if they continue to protect him.

    1. Lawsuits all around, although it’s possible the city might not be vulnerable to a lawsuit. Per Warren vs DC, the police are not responsible for your personal protection.

      Of course, IDing the thugs means you can target them directly with lawsuits. That might be more effective than trying to shake down the university or city for repair bills.

      1. If it can be shown that the mayor WITHHELD protection due to his political prejudice against speech atendees, that qualifies for a civil rights suit in a federal court.

    2. My maternal grandparents met at one the Eugene V Debs marches in Chicago in 1919. Debs was the Socialist candidate for POTUS who was railroaded into prison by Woodrow Wilson’s admin for Statements opposing WWI. Guys like Ian still think they are living in that past.

      1. Go look at that the He will not divide us streams, 4chan does go out in public sometimes to troll. They wouldn’t false flag as antifa, they surround antifa and chant “my wife’s son”

      2. Lmfao. Antifa is a bunch of skinny jeans, malnourished puzzies. I’ve doxxed hundreds of them. It’s like a chess club, with flags. Lololol.

  12. That little turd Reich knows full well the rioters were the usual anarchist/left wing trolls and closely associated with the university system.

      1. Yeah, sure “Jim”, sure. Should we now point that glance at you and your claims about serving in the British military and that you are a Berkeley resident?

          1. Why would I need to check Reddit when I can merely check the source itself? Are you sure you want to play this game?

          2. Jim, Jim, Jim… c’mon now…. that is no way for a British military veteran to act now is it? I mean, gee wiz “Jim”, think about how hateful words can be. This is serious business here Jim, very serious indeed.

            One would think that such a proud stolen valor fraudulent military member such as yourself would know when the best moment to break out fat speculative statements are but, apparently, your extensive IED training superseded such knowledge.

            Don’t you worry though “Jim”, I have your back and I will make sure your well known adventures are known throughout the internet by nights end. Heroes such as yourself must be known to all.

            Oh, one last thing “Jim”. You may wish to use a different picture since that picture there is connected to a different account. I mean, golly gee wiz Jim, we wouldn’t want the world to know you would do such a thing now would we….

          3. Imagine if you used all this effort into your life, maybe you’d be in a better place LMFAOOOOOO rather than getting triggered on the internet

          4. Totally Jim… totally. You nailed me hardcore on that one. However, since I am in such a “place” I guess I might as well make you famous, eh Jim?

            Ohhhhh Jimmy JimJim… you truly do make things so easy.

          5. Damn Jim, you have almost run out of statements. “Fat”, “fedora”, “no life”. What will you have left in about an hour once your entire existence is put on display for the world to see?

            By the way and on a sidenote – Is this occupational history legitimate? Is this educational history legitimate? I mean… really? You have done, literally, not a single thing outside of two low grade jobs and a few pass along’s? Now let’s see how much money you get from the social services. Ohhhh this should be fun Jim!

          6. Should I play along with your pathetic attempt at trying to dox or should I just laugh at your neck rolls?

          7. “Dox” you? Oh no, no, no Jim. That is for those who merely research a bit on Google or the like. I do not plan that my dear child.

          8. You sound like me when I was 15 trying to scare adolescents, those tricks don’t work on me my dear child. How’s the intelius search going my dude?

            Do you need my intelius premium account?

          9. Right, sure Jim, “Intelius”, that’s it…

            One question since you were so gung ho about it earlier. I just want to make sure I follow you correctly here. You are saying that you served in the British military? Am I correct in that being so? You served in the British military, right?

          10. Oh no, actually I served in the Zimbabwe Army my dude

            You’re boring me, your skills are a joke, good day lad

          11. Thanks Jim, I appreciate your confirmation in conjunction with your statement from earlier in this thread and statements on your other social media sites. Much appreciated “Jim”. Sleep well my friend, have a great night!

          12. You remind me of those Alphabay scammers that pretend to sell you stuff and then just keep going on with thinly veiled promises

            You’d make a horrible scammer

          13. It truly cracks me up how you and your ilk just unravel the moment you are exposed or are about to be exposed. I present facts, make viable statements, and make not a single false innuendo. You speculate, contradict your own statements, attempt hilarious insults, and then attempt to switch the issue around.

            Truly “Jim”, I seriously mean this when I say you are the absolute epitome, utter and total epitome, given both your track record in life and what you have “accomplished” (which is not a single thing), the epitome of a TRUE born loser. You, quite literally, are exactly that with a worth of absolutely nothing. However, continue to try your flip strategy as I am positive it will all work out great for you.

          14. Ah okay, so now you’re a “teenager”. Got it….

            Amazing how an hour ago you wrote:

            “I served in the British Army. I have received hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds of training in marksmanship, skills at arms, fieldcraft, counter IED tactics, observation post (OP) and reconnaissance procedures, artillery/mortar/forward air controller, small unit tactics, battlefield first aid, communications, physical fitness etc. I deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan seeing at times some of the most intense combat since World War 2. I think we’re pretty typical of our political movements; you the radical far left student and me the centre right military veteran (and now engineer). Virtually everyone I served with out of the hundreds if not thousands of vets I met all have pretty right wing views. If you decided to put political violence on the table and we went toe to toe…who do you think would win? The student more used to sitting on their arse tapping on an IPad or the person professionally trained to deal in controlled violence? You see you might think your big and hard acting like petty criminals beating people with metal poles in mobs and sucker punching people and then running away but the truth is, when it comes to real warfare (aka putting 5.56 NATOs in people from 600m away) you don’t even known where to begin. So when your next considering violent direct action to intimidate and solace your political opponents consider this…imagine your future in which you are laying a cold hard road with 3 massive holes where your chest should be and ask yourself ‘was it a wise choice to attack and provoke the kind of people who make up the right into a civil war? was it beneficial for me?’.”

          15. Oh right shoot, you got me, oh no

            man you’re boring as fuck, i feel like i’m watching myself post like 10 years ago

          16. Sure buddy, sure. Like I said earlier, prepare to be a well known hero and, again, thank you for making it so much easier.

            I have this overwhelming feeling that the British SAS/Military investigatory services may wish to speak with you but hey, it’s not like I am some veteran myself and just posted your actual information, along with your statements here, on their stolen valor forums or anything which has already garnered over 10k views and 43 responses…. What do I know though “Jim”. I am, afterall, just a fat fedora wearing guy with no life. Have a great night.

          17. Oh my, 10k views in 29 minutes, you must be great at getting internet traffic

            Humor me, I want to see what you posted so I can laugh even more

          18. Ask exposethebad for my address since he apparently has it, maybe he’ll churn out something like 43 third avenue from his creativity

          19. Nah, post it here buddy. What are you afraid off “soldier”?? C’mon tough guy. Big bad “British soldier”.

          20. I’m afraid of becoming illiterate from your usage of grammar and lack of accuracy in spelling correctly

            Lol @ exposethebad never replying ever again, what a joke, probably sucking dick for food

          21. Oh Jim. Your desperate obsession for me to talk to you is quite humorous but I have already disabled you in every plausible manner here and have already presented your wondrous yet laughable dossier to the forum that matters – Stolen Valor Britain while, at the same time, also delivering said dossier to several other groups who love (one news) dealing with stellar “men” such as yourself.

            Fear not dear “Jim”, fear not. I have this overwhelming feeling that you will be able to tell your amazing story shortly. I do so very much appreciate your thoughts as, after eleven years of doing this, I always get a kick out of those such as yourself who truly convince themselves that either nothing will happen or convince themselves that they matter to the scheme of the world. I must confess that I always hope for new and intricate excuses from you and your ilk but, alas, the same rhetoric always comes. Good luck with all that “Jim”! I will be rooting for you!

          22. Lol. His little cut and paste job about him being in the British military isn’t working so well. Haha.

    1. Looks like she deleted that “artistic” video of her and other witches cursing a voodoo doll of Trump and then capturing, imprisoning and torturing Donald Trump before cutting off his junk and eating it.

  13. I served in the British Army. I have received hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds of training in marksmanship, skills at arms, fieldcraft, counter IED tactics, observation post (OP) and reconnaissance procedures, artillery/mortar/forward air controller, small unit tactics, battlefield first aid, communications, physical fitness etc. I deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan seeing at times some of the most intense combat since World War 2. I think we’re pretty typical of our political movements; you the radical far left student and me the centre right military veteran (and now engineer). Virtually everyone I served with out of the hundreds if not thousands of vets I met all have pretty right wing views. If you decided to put political violence on the table and we went toe to toe…who do you think would win? The student more used to sitting on their arse tapping on an IPad or the person professionally trained to deal in controlled violence? You see you might think your big and hard acting like petty criminals beating people with metal poles in mobs and sucker punching people and then running away but the truth is, when it comes to real warfare (aka putting 5.56 NATOs in people from 600m away) you don’t even known where to begin. So when your next considering violent direct action to intimidate and solace your political opponents consider this…imagine your future in which you are laying a cold hard road with 3 massive holes where your chest should be and ask yourself ‘was it a wise choice to attack and provoke the kind of people who make up the right into a civil war? was it beneficial for me?’.

    1. The only training you’re received is playing video games, tough guy. Let’s meet up. I’ll pay for flights.

          1. LOLOLOL!! 30 years old and plays WOW. Jesus. Anyway, I read some your comments on disqus, and you’re a conservative, so that ok in my books. Take it easy DisneyWarrior. Lololol

          2. Damn, my bad. I saw you insult a guy who hated these nuts and thought you were. Well, then, I have to at least ask, why is your profile private then. That’s usually my best method of spotting an SJW?

          3. Actually I did have a theory that it was to prevent headaches from messing with idiots. Also finally changed my name to Grust. I used to play WOW though February marks one year since I quit and I used to use the name Grust on all my characters.

            FYI, I wanted to be rid of it for some time, but put it off due to nostalgic memories, plus I admit I’m an animation nut (go ahead and make fun of me, I won’t fight back). But Disney owns ESPN and is going increasingly left that me finally changing the name was inevitable.

  14. The “staff worker” undoubtedly has had many a penis in his mouth. Look at those earrings. Look at that getup. LOL. A true man of the left. Cucked to the extreme, and always ready with his incontinence underwear.

  15. Notice how the title progresses over time from editor to writer to trainer. Pulled a little overtime in 2012 (busy year) as an electronic communication specialist? Then as a digital communication specialist? Quite the shiny resume you got there young man. What does this guy get paid to do?

  16. So… taxpayer dollars provide succor for a barbarian trampling upon others’ rights to peacefully assemble and converse? Maybe a military tribunal should intervene and judge the miscreant.

  17. This also looks like a guy from some of the false flags and hoaxes and terror events around the world. I have seen him before. He is a regular Soro’s worker bee.

  18. I wish I would have screen shot the convo between a blac bloc and someone I know asking why they did so much damage. The blac bloc guy told him they were paid to riot to shut Milo down and UC Berkeley couldn’t legally shut the event down. Sounds like a bunch of crap without proof but it was what he typed. Should be a money trail if true.

  19. CLASS ACTION SUIT. Get 10 of the LEAST AFFECTED people to file a class action suit. After they are victorious everyone else one by one can file a personal suit that becomes a slam dunk against the university.

    As a UC Berkeley employee it’s the same as being a cop. The actions of the employee are the responsibility of the employer since it was done in direct connection.

    UC Berkeley can now be sued for:
    All property damage costs
    All lost revenue to businesses and to Milo for not making book sales expected at the event.
    Any medical injuries current and still in treatment, as well as arise as a result of current injuries experienced years to come.
    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress for all the people who attended
    Any and all legal expenses that arise from this case.

    He can also be compelled to name everyone else he was connected to because they’re also individuals who shall be liable personally or if they work at the university professionally.

  20. The groundhog came out yesterday and saw all of the crybabies, rioters and yellow journalism. Boom, eight years of Trump!

  21. He is a musician in a shitty band called ‘Kowloon Walled City’ Musician in Oakland, California He already Protected his Twitter Website 1st Instagram 2nd InstaGram About him Page, has his name Youtube Facebook

    Ian. D. Miller 3021 Rawson St Oakland CA 94619 (510) 536-2075 unverified phone >http://archives. https://www. >,-122.1933985,3a,75y,299.37h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHKWvWjmXjfaOlKgxm0hFQA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xa9c1598ad33120f7!6m1!1e1 > http://www.

    University of Berkley employee [email protected]

  22. Somebody someday is going to get shot. These scumbags are going to try to sucker-punch the wrong person on the wrong day and their reward is going to be a large caliber hollowpoint in the pancreas. This is really excellent work, BTW.

    1. Been saying that one myself for almost two years now. Eventually they’re going to piss off someone they don’t want to piss off.

  23. Berkeley ordered no arrests so that they could then claim the rioters were outsiders or conservatives. Definitely needs to be a Federal racketeering investigation. This is conspiracy to deny a citizen their Constitutional right to free speech.

  24. Defund them, simple, civil rights not being observed. Jeff Sessions is coming. The FBI and justice are going to be very busy cleaning up this mess created by the Obama administration. They can start with the Washington judge trying to legislate from the bench.

  25. This a-hole isn’t stupid; he’s arrogant. He knows that if this info gets out, he will be feted by the other Marxists on campus, and there will be no legal price to pay. The administration (Marxist) will protect him, as will the University Police (work for Marxists) and the city police (work for Marxists.) All the MSM will do is claim that Trump or Milo drove this fine young man to violence, and this is now a teachable moment. Don’t kid yourselves: the “system” here in California is corrupt to the core and will not protect free speech or the innocent from Marxist thugs.

    THAT is something you will have to do yourself, if you have the stomach for it…

  26. Any rich people here wanna fund me to go to their riots and beat the shit out of these paid commie bastards? 😉

    1. I have a large group of not so nice people, to meet them in my area. It’s going to be fun for us, not so fun for them.

        1. We’ve been well organized for a while now, and they know it. They are pretty quiet, but might be emboldened with what’s going on now. Either way, they know if they march, they’ll get it. They’re afraid of being encountered. You fight back, and they crawl under their rocks. I really don’t get the hype about them. Most of them are degenerate lowlife parasites, and can’t defend themselves against tough men. I guess I grew up in a tougher environment. I dunno. We just laugh at them really. What they did in Berkeley was pathetic. They really didn’t have high numbers. It just looked like it, because of all the other students. They’re a joke.

    2. I have about $500 stashed for a game collecting spree.. Waiting for it to be $1,000 before I do. You can have it if you beat as many aof these psychos up as possible. SJWs have made me hate my own people anyway.

  27. Ever wonder why the liberals are siding so much with Islam. It’s actually a war on Christianity or to put it another way, good vs evil

        1. I think once Jeff Session is officially in, necks are going to snap. Trump knows about these paid rioters. He’s going to lay the hammer down.

  28. If you notice the tattoos on the neck by the Asian dude when both wearing a mask, they were talking to Jake Shields. This prick is so tough, but why didn’t he do anything to Jake Shields??? This guy was tough to go punch people with 19 other guys. But hey, it’s okay because they’re libtards.

  29. “Obama was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people” Now that they know they can get away with it, be very vigilant and do not let the Soros’s and Clintons of this world play these dangerous games in the future. Home school your children to keep them out of the hands of the Marxist and progressive socialists that are now controlling the education system, then send them to a trade school, while the traitorous scum are cleaned out of the school system.

  30. That entire “antifa” movement has now been infiltrated by Feds, snitches and informants. If you are part of this group you are forewarned to GTFO. You are facing felony charges and 10 yrs. Yes, the Feds know exactly who you are. Expect more arrests very soon.

    1. Nah, why warn them? It’s time to put them in prison.I think regular Americans should also infiltrate this group – play along, and march.And the very second one of these Antifa thugs attacks some innocent person, grab that Antifa thug and pound their head into brain-mush.No mercy, no apologies. Over, and over and over……Let them feel the anger of regular Americans toward domestic terrorists.If this happens to enough of these “thugs” – they’ll be more afraid of us than anyone is of them……Bring the pain, bring the rain. . . .enough is enough.

  31. They think the right is practicing false flag events because the left went nuts with them before and after the election. Dozens of the mainstream reported accusations of the “Trump Effect” have been proven by police to be false flags perpetrated by the supposed “victims”.

  32. Welllllllllllllllllllllllll. . . . . .so much for the claim that the riot was “organic” and not a paid orchestration. . . hey Reich. . . .gonna go claim it was right wingers again?What a doosher. . . . . Ian, I hope you make friends with “bubba” – domestic terrorism carries hard prison time.

  33. Prior to 2012 miller.ian_at_gmail did not have any privacy protection on his teen archer domain registration. there is also an phone number for him he apparently lives 20 minutes from campus in Oakland near Mills College just down the 580

  34. Another one for the list, yes, it’s time to start trying to ID as many of these scumbags as possible. Passing anti-mask ordinances will help greatly with dragging these leftwing slugs out of the sewer and into the light.

  35. 1: Him giving an interview to the NYDN means nothing as they’re the most disgusting Commie shitrag in the lower 48 (they made Shaun King a ‘columnist’, for one thing).

    2: Sidebar topic: I can’t be the only (the last?) person noticing with alarm that the bedrock of a free society – a strong and prosperous private sector – has been absolutely torpedoed by our “friends” in both parties of govt. Used to be that if you worked in the public sector, you were trading a fat salary and bennies for job security and a guaranteed pension after 20 years….if you wanted the salary/extras, you went to work in the private sector. Now if you’re a schoolteacher or a cop you’re clocking 70, 80, 100 grand a year (100++ in some cases!), and by God you are expected to hold up your end of the deal by voting Democrat in perpetuity. The private-sector jobs? All gone overseas (or going…), all replaced (first by H-1B’s, and soon – by automation!) Seeing this tattooed animal earning a solid 65-70,000 a year for pointless busywork by which the school arranges to steal from the taxpayers to pay for their privae Gestapo is a close-up look at both the symptom and the cause of rapid merican decline….because if Inked-up Ian ever vacated his position, willingly or otherwise? 100 private-sector employees would be breaking the waterline and gasping like starving guppies for a chance at replacing him. And who could blame them? They might well have families to feed.

    I expect Democrats to welcome this new status quo, because, like Miz Hillary, they all sat at the feet of Alinsky (or someone just as toxic), thrilled at the chance to help destroy a capitalist society that once worked perectly well, and trade it for chaos in the name of Social Justice. By the same token, I fully count on the MSM to be their lying, truth-twisting, normality-despising handmaidens. So neither one actually infuriates me these days, because I have no expectations of honesty or decency left for either. What does infuriate me is the renumeration with which the Bolshevik-Lite system we now operate under greases their quislings and informants and wannabe Cheka officers with instant middle-class respectability…..while what’s left of the real middle class voted for Trump as a hail-Mary pass that, should it fail or backfire, will leave them little choce but to start poring over tourism brochures looking for a new country to start over in, and hoping it’s not too third-world a destination.

    Think of it. America now has more warm bodies drawing salaries in the public sector than the private. Been in your local DMV lately? There’s your future.

  36. Wow, Young Turks. Really? I guess I’m in the minority here, but I’m actually surprised that TYT would bring Fake News to that level. Even if I was an antifa, that would disgust me.

      1. I agree–but mostly because of the self-righteous, airhead editorial opinions. This assertion that antifa is an alt-right prank brings things to a new, pathetic level.

  37. Let’s have fun and play along, for a second, with the narrative offered by TYT and Sec. Reich. Suppose some of the “rioters” were “right wing plants”. Hell, let’s say ALL of them were as we’re playing devils advocate here. The problem with this aargument is (1) the peaceful Berkley folks were screaming “beat his ass” and (2) those same peacenicks were not trying to stop it nor did they disavow the violence! Fact is they liked it and were proud of it just as they were with the violence in Chicago, NY, Baltimore and the entire scourge of the “Occupy Movement”.

  38. Has he been arrested yet? He admitted to assault and bragged about it, even posting a photo of his victim…what an idiot. I hope the charge him with felony rioting, vandalism, and terrorism too. Let’s see what a massive $$$ fine and some hard time in the pokey do to his tough talk.

  39. This is clearly racketeering. Milo is charged ( $8,500 I believe ) by Berkeley for extra security because of the threat of rioters who also just happen to be employees of Berkeley. That is a very simple and easy to understand case of racketeering. Dust off RICO and use it!

    1. lol this is the best possible thing for Milo’s brand and he isn’t losing any money from this don’t kid yourself.

        1. yeah i know, but also they aren’t coordinating this, at least I doubt it- they aren’t smart enough. Also if you’ve ever had/known someone with a government job/ been a contractor you know it’s ridiculously easy for people to take fleece money from the system without staging a riot

          1. It should be investigated to see if they are coordinating it. I would not be surprised at all if they were. Like the “I need some muscle over here” prof at U of Missouri they are unhinged. So I wouldn’t be surprised if people in higher offices were doing a lot of coordinating. Anyway, should be investigated.

  40. Milo is basically Perez Hilton to me, an attention seeking swarthy gay who dies his hair blonde in a feeble attempt to look more white/ feminine. I don’t know how anyone thinks he’s a Nazi. Like for real him and Perez could switch roles completely neither would have to compromise their ideology one iota.

    If he avoids drug overdose and disease Milo is just going to turn into an old catty queen who will go on the View or whatever in 30 years and say “shocking” things he’s not going to lead a putsch.

  41. If the cops had of done their job that night we’d have the names of all of the violent communists Nazis, good job– one down another 150 to go.

    1. the crazy thing about this is these people aren’t communists or nazis they’re neoliberal cucks who feel like they have an excuse to pull this stuff now. Alt center

  42. The Young Turks are a bunch of SJW idiots masquerading as journalists. Reich is the socialist poison dwarf who, as Clinton’s Labor Secretary, “helped” a bunch of tire factory workers in Akron by shutting down their factory for OSHA violations. The outcry was so strong he had to reverse himself and allow the plant to reopen.

  43. The same clown cops who have a no arrest policy concerning antifa rioters also apparently have a no investigate policy.

  44. I am waiting for the arrest. Assault still a crime in Berkeley, or is it not if leftists do it. This guy and the university should be sued.

  45. “Antifa” anyone know what Happened to those kids trained as Obama’s private (civilian) army? how many R radicalized?

  46. This is all going backfire on liberals. Celebrating and encouraging violence against your political opponents is probably the dumbest thing you could advocate for. I hope they realize this sooner rather than later and the people responsible for these communities start handing out serious jail time. If not, you can be certain people on the right will be more than happy to show up and square off against these antifa retards. And what people on the left need to realize is that these antifa types have just as much hatred for them as they do Trump supporters. These are anarchists and they want the complete and total destruction of our political system. So I would caution any leftist willing to cheer this violence or support the antifa movement…your day will come and nobody will care when you cry out for justice.

  47. This punk is still at large, I guess? I hope our new head of the DOJ has him arrested and sent to a dark jail cell for about 15-20 years for attempted murder. UC Berkeley receives taxpayer money and what that school stands for has nothing to do with his hard leftwing/commie thug views. He should be fired and arrested for attempted murder.

  48. If the Berkley police had made some arrests, everyone would have known who was rioting. The Berkley police were in on it.

  49. it was proven that teachers were marching with these degenerates and that should be firing grounds and loss of federal funds why are we putting up ewith george soros paid goons,

  50. Well, obviously the only thing to do is to arrest all of the rioters and question them, so that we can conclusively find out who they are and which political group they belong to.

    Then we can find out the truth about who is actually burning down the campus. (Spoiler: it’s leftists.)

  51. Do the apologists even think this idiocy through.

    1. How do you find 150 people to run wild in the streets? Do you place an add on Craigslist? “Wanted youths between 18 and 30 to riot in the streets”

    2. Out of 150 people paid to riot none of them have second thoughts and go to the police? “Office things got out of hand and I would like to rat out the conspiracy”

    Anyone who even entertains the idea of paid rioters is an idiot.

  52. Looks to me there are only 15 to 20 rioters masked breaking things. Police could have separated them and arrested the group. Are the police short on tactical knowledge, manpower, or desire to stop the troublemakers.

    1. “Are the police short on tactical knowledge, manpower, or desire to stop the troublemakers”
      Yes, to all three.

      1. Will the day come when events hire MERCS(Blackwater type) to protect the area around the events? They have protection for themselves I’m sure. The day they extend that protection to attendees shit will hit the sides.







  54. The dude on CNN said he was there so this narrative is just to protect their own. It sucks when you are caught in a lie, especially one that is as big as this.

  55. Great work! This is what has to be done. Identify and unmask these anarchists!
    BTW that thud you heard today was CNN dropping any mention of the violence at the Berkeley protest.

  56. ah, no, you cannot “shame” communists. You have to kill them. Or, pretty soon, they will kill you and yours.

  57. A simple test for the Trump administration: Will people like this be fairly tried, convicted and serve time for their crimes?

    Time to pass this test!

  58. Look at what they are attempting to sell now:

    “Milo outed a queer person who then got beat up. He also threatened to out undocumented students. At UCBerk kown dangerous, organized white supremacist had been coming to talk to Brk Republican,.who wanted to host Milo, possibly to also recruit more neonazi menbers. This is like really dangerous. Some think protesting Milo gives him more media attention, andnit can, but that’s a slippery slope as well. Milo bejng a guest speaker vs media cross analyzing him is different. Unless, it’s Fox “news”, which already back him up.”

    … and now he is revving up Antifa for “Round 2”:

    “AntiFa round 2 here we go! “Free Speech” rally. white supremacists so sad they couldn’t deport undocumented students nor beat up queer and trans people, nor pull out knives freely and stab people. I might miss this or get there after 8pm. holler if you want to roll…”

    … and another one who seems to think it’s cool to show President Trump being beheaded:

    It took me twenty minutes to find these people and local and state PD from that state (CA) can’t?

  59. So much speculation, and confirmation bias. So little actual detecting. Too many pseudo-Sherlock’s in the kitchen.

  60. Does this mean the left are really the ones acting like … what was they term they called it .. oh yeah, ‘fascist nazis’?

  61. Terrorism is defined as follows: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    It is beyond question that Ian Dabney Miller and the other UC Berkeley rioters employed violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Therefore, there is a very solid case to be made that Ian Dabney Miller and the other rioters are domestic terrorists.

  62. It’ll be fascinating to see how the Berkeley pajama boys and gay mafia explain away this inconvenient fact.

  63. Haha…the Young Turks. What a joke of a show that is. Why didn’t they just say it “could” have been the work of ISIS? Russians? Castro? Any of those would be more plausible than the unsubstantiated headline they ran about it being a right-wing plan.

  64. We need to take over Twitter and on the Young Turks YouTube videos. Flood it with as many of us as we can. Politely confront these hypocrites, and call them on their lies.

  65. Editor, writer, communications specialist…
    He’s just doing his job. The school pays him to make fake news.

  66. And where is anything to be charged against the asshole?,,,Where are the strong groups of white supremisists they are so fearful of,,,Would cops and the courts take action against them/

  67. Jake Shields’ version of events kind of leaves me torn on who to hate more, the “antifa” maggots or the worthless government leeches that are the Berkeley cops. It takes a private citizen with some balls to rescue a guy being beaten by a mob while cops look on. Good on Jake Shields.

  68. These motherfucking Liberals are America’s homegrown Taliban. You had better confirm and ACCEPT their bullshit and fall-in-line behind them or be killed. Well, I have news for these Scumbag Leftist Nazis or Leftist Taliban: DEATH will be your reward if YOU FUCK WITH ME!

  69. You wrote:

    “UPDATE II: He allegedly gave an interview to the New York Daily News, which is about the dumbest thing in the world. This places him directly at the scene. It also says he is a current staffer (directory link), which there was some confusion over since we only have pay stubs going back to 2013 in our search.”

    I think I can clear up the “confusion” here. This link is to MY University account. I’m a student at UC Berkeley, and a completely different Ian Miller. After I received about a hundred death threats to my email account (thanks to you), I contacted the UCPD. They told me they have no record of anybody by the name of Ian Dabney Miller being affiliated with the UC. This whole story appears to be fabricated.

    1. “Ian”. Would you mind linking even one “death threat” that you have received to prove your story as accurate? Just one should suffice.

      1. You want me to link to my emails? How would that prove anything? Anyway, I’m not interested in proving anything, I just wanted a correction to the link to my university account, since I’m not Ian Dabney Miller.

        1. It would prove you aren’t lying which it is fairly obvious that you are. A person who received “death threats” as you claim would have no issue proving their statement. However, you aren’t doing so and therefore it must be concluded that you are full of baloney.

          If I received what you claimed to receive I would not just want to prove it but I would also press civil lawsuit. However, all you did was make a statement without wanting to prove it. In plain basic, you are full of shi.

          1. Actually, it would prove precisely dick. I could easily make a fake account, send myself an a fake death threat, and show it to you. Like I said, I’ve got zero interest in proving that I received death threats (although I did). I have forwarded some of the emails to some newspapers and police. As for a civil suit? Please, I’ve got better things to do with my life than pursue some sad, lonely, little chronic masturbators hiding out in their mom’s basement and sending out empty threats.

            Good day to you, sir.

          2. So, just so I am clear. You make a statement claiming something happened to you, are unwilling to provide evidence on anything, and now you are claiming that providing evidence would prove “precisely dick”?

            It truly amazes me how utterly devoid of even the slightest shred of intellectual value you goobers truly have. By your standards we should just believe everyone when they say something, right? I would say I am shocked by the sheer stupidity here but the truth is, I’m not as you aren’t the first weasel to try something like this and definitely won’t be the last.

            How hard would it be to just link ONE single “death threat” that was sent to what you claim is your email? You don’t because you can’t because you are a liar.

            Horrible try. If you plan to lie at least try to make it convincing because people prefer proof to claims.

          3. Not at all and, before/if you ask, I would never send anything like that to anyone at anytime either. I believe one individual runs this site and believe his name is clearly associated/stated on it as well.

            It should also be noted that I know, for a fact, that Ian Dean Miller is not currently a UCB student as you claimed when you stated: “I’m a student at UC Berkeley” as that individual currently lives in Texas at this time.

            If you plan to steal what he is claiming on his social media than, at the very least, at least make sure your statements match his.

          4. But you’re wrong about that. I am a registered student at UC Berkeley. The fact that I am temporarily living in San Antonio does not disprove this.

          5. Also, on that Facebook profile it shows messages but none of which came in through the UCB portal. They look like Youtube or GAG messages but they certainly are not University portal emails.

            Of course, you could always just make an announcement on your Facebook, right now/this moment, saying something like “FU expose” or something along those lines. Do that right now and I will apologize for calling you a liar – of that you have my word.

          6. And those emails are from my UC Berkeley email account, screen shotted from my iphone. Whether you believe it or not.

          7. Well you need to report them to the police. Things such as that cannot be tolerated so report each and every single one of them.

          8. The police are aware that I am receiving threats, but I seriously doubt any of the threats are credible, and it seems unlikely to me that reporting each individual email would lead to any arrests anyway. All I care about is getting the authors of these websites to make the appropriate corrections. I spoke with with Ethan Ralph directly and he kindly removed the link to my account and apologized. That’s good enough for me.

          9. Personally and given the current climate I wouldn’t take any chances on credibility or not. There is simply too much angst and fury right now. Especially after what those Antifa clowns recently have been doing. The last thing anyone wants is to be associated with that group so I would personally suggest taking everything like that very seriously, always, and following up. You simply lose nothing by doing so but could gain a ton by protecting yourself. You are your own man though of course so whatever you feel comfortable with.

            I will say I am a bit confused as to how/why they contacted you as your middle name differs from his and he clearly seems to be an employee of the school. Are people just not paying attention and making errors or do they truly believe you to be the same person?

          10. People are just being lazy and making errors, I think. I have the same middle initial as this alleged attacker, so I guess it’s just an unhappy coincidence. As far as the threats go, these people think they are emailing whoever is pictured in this article. If somebody is going to be out for vigilante justice, it’s going to be against Ian Dabney Miller. I might just be too dumb to be scared, but I appreciate your concern.

            On another note, for what it’s worth, I think that what went down at the Milo event was a disgrace, and I know a lot of Cal students feel the same.

          11. I highly doubt (I might be wrong of course) you will find many a person with even a low grade IQ that would ever blame every UCB student for what took place. I personally think the school and Mayor did a dreadful job with the ordeal and while I am sure a few students were involved I have a feeling that most were likely part of the whole Bay Area resist movement or whatever they are calling themselves now.

            But yeah, in my eyes the Mayor and school definitely need to be called to account for much in relation to that issue but the students for the most part should not automatically and generally be blamed unless of course they are shown to be connected to it.

          12. I apologize and, to everyone else reading this, he is who he says he is. That doesn’t confirm any emails coming in to any University account but this man is indeed who he says he is as I just saw it/have it screenshot. He is indeed Ian Dean Miller and I apologize to you Mr. Miller for any disrespect in my responses.

            I will remove my other responses from other disqus sites right now which called you out as a liar in terms of impersonation. Again, you have my apology.

          13. Who’s the Ian Dabney Miller that’s on the payroll if UC Berkeley have never heard of him?
            Something’s way off here.

          14. Also, if you’ve looked at my social media, you’d be able to see a couple of the threats I received. Go ahead and look.

  70. 8 seconds after Robert Reich started talking in the ‘Mediate’ video and I knew he was completely full of shit:

    > “I’ve never seen them before.”

    So you hang out with every student enrolled at the campus, do ya Robbie? And you can recognise them in balaclavas, can you? What an wharrgarbling fucking slime ball. All credibility lost @0:13.

    I’m 5 days late to the party, here. I thought the protest was limited only to arson and vandalism until this morning…. and I had never heard of Robert Reich until I watched that embeded YouTube clip 5 minutes ago. THAT’S how much of a crock it is. 8 fucking seconds, it took me.

  71. This makes a clear case for suing UC Berkley for failure to provide equal protection under the laws and complicity in felony assault and political repression.

  72. Someone needs to investigate Berkeley police lack of action against ANTIFA, it is very clear who the thugs are unless you are paid to support them, you turn a blind eye

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