I’ve been fucking around all night being unproductive. But you know what I haven’t done? Challenged a large group of people to a fight. It’s just not something I usually do, unless I had about thirty shots, or so. Even then, it probably wouldn’t be a large group, and I would be getting my ass kicked either way. Also, I’ve never written for Guardian, RPS, Eurogamer, & Polygon. But you know who has? Richard Stanton, the guy who challenged all of GamerGate to a fight a few hours ago. Keep in mind that we’re the ones portrayed as bullies and blowhards by the media (eyeroll). 

Here are the relevant tweets:










Of course a shithead like Lees loves it:

We see this sort of thing all the time from the other side. They think it’s funny when they do shit like this, but would call us harassers if we tried to do the same. People like Lees would be denouncing me if I did what Stanton did. At the very least they would be laughing at me. So why should it be different for them? Oh yea, that’s right. They’re massive hypocrites.