I’ve been fucking around all night being unproductive. But you know what I haven’t done? Challenged a large group of people to a fight. It’s just not something I usually do, unless I had about thirty shots, or so. Even then, it probably wouldn’t be a large group, and I would be getting my ass kicked either way. Also, I’ve never written for Guardian, RPS, Eurogamer, & Polygon. But you know who has? Richard Stanton, the guy who challenged all of GamerGate to a fight a few hours ago. Keep in mind that we’re the ones portrayed as bullies and blowhards by the media (eyeroll). 

Here are the relevant tweets:










Of course a shithead like Lees loves it:

We see this sort of thing all the time from the other side. They think it’s funny when they do shit like this, but would call us harassers if we tried to do the same. People like Lees would be denouncing me if I did what Stanton did. At the very least they would be laughing at me. So why should it be different for them? Oh yea, that’s right. They’re massive hypocrites.

    1. I may be getting a little long in the tooth, but having wrestled for fifteen years and boxed for five, I’d take nearly any challenge like that up. Except that this guy looks like my scrawny nebbish cousin who talks like a squeaky mouse and has the muscle mass of a pixie stick. I sincerely have no desire to hurt anyone weaker than myself, no matter how shitty they are.

      I really don’t understand why so many of these gawkish man-children in gaming journalism and indie development are constantly threatening to fight people. Don’t you grow out of that thing before your teens? And if you have even a shred of the imagined capacity for maintaining yourself in a fight that you feign, the last thing you want to do is actually utilize it. Fighting outside of legitimate sport is not fucking fun, because hurting other people is not fucking fun. This guy and the “dudes” like him seem mentally unstable.

      1. What’s even worse is that all these hipster manchildren threatening GamerGate look like malnourished scarecrows that would break their wrists trying to swat a fly. I guess being able to fit into their little sister’s skinny jeans is more important than being able to to not get knocked over by a stiff wind.

      2. Man, I say one of us needs to call him out on his bluff. Lets make him eat these words between the crunchy four layer knuckle sandwich supreme.

    2. Stanton: “Damint! I spends 150 hours on photoshop to make myself look tough, and this is what happens. Damn GGers!”

      1. I don’t have to train to fight defenseless cages.
        Yet being for liberty I do fight cages.
        And in fact, I prefer cage-free free-range chickens. Especially the variety that lay eggs for breakfast and that I eat for dinner but tolerate the human variety.

  1. I’ll fight the scrawny cunt for lulz. And it’s ok if i kill him – he’s ginger, so has no soul.

  2. Am I supposed to be scared by this dude?I dont even call my lawyer (of course the fact he and that Lees for supporting, could be sentenced a year of prison for that is tempting…)

  3. ,,,he’s from Glasgow originally, so he obviously will be so drunk in a fight that when its over he’ll stand triumphantly over th’ beaten GG, look down and realize he’s just stomped a beagle to death, stagger off mumbling something about Robert th’ Bruce, merrily pissing in his pants thinking he’s made to th’ toilet and then start singing some shitty pop song he heard on Radio One last week…

    1. He’s still living in the British Isles though right? We should get a fight license and put this guy in the ring with Sargon. Neither is physically imposing, I don’t think either knows how to fight and I doubt either has much stamina. Hence it would be hilarious to watch them go at it, wouldn’t prove anything but it would be great.

      1. …yeah in Bath, England in Somerset, a posh touristy spot that has some original Roman baths and like most pretentious towns in th UK a large infestation of hipster childfolk,,,he migrated from Glasgow which is a tough old town in a lot of ways which no doubt his pansy ass fled from for being a tall wee lass of a lad as one of my old Scots buddies would say…now in Wussville, he thinks he’s hard because a lot of Glasgow fellers are and amongst dainty hipsters he can maybe pull that front off…,,but you’ll find th’ Glasgow badasses are mostly still in Glasgow,,,. I moved here to England as my wife is from here….i replied on a comment way up above with a lot of my personal info and if he goes on a uk book tour and has a signing near me i intend to show up with a friend to shoot footage and see if hes willing to get in a ring for charity,,,but like i said on that reply, all that ill get from him will be footage of him pussing out and calling security,,,i’ll probably print his tough guy tweet, walk up to him smiling and hand it to him and just stare…then propose th challenge for charity,,,and if any footage is captured of it, I’ll send it to Ralph that evening,,,Retort exclusive stylee…

        1. Hipster hives are ridiculous, a few years ago I was walking around that part of Portland with the huge bookstore and voodoo donuts and all that shit at about eleven at night and of course it crawled with the fuckers.

          I was looking around and it seemed like the place was about an inch away from descending into total anarchy but it wouldn’t be a big deal if it did because I felt confident I could take anyone I saw around me if I had to.

          You know who we should really get to fight him? Milo. I would pay good money to see Milo dance out in pink shorts and knock this kid around a bit, I don’t know if Milo has ever even been in a fight but just going by posture and body language I think he’d do better than this brat even if he’s never been.

          1. ,,,hell, just from Milo’s hand-jive video, he’s got better moves than ol’ Richard “6foot2 and dickless” Stanton…and we know Milo’s trash-talk is top shelf stuff and off th’ cuff,,,and he may be shorter but he’s a more solid looking dude than that scrawny Lurch lookin muh-fugger,,,hmmm Lurchard Stanton? No? Eh, gettin’ late here,,,

  4. It wouldnt be right to kick a mentally challenged guy’s ass. I’m actually doing him a favor by not embarrassing him. He should be thanking me.

  5. Another guy that “has a book coming out”, so wants to antagonize gamergate to get antis to buy his book to “spite gamergate, they attacked me, buy my book”

  6. Richard Stanton if you really want an old fashioned trashing i may be able to help you whit that

  7. Out of all the tryhards that have used GamerGate for attention and SJW brownie points, this one is the most pathetic. Let’s break down why this guy is the saddest of the sad:

    1. Claims that GamerGaters are threatening him, but doesn’t actually post any proof.
    2. Says that he’ll beat them all up, yet they have to come to him. We’ve got a badass over here!
    3. Thinks that simply being tall makes him a prizefighter. I’ve seen guys barely more than 5 feet tall that took down several guys at once without breaking a sweat.
    4, Anytime someone tries to talk to him, he blocks them. Blocking someone for talking to you is a bitch move.
    5. Clearly is doing this to build hype for his shit book. Guess he couldn’t convince Nathan Grayson to shill it on Kotaku in exchange for blowjobs.
    6. Brags that he “knows more about videogames more than all of you combined”. Based on what? His opinion? Because his mommy says so?
    7. Look at the guy. Seriously. Look at him. Dude looks like he couldn’t fight off a gang of preschoolers even if he was armed with a machete and a machine gun.

  8. Richard Stanton only portray himself as an idiot doing this. What he hopes to gain from this behavior is beyond the sane.

  9. and here we have David “Lefty” Schlesinger aka Stonemirror – open source gadfly and part time dildo salesman …

    fantasizing about giving a journalist a gang style beat down!

    Stone Mirror posted :

    Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:03 am Post subject: Re: CentOS will continue [Login to view extended thread Info.]
    Archived from groups: per prev. post (more info?)



    (If it’s Miguel that Roy’s worried about, I certainly wouldn’t _blame_
    Miguel for wanting to take a swing at Roy; in fact, if Miguel were to
    ask me to–which he wouldn’t–I’d be willing to seriously consider
    holding Roy down while Miguel worked him over. That said, I have to
    say that Miguel, who is more of a gentleman than I’ll be in two
    lifetimes, would never do such a thing: I’ve broken up an _actual
    about-to-turn-into-a-fight_ with Miguel. Peacefully. He’s a peaceful
    guy. Me, I’m as peaceful as I _can_ be.)


  10. I bet you feel like a big man sitting behind a keyboard typing empty threats on Twitter don’t you Stanton? LMAO You’re so fucking pathetic. I’ve seen a photo of you in real life and you look like a scrawny little combination of Moot and Alex “Can’t” Lift Shitz. I bet your lily-ass can’t rip through a piece of toilet paper! LMAO! Also, do we terrify you so much that you won’t come over to the US from the UK? What are sad loser you are LOL!

    1. All we really have to do is tell Alibama what he said, let’s just say hunting season will start a lot earlier than expected.

      1. He probably couldn’t handle a hunting rifle. So lets give him a BB gun instead and I’ll be using the rifle.

  11. I don’t understand the “regret being part of this movement when you’re older” part.

    I’m 30 years old. How much older do I need to be to understand the deep thoughts of Richard Stanton?

    1. I’m nearly 40 and have two kids and a responsible job. I’ve been playing video games since Ritchie was shitting his nappy.

      Though by the looks of him that wasn’t very long ago.

      1. ,,,48 here, been gaming since my Atari 2600 was brand spanking new,,,

        …and im a veteran of th 82nd ABN and a 20 year+ bicycle messenger in SF then London and even though ive been rebuilt with shoulder reattachment, an Ilzarov frame on one leg that got mangled, spiral fractured and shortened,,,ive broken every finger at some point, plus one arm, one collarbone, all my teeth knocked out or cracked to where i have a complete false set, and have more pedal scars on both shins than he will ever get actin like th’ hard scotsboy down there in Pussyville, aka Bath England,,,(i live in th’ West Midlands and been to Bath,,,hipster infested and lots of money folk about,,,mean streets indeed,,,he probably left Glasgow to avoid a regular ass-kickin,,,i may have to show up at a book signing of his just to ask him some honest questions of course…)

        …but i’d square off with that little bitch if he wanted to, hell even in a ring for charity,,,such a tough tough man could surely handle that,,, but if he aint a full size Ford pickup truck doing 50 runnin a red light and smashing into me, i doubt he can worry me much as i got right up from that with just a badly bruised thigh and skin scraped off my arms and nose and punched a dent into th trucks fender that kinda made th driver who had stopped, go a bit paler and sat frozen in th truck till th’ cops and ambulance got there,,,,he nor any witnesses mentioned my outburst as i calmed down and just limped around and smoked till they showed up…and yeah, a lot guys who bike 9 hours a day fer a livin’ smoke and will still beat your ass up any hill in SF…

        …Mr. TheRalph has seen my real data,,,i doxxed myself to him a while back lol…i know about 20 messenger gals who are petite and will still fuck up Stanton’s silly ass…one of my best friends looked like a punky Tank Girl and onetime this suit got all road rage on her and hopped outta his car,,,big tall fella, probably with a gym membership,,,she pounded him stupid and thumped his face into th hood of his bmw as a final “goodbye”, calmly got on her bike and rode off laughing,,,thats partly why these sjw bitches and bitchboys sicken me…ive known women who were stronger physically and mentally beyond their imagination,,,.but he’s tall, so be scared ever-bodee,,,what a puss,,,

          1. …ever since moving to England this time, (my wife’s from here and weve bounced from Sf to london, back to SF then back here to brit farm country, since 2003), ive kept busy getting rebuilt and taking care of our severely autistic daughter (and no i dont get my panties in a bunch when people on th internet use free speech including that word as an insult,,,despite being educated in th Appalachians of my childhood, i understand context,,,say something nasty about my daughter around me though and th’ next level WILL get unlocked), but im mostly in one large usable piece these days and have a very cool wife who’s a sane feminist and thinks 3rd wavers need to be mocked savagely,,,so she’d be cool with me taking a time off trip to see an up and coming author,,,you and i both know though that all i’m gonna get from him if i show up and challenge him is maybe a bit of humiliating phone footage of him pussing out and getting security to ask me to leave, which im down with,,,if that happens Mr. TheRalph will get possession of that as a Retort exclusive,,,

          2. Damn man. That’s a hell of a life you’ve built. =) I’m happy for ya, trials and all, family is important.

            That said, I’m pretty sure the guy wouldn’t even bother to respond to a challenge. Even if he did, your analysis is probably correct. But that’s the beauty of it. He’s sitting here throwing down the gauntlet and demanding a challenger. If any of us can legitimately tell him they’re ready, willing, and able to fight (say, a charity exhibition of some kind, complete with a ref and safety gear), we should.

            He’s going to back out, run away, bitch out, or otherwise completely ignore the challenge. When he does, we should spread that around as much as possible and as publicly as possible to show the world that this punk is nothing more than a boy with a big mouth and no brains trying to seem much tougher than he really is.

            It’s an excellent opportunity to demolish his credibility.

          3. …oh i’m serious,,,im gonna keep a check on him to see if he is gonna be somewhere where th’ public has been invited to, (th most likely is him trynna hawk his crappy book in a book signing, bookstore thingy) not threaten or raise my voice or even cuss much,,,maybe just hand him a printed out copy of his main threat tweet and just stare a bit and say something like,” i would love for you to meet me in a boxing ring where you can make good on this, boy. GG has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities and this will be a chance for you to take some money away from us evil bastards and do some good with it. Unless you were just hiding behind a keyboard talkin’ shit. C’mon Scotchman, come whoop my ass. Boy.” ,,,keep in mind i still possess a hillbilly accent a lifetime of hoppin all over America and a few countries hasnt gotten rid of, and i might include that Alabama tweet of his as well on th’ page i’ll hand him, seeing as he wouldnt know th’ difference in a Virginia Appalachian one and a ‘Bama one i’d bet…

    2. We’re all old fucks, I’m thirty as well and that seems to be about the average age of a Gator. We’ve got some kids sure and that’s a good thing because when I look at alot of them it’s clear that we’ve been the guiding light that’s lead them out of the tumblr ghetto, but as serious doing stuff card carrying members of GG go we seem to be mostly old fucks. Watching these early twenties trust fund game “journalist” brats call us kids for half a year has been a truly strange experience.

    3. Is gamergate a movement of adults who actually grew up playing games against the journalists who have to write about games because they’re too crap to write about anything else?

      Being told by the kind of kids whose CVs I routinely reject because SJ types are a liability that I’ll regret GG is hilarious. They should be regretting ever advocating SJ as it has rendered them (to me anyway) unemployable.

  12. Ok I might not be able to fight him (5′ 6″ coming in at 113 lbs) but have several friends that would be willing to kick his ass. Several black belts, one that had to be tazzed twice to be brought down, others that were raised in military families, others that are built like bears, and others that are bat crap crazy (you don’t fight someone who is crazy). So yeah if you still think gamers can’t hold up in a fight in real life you’re in for a rude awakening. Also Matt Lees you’re GoT Abridged sucked. Here’s a couple of tips; get better writers, more voice actors, and stop doing the same voice for every damn character!

    1. Many years ago, a friend of mine who was very big and strong was constantly bugging our roomer, a small and thin woman, to wrestle him. One day she finally obliges, but unbeknownst to him this lady had spent several years in the army and was an expert at unarmed combat.

      He was on his knees and submitted within five seconds. It was great.

      PS – she looked exactly like the singer K.D. Lang. Imagine how you’d feel losing a wrestling match to K.D. Lang.

      1. But women can’t defend themselves?! They are weak because of the patriarchy. We have to make everything safe for them and appeal to them without offending them. We have to protect them from rape culture. Because college campuses have turned into rape thunder dome!

  13. Funny that he blocked Mike Cernovich, the guy who challenged Sam Biddle to a Boxing match for charity, after challenging anyone in GG to fight him.

  14. I’ll take that challenge. I may be a little older, but I’ve taken care of myself. As Doc Holiday once said

    “Ah’m ya huckleberrah.”

  15. Does this dumb ass realize that, unlike his lanky, gaunt, internet warrior wanna be badass hide, our side /actually/ has trained combatants, ammeter and professional competition fighters, and weapon owners amongst its ranks?

    Please tell me someone is going to take him up on this. Please tell me someone is going to fist feed him his own words and show him that wordy nerds with big mouths and no bite shouldn’t be talking this sort of talk.

  16. 6′ 2″ is not *that* big. Just a little above average for a grown man.

    There’s always someone bigger.

  17. Ahh, the antis have finally reached the “Uwe Boll” level of stupidity. I wonder whats next..

    1. I remember when Boll made that challenge, one person who wanted to take him up on it was a writer at PC Gamer who knew how to box. Boll declined to fight him.

      1. Of course. It wouldn’t be a fair fight. Uwe Boll directed Rocky 7 so of course “real” boxers wouldn’t pose a challange

  18. When people in the media do it, it’s brave. When an ordinary person does it, it’s trolling and in the UK it’s illegal. So screw him, I reported his scrawny arse to the Avon & Somerset constabulary for trolling. I’m sick and tired of these media types getting a free pass on their stupid behaviour. It’s about time someone got placed over the proverbial lap and given a good hard flogging.

  19. Here’s the funny thing if you’ve read Preacher you’ll know that the character he uses as an avatar is a two faced piece of shit who doesn’t actually know how to fight and only comes across as a badass because he has supernatural powers. I wont even get into that character’s history with women.

    So all and all actually a pretty appropriate avatar for a scrawny SJW who challenges people to fights online, it’s a Freudian slip really.

  20. Guys, if we can find someone who wants to do this, we should seriously consider starting a Kickstarter campaign to pay for a plane ticket and hotel stay for a few days so we can fly someone out there.

    1. Hey if we can work out a way to cover travel, room, and board, and put up a one-to-one donation to charity of choice, I’d do it. I’d personally donate the money to cancer-research or the like, considering the number of important figures in the industry that we have lost to and/or currently have cancer.

      If he’s representative of, say, aGGers and their feminist stance, maybe they could offer to donate their portion to safe-houses for battered spouses? No, I’m not trolling. Yes, I’m being absolutely sincere. Just putting this out there.

  21. He’s been blocking women taking up his sad little challenge, also of note, its interesting that for all the hand wringing these people do over diversity, these people choose avatar pictures which fit societal and gender norms.

  22. The standard “not much of a man” who needs to portray women as incredibly weak and need of his assistance…. what an idiot….and liar.

  23. He tossed out a gong sau and I will accept, let’s see what he says when a 6’2 265# Texan currently in his third year of Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu with 4 years of Muay Thai prior. If anything comes I will post it here.

  24. He is a skinny ranga who wears a velvet jacket, I am confident my 5 year old niece could take him down. Ronald McDonald is more intimidating. Ignore the attention seeking whore.

  25. ” I’m a 6″2 Glaswegian that will knock your pathetic ass to the floor.”

    Bitch I am 6’10”. Height doesn’t mean jack shit when the other person is in better shape than you and actually knows something about hand-to-hand.

  26. I never back down from a challenge, so I would accept it. However, as I am also not interested in being arrested for assault, I would wait for his coward ass to throw the first punch. One punch is all I need for him to throw at me. I would merely turn that punch into a seoi nage and then put all 270 pounds of my weight onto him in a bent-arm restraint until the police show up to arrest him for assault.

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