The quotes from this presser are amazing. Jim Brown and Ray Lewis both praised Donald Trump. He could not have been more gracious, according to Mr. Brown, who admitted that he had not voted for Trump. That tells you a lot about how The Donald is approaching things. We’ll see how this plays out, but I like what I heard from the NFL legends. I’m already familiar with their Amer-I-Can program and I think it’s a good one for the incoming president to support.


NFL legend Jim Brown stopped by Trump Tower Tuesday for a meeting pegged as a discussion about issues facing the African-American community, saying he “fell in love” with President-elect Donald Trump.

Though Brown voted for Hillary Clinton in November, he told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin later Tuesday he came away from the meeting with a heart-warming sense of positivity.

“I fell in love with him because he really talks about helping African-American, black people and that’s why I’m here,” said Brown, a man many consider to be one of the NFL’s greatest running backs.